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May 9 Famous Birthdays

May 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY  9 are not shy people. The truth is that they have a personality that is bold, efficient and dynamic. One would say that those born on this day are powerful individuals.

The May 9 famous birthday profile shows that they opt for friends from diverse cultures and embrace each one with an equal respect. A famous Taurus born on this day wants the best of both worlds. They will be devoted to their true love and pamper them to no end.


The famous people born on May 9th have a love for music. This is especially great when Taurus is in a mood. They will be in excellent health. They certainly do not let any grass grow under their feet.


If you share your birthday with famous people born on May 9, you are a Taurus who will speak your mind. Your friends are typically culturally diverse and freely give equal respect. Naturally, the 9 May famous person is a leader and looks for support from their loved ones.


May 9th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 May Good Traits:

  • Bold
  • Dynamic
  • Powerful
  • Courageous
  • Loyal
  • Steadfast
  • Wise
  • Assertive
  • Efficient

9 May Bad Traits:

  • Stubborn
  • Bored
  • Superficial
  • Aggressive
  • Revengeful
  • Angry

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May 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Harang, 1978, Baseball Player
Aaron Turner, 1988, Dancer
Abdul Majid Kubar, 1909, World Leader
Al Rosen, 1910, TV Actor
Alan Bennett, 1934, Screenwriter
Albert Finney, 1936, Movie Actor
Ale Mendoza, 1991, World Music Singer
Alex Martin, 1973, Family Member
Alexandra Chaves, 2001, Dancer
Alice Cassell, 1991, Family Member
Alison Gold, 2002, Pop Singer
Alley Mills, 1951, Soap Opera Actress
Amber Fillerup, 1990, YouTube Star
AmbitionBanks, 1993, Vine Star
Amy Hill, 1953, Movie Actress
Andre Wisdom, 1993, Soccer Player
Andrea Calle, 1982, TV Show Host
Andrew W.K., 1979, Rock Singer
Ann Hoang, 1991, YouTube Star
Anthony Wilson, 1968, Guitarist
Ara Mina, 1979, Movie Actress
Arthur English, 1919, Comedian
Audrina Patridge, 1985, Reality Star
Austin Clarke, 1896, Poet
Barbara Ann Scott, 1928, Figure Skater
Bebe, 1978, Pop Singer
Belle Boyd, 1844, War Hero
Ben Selley, 1994, Pop Singer
Bill Murphy, 1981, Baseball Player
Billy Joel, 1949, Rock Singer
Bonnie Rotten, 1993, Model

Brad Mattinson, 1999, YouTube Star
Braison Cyrus, 1994, TV Actor
Brandon Iverson, 1998, Entrepreneur
Brandon Webb, 1979, Baseball Player
Brennan Tracy, 1995, Vine Star
Brian Deegan, 1975, Motorcycle Racer
Busty Heart, 1961, Model
C418, 1989, Music Producer
Calvin Murphy, 1948, Basketball Player
Cameron Brannagan, 1996, Soccer Player
Candice Bergen, 1946, TV Actress
Carl Freer, 1970, Entrepreneur
Caroline Costa, 1996, Pop Singer
Carroll Cole, 1938, Criminal
Cecilia Balagot, 2001, TV Actress
Charles Simic, 1938, Poet
Chase Headley, 1984, Baseball Player
Chase Payton, 1997, YouNow Star
Chris Diamantopoulos, 1975, Movie Actor
Chris Zylka, 1985, TV Actor
Christian Bach, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
Christine Ha, 1979, Chef
Christy Mack, 1991,
Clement Maosa, 1988, TV Actor
Colin Pillinger, 1943, Scientist
Collins Key, 1996, Magician
Cree Cicchino, 2002, TV Actress
Dan Cole, 1987, Rugby Player
Dan Regan, 1977, Trombone Player
Dana Perino, 1972, Politician
Daniel Berrigan, 1921, Religious Leader
Daniel Franzese, 1978, Movie Actor
Daniel Schlereth, 1986, Baseball Player
Daniela Silivas, 1972, Gymnast
Danny Clark, 1977, Football Player
Danny Duncan, 1986, Drummer
Dave Gahan, 1962, Rock Singer
Dave Prater, 1937, Soul Singer
David Bull, 1969, TV Show Host
David Caro Levy, 1997, TV Actor
David Gergen, 1942, TV Show Host
Dennis Chambers, 1959, Drummer
Desmond Mueller, 2000, Star
Dick Morrissey, 1940, Saxophonist
Donald V. Bennett, 1915, War Hero
Doug Christie, 1970, Basketball Player
Dylan Lauren, 1974, Family Member

Earl Carpenter, 1970, Stage Actor
Edd China, 1971, Reality Star
Edward Durell Stone, 1902, Architect
Edward Mooney, 1882, Religious Leader
Eleanor Estes, 1906, Children’s Author
Erick Green, 1991, Basketball Player
Erik Olson, 1901, Painter
Evelyn Stevens, 1983, Cyclist
Ezra Klein, 1984, Journalist
Fahrin Ahmad, 1979, Movie Actor
Fay Kanin, 1917, Screenwriter
Fedor Bondarchuk, 1967, Director
Fernando Bujones, 1955, Dancer
Frank Ski, 1964, Journalist
Fred Culpitt, 1877, Magician
Fuzzy Knight, 1901, Movie Actor
Gary Daniels, 1963, Movie Actor
Geraldine McEwan, 1932, Movie Actress
Ghostface Killah, 1970, Rapper
Gilles Muller, 1983, Tennis Player
Gillian Kearney, 1972, TV Actress
Gina Lorena, 1998, Instagram Star
Glenda Jackson, 1936, Movie Actress
Gordon Bunshaft, 1909, Architect
Grace Gummer, 1986, TV Actress
Grant Austin Taylor, 1995, Guitarist
Grant Hackett, 1980, Swimmer

Gray Maynard, 1979, MMA Fighter
Gregor Milne, 2001, YouNow Star
Gregory Bateson, 1904, Scientist
Hank Snow, 1914, Country Singer
Harrison Potter, 1891, Pianist
Henry J. Kaiser, 1882, Entrepreneur
Howard Carter, 1874, Scientist
Hudson Leick, 1969, TV Actress
Iain Wright, 1972, Politician
Ion Tiriac, 1939, Hockey Player
Jace Peterson, 1990, Baseball Player
Jacob Brown, 1775, War Hero
Jake Long, 1985, Football Player
James L. Brooks, 1940, TV Producer
Jamie Fort, 1999, YouTube Star
Jamie Noon, 1979, Rugby Player
Jana Wendt, 1956, TV Show Host
Janos Ader, 1959, World Leader
Janos Batsanyi, 1763, Poet
Jawaad Saeed, 1998, Instagram Star
Jayce Cicchino, 2002, Family Member
Jelina, 1998, Star
Jenna Owens, 1984, Radio Host
Jeremy Shafer, 1973, YouTube Star
Jim Dent, 1939, Golfer
Jinger Olinselot, 1983, YouTube Star
JM Barrie, 1860, Children’s Author
Joan Sims, 1930, Movie Actress
Joe Carnahan, 1969, Director
John Ashcroft, 1942, Politician
John Brown, 1800, War Hero
John Corbett, 1961, TV Actor
John Davison, 1970, Cricket Player
John Mahaffey, 1948, Golfer
Johnny Grant, 1923, TV Producer
Johnny Herrera, 1981, Soccer Player
Jorie Graham, 1950, Poet
JR Fitzpatrick, 1988, Race Car Driver
Juan Antonio Bayona, 1975, Director
Judith Steinberg Dean, 1953, Political Wife
Julius Rontgen, 1855, Composer
Jupp Heynckes, 1945, Soccer Coach
Justin Bond, 1963, Rock Singer
Karl Otto Thaning, 1977, Swimmer
Katherine Haik, 2000, Model
Kathryn Kuhlman, 1907, Religious Leader
Keak Da Sneak, 1977, Rapper
Kellie Eastwood, 1997, YouTube Star
Kelsey Alfred, 1995, YouTube Star
Kevin Gameiro, 1987, Soccer Player
Kevin Paquette, 2002, YouTube Star
Kevin Peter Hall, 1955, Movie Actor
Kevin Reed, 1955, Religious Leader
Kimberly Couts, 1989, Tennis Player
Kyffin Williams, 1918, Painter
Kyle Myers, 1986, YouTube Star
Lacy Faddoul, 1988, Reality Star
Lane Kiffin, 1975, Football Coach
Larry Bundy Jr., 1979, TV Show Host
Leah Bateman, 1995, TV Actress
Leila Buora, 2000, YouTube Star
Lewis Belt, 1994, Comedian
Lindsay Whalen, 1982, Basketball Player
Lionel Boyce, 1991, Rapper
Lisa Ann, 1972,
Lisa Henson, 1960, Film Producer
LJ Larot, 1998, YouTube Star
Lorena Gale, 1958, Movie Actress
Lucian Blaga, 1895, Philosopher
Madison Payne, 1994, Blogger
Maggie Dixon, 1977, Basketball Coach
Maharana Pratap, 1540, World Leader
Majlinda Kelmendi, 1991, MMA Fighter
Makeupbyemily593, 2000, YouTube Star
Mallika Sarabhai, 1954, Dancer
Marc Sinden, 1954, TV Actor
Marcheline Bertrand, 1950, Family Member
Marek Jankulovski, 1977, Soccer Player
Mariano Di Vaio, 1989, Instagram Star
Marie-Jose Perec, 1968, Runner
Marisol del Olmo, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Mark Parson, 1986, Football Player
Mary Mouser, 1996, TV Actress
Masahiko Harada, 1968, Skier
Matsuda Ryuhei, 1983, Movie Actor
Matt Donovan, 1990, Hockey Player
Matt Morris, 1979, Pop Singer
Michael Lindsay, 1963, Voice Actor
Mike Wallace, 1918, Journalist
Mollie Talbot, 1995, Family Member
Mona Van Duyn, 1921, Poet
Nicolas Ghesquiere, 1971, Fashion Designer
Nikola Szafeczka, 2008, Model
Noah Centineo, 1996, TV Actor
Nokie Edwards, 1935, Guitarist
Oliver Grainger, 1988, Voice Actor
Orville Freeman, 1918, Politician
Oswaldo Arcia, 1991, Baseball Player
Ourfa Zinali, 1988, Instagram Star
Paige Brendel, 1991, Reality Star
Pancho Gonzales, 1928, Tennis Player
Pat Contri, 1980, YouTube Star
Paul Heaton, 1962, Rock Singer
Paul McGuigan, 1971, Bassist
Philip Lund, 1989, Soccer Player
Philippe Marquis, 1989, Skier
Pierre Bietry, 1872, Politician
Pierre Bouvier, 1979, Pop Singer
Prince Fielder, 1984, Baseball Player
Rachel Boston, 1982, TV Actress
Rachel of RachelAndJune, 1988, YouTube Star
Rafael Moneo, 1937, Architect
Ralph Boston, 1939, Long Jumper
Richard Barthelmess, 1895, Movie Actor
Richard Chapman, 1956, Guitarist
Richard George Adams, 1920, Novelist
Richard McKenna, 1913, Novelist
Riley Martin, 1946, Radio Host
Robert Garioch, 1909, Poet
Roger Hargreaves, 1935, Children’s Author
Ron Jackson, 1953, Baseball Player
Rosario Dawson, 1979, Movie Actress
Ruth Kelly, 1968, Politician
Sai Pallavi, 1992, Movie Actress
Sandra Gal, 1985, Golfer
Sanja Dolezal, 1963, TV Show Host
Sarah Sechan, 1974, TV Show Host
Sasha Farber, 1984, Dancer
Sean Altman, 1961, Pop Singer
Sean McNamara, 1962, Director
Shane Gray, 1972, Race Car Driver
Shaquon Thomas, 1995, Rapper
Shide Boss, 1988, R&B Singer
Shinya Aoki, 1983, MMA Fighter
Skye Regan, 1988, TV Actress
Sonja Sohn, 1964, TV Actress
Sonny Curtis, 1937, Country Singer
Sophie Scholl, 1921, Activist
Spencer Fisher, 1976, MMA Fighter
Stephen Bunting, 1985, Darts Player
Steve Yzerman, 1965, Hockey Player
Tamia Hill, 1975, Soul Singer
Tania Maria, 1948, Pianist
Terry Downes, 1936, Boxer
Thomas Wade, 1961, Country Singer
Tim Donnelly, 1966, Politician
Tim Sharp, 1988, Comic Book Artist
Timothy Donnelly, 1996, Politician
Tom Petersson, 1950, Bassist
Tommy Roe, 1942, Rock Singer
Tony Gwynn, 1960, Baseball Player
Tony O’shea, 1961, Darts Player
Tourek Williams, 1991, Football Player
Travis Turner, 1987, TV Actor
Tristan Taormino, 1971, Activist
Troy Ogletree, 1994, Pop Singer
Vance Brand, 1931, Astronaut
Vernon Fiddler, 1980, Hockey Player
Vince Cable, 1943, Politician
Wendy Crewson, 1956, TV Actress
William Tenn, 1920, Novelist
William Valentine, 1862, Teacher
Willyrex, 1993, YouTube Star
Wim Thoelke, 1927, TV Show Host
Yamada Ryosuke, 1993, TV Actor
Yarishna Ayala, 1992, Instagram Star
Yogi Ferrell, 1993, Basketball Player
Zane Huett, 1997, TV Actor


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