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Famous Events For May 10

Famous Events For May 10 – Today In History

May 10: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – May 10  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 10th May 1267: Vienna’s Church today ordered that all Jews must wear distinctive dress.
2. 10th May 1278: Jews of England today were imprisoned on charges of coining.
3. 10th May 1285: In Spain, Phillips III was today replaced by Phillips IV as King of Spain.
4. 10th May 1291: The authority of English King Edward I was today recognized by the Scottish nobles.


5. 10th May 1427: In Switzerland Jews were expelled from Berne.
6. 10th May 1503: Cayman Island was today discovered by Columbus.
7. 10th May 1534: Jacques Cartier, the French navigator reached Newfoundland today.
8. 10th May 1559: John Knox led the uprising of Scottish Protestants against Queen Mother Mary.
9. 10th May 1624: Salvador da Bahia in Brazil was today conquered by Dutch admirals Jacob Willekens and Piet Heyn.
10. 10th May 1652: A free African American, John Jonson was granted 550 acres in Northampton.
11. 10th May 1655: The English captured Jamaica today.

18th Century – What Happened on May 10 – The 1700s

12. 10th May 1752: Benjamin Franklin tested his lightning rod today in a kite-flying experiment.
13. 10th May 1768: The imprisonment of John Wilkins for his article criticizing King George III of England provoked rioting and violence in London.


14. 10th May 1772: The “Tea Act” which provided for taxing all tea in colonies was passed by the British Parliament today.
15. 10th May 1774: Louis XVI today became King of France.
16. 10th May 1775: The second Continental Congress which convened in Philadelphia Pennsylvania issued paper currency for the first time.
17. 10th May 1775: George Washington was today named supreme commander by the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
18. 10th May 1787: Warren Hastings, the Governor-General of West Bengal was today impeached by the British Parliament.
19. 10th May 1794: Elizabeth, sister of King Louis XVI was beheaded in France today.
20. 10th May 1796: In the battle of Lodi Bridge, Napoleon beat the Austrians today.
21. 10th May 1797: “United States”, the first American Navy ship was launched today.

19th Century – May 10 This Day That Year – The 1800s

22. 10th May 1804: William Pitt the Younger replaced Henry Addington as Prime Minister of England upon the latter’s resignation.
23. 10th May 1816: This day marks the arrival of the British steamship “Defiance” at Rotterdam harbor.


24. 10th May 1823: The first steamboat to navigate the Mississippi River between St. Paul and Minneapolis arrived at Ft Snelling today.
25. 10th May 1824: The National Gallery in London located in a townhouse at Pall Mall was opened today for the public.
26. 10th May 1837: Panic struck America as unemployment levels reached a record as New York City Banks failed.
27. 10th May 1857: There was a mutiny by sepoy soldiers of Meerut against the rule of the British East India Company, regarded as the first war of Independence in India.
28. 10th May 1865: During the US Civil War, Confederate President Jefferson Davis was today captured and arrested by the Union troops at Irwinsville Georgia.
29. 10th May 1872: Victoria Woodhull was nominated for the US Presidency by the Equal Rights Party at Apollo in New York City. She was the first woman to be nominated for US Presidency.
30. 10th May 1893: The Imperial Institute opened today in London.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day May 8th – The 1900s

31. 10th May 1906: Today marks the first meeting of the Russian Duma (Russian Parliament) in Russia.
32. 10th May 1908: Philadelphia observes the first Mother’s Day today.
33. 10th May 1910: In Hendon in England the first ever aircraft air display was held today.
34. 10th May 1915: Hundreds of bombs were dropped by Zeppelin on Southend-on-sea in Essex in England.
35. 10th May 1916: In Amsterdam, the Historic Shipport Museum was opened today.
36. 10th May 1917: Atlantic ships were escorted by destroyers to keep German attacks at bay.
37. 10th May 1918: HMS Vindictive was sunk today to block the entrance of Ostend Harbor.
38. 10th May 1919: Two blacks were killed today in race riots in Charleston SC.
39. 10th May 1920: Dr. Ivy Williams was today called to the English Bar. She was the first woman to be called to the English Bar.
40. 10th May 1922: The United States today annexed the Kingman Reef in the North Pacific Ocean.
41. 10th May 1924: J. Edger Hoover, at the age of 29, was today appointed as the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

42. 10th May 1925: The firing into the crowd by British troops in Shanghai to control a demonstration against foreigners led to a boycott of British goods.
43. 10th May 1930: The first US Planetarium opened today at Alder in Chicago.
44. 10th May 1931: There was a hailstorm in Burlington New Jersey and the hails were the size of a golf ball.
45. 10th May 1932: “Wihelmus” was declared as its national anthem by the Government in the Netherlands today.
46. 10th May 1932: Albert Lebrun, Chairman of the Senate became the President of France today.
47. 10th May 1933: Paraguay, today, declared war against Bolivia.
48. 10th May 1933: There was a great Nazi book-burning frenzy in Berlin in Germany in which the work of Freud went up in flames. Some 40,000 people either watched or took part in the burning.
49. 10th May 1933: War declared by Paraguay on Bolivia.
50. 10th May 1936: Manual Azaña was today elected to the office of the President of the Spanish Republic. He became the second president.
51. 10th May 1936: In Egypt Nahas Pasja today became the Premier of that country.
52. 10th May 1937: In England, Busmen in London went on strike today.

53. 10th May 1940: This day marks the formation of British Local Defense Volunteers, who later became known as the “Home Guard”.
54. 10th May 1940: In England, Winston Churchill assumed office as Prime Minister today. As Conservative head, he formed a coalition government with the opposition Labour Party.
55. 10th May 1941: German air rides destroyed England’s House of Commons today.
56. 10th May 1941: In what was claimed to be a peace mission, Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess landed in Scotland in a Parachute to see the Duke of Hamilton. He ended up serving a life sentence in Spandau prison.
57. 10th May 1941: Queen Wilhelmina today warned against treason on Radio Orange.
58. 10th May 1943: The US troops with a mission of expelling the Japanese, invaded Attu in Aleutian Island today.
59. 10th May 1945: Russian troops today occupied Prague.
60. 10th May 1945: Rangoon was today captured from the Japanese by the Allied troops.
61. 10th May 1948: Egyptian irregular forces today launched their first attack on Israel at Kfar Darom.
62. 10th May 1956: 50,000 reservists were today sent to Algeria by the French government.
63. 10th May 1957: In Cameroon the first meeting of the legislature was held on this day.
64. 10th May 1959: The Soviet forces arrived today in Afghanistan.

65. 10th May 1960: 35th US President John F Kennedy, won his preliminary in West Virginia today.
66. 10th May 1960: The first submerged circumnavigation of the globe was completed today by the atomic submarine USS Triton of the US.
67. 10th May 1967: The United States today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
68. 10th May 1968: Vietnam peace talks between North Vietnam and the US began today in Paris.
69. 10th May 1969: The first color pictures of Earth from space were today transmitted from Apollo 10.
70. 10th May 1969: Attack on the Hill 937 also known as the Hamburg Hill was launched today by the US troops.
71. 10th May 1971: US jacked up special delivery rates from 45 cents to 60 cents.
72. 10th May 1972: The US today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
73. 10th May 1972: The Belfast co-operative store was today destroyed by a fire started by an Irish Republican Army bomb.
74. 10th May 1973: Karate expert turned actor Bruce Lee today collapsed on the sets in Golden Harvest Studio in Hong Kong and was rushed to the Hospital. He was diagnosed with cerebral edema.

75. 10th May 1981: Francois Mitterrand today was elected President of France defeating Valery Giscard d’Estang.
76. 10th May 1984: The International Court of Justice gave its ruling on the US blockade on Nicaragua. It ruled that the block must be lifted.
77. 10th May 1989: In Panama, General and Dictator Manuel Noriega today declared null and void the elections which the opposition had won 3-1.
78. 10th May 1990: In France, the high-speed TGV train today reached a record speed of 510.6 KPH.
79. 10th May 1990: The Chinese government today announced the release of 211 dissidents who were earlier involved in pro-democracy demonstrations.
80. 10th May 1992: In Jerusalem Israel, the Bible Lands Museum opened today.
81. 10th May 1993: Fire engulfed a clothing factory in Bangkok killing 145 people.
82. 10th May 1994: Today in South Africa, Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the country’s first black President.
83. 10th May 1995: A 23-year ban on ministerial talks with Sinn Fein was today lifted by Britain.
84. 10th May 1995: In an elevator accident 104 miners were killed in South Africa.
85. 10th May 1996: Eight climbers who were descending from 29028 feet summit of Mount Everest were killed as a blizzard suddenly erupted on Mount Everest.
86. 10th May 1996: During a joint U.S. and British war games 2 US marine helicopters collided in mid-air.
87. 10th May 1997: In Barbados, President Clinton today signed a modest drug-fighting and trade agreement with Caribbean leaders.

88. 10th May 1997: British helicopter pilot Jennifer Murray and her co-pilot Quentin Smith today began the round the round-the-world helicopter trip in her attempt to become the first woman helicopter pilot to fly around the globe in a helicopter.
89. 10th May 1999: The US today approved the export of 2 Motorola Iridium satellites to China.

21st Century – May 10 This Day In History – The 2000s

90. 10th May 2000: President Clinton issued an executive order that made drugs for AIDS less expensive in Africa.
91. 10th May 2001: A stampede in a football game in Ghana killed over 120 spectators.
92. 10th May 2003: A fire raged through a garment factory in North India. At least 12 people were killed in the fire and 70 others were injured.
93. 10th May 2004: During his visit to the Pentagon American President Bush viewed photos and video clips of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners with deep “disgust and disbelief”.
94. 10th May 2005: U.S. President George W Bush had a narrow escape when a hand grenade landed about 20 meters from him but failed to detonate.
95. 10th May 2008: Imelda Marcos, the first lady and politician of the Philippines was today acquitted by the Philippine court in 17-year-old cases of 32 counts of illegal transfer of wealth, amounting to $863 million to Swiss banks.
96. 10th May 2012: In Damascus, Syria two bombings killed 55 people and injured 370 people today.
97. 10th May 2014: The 2014 general elections in South Africa were won by the African National Congress.

98. 10th May 2016: In India, the Indian fertility clinic today announced that a 70-year-old woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy.
99. 10th May 2017: Apple today became the first company to be worth more than $800 million.
100. 10th May 2017: Classified information about the ISIS plot was today shared by US President Donald Trump with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

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