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Famous Events For May 7

Famous Events For May 7 – Today In History

May 7: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – May 7  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 7th May 1274: To regulate the election of the Pope the Second Council of Lyons was today opened in France.
2. 7th May 1355: Count Henry of Trastamara killed 1200 Jews of Toledo in Spain.
3. 7th May 1416: Monk Nicolaas Serrurier was arrested today owing to the heresy of Tournay.
4. 7th May 1429: John of Ark and the French army today broke the English siege of the Orleans.
5. 7th May 1525: The ruling class and the Church together crushed the revolt of the German peasants today.


6. 7th May 1579: In the Netherlands, the Congress of Cologne was formed today.
7. 7th May 1660: Macaroni was today patented by Isaack B Fubine of Savoy in The Hague.
8. 7th May 1663: Theater Royal was today opened in Drury Lane in London.

18th Century – What Happened on May 7 – The 1700s

9. 7th May 1700: English Philosopher and founder of Pennsylvania, began his monthly meeting with blacks. He was advocating emancipation.
10. 7th May 1718: Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville founded the city of New Orleans today.
11. 7th May 1727: Empress Catherine I of Russia expelled Jews from Ukraine today.
12. 7th May 1748: In the war of Austrian succession the French troops today conquered Maastricht.
13. 7th May 1765: HMS Viceroy was launched today. It became Admiral Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar 40 years later.
14. 7th May 1771: The Copper Mine River of Canada was explored by Samuel Hearne.


15. 7th May 1789: The first Presidential Inauguration Ball was held in New York City today for the first US President George Washington today.
16. 7th May 1792: Grey’s Harbor was today discovered in Washington DC by Captain Robert Grey.

19th Century – May 7 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 7th May 1800: The Congress today divided the Northwest Territory into Indiana territory (Western Territory) and the eastern part continued as Northwest Territory.
18. 7th May 1832: Greece today became independent and Otto Bavaria became the King of Greece.
19. 7th May 1840: A tornado today struck Natchez in Mississippi. It caused damage of over a million dollars in addition to killing 317 people.
20. 7th May 1847: Today in Philadelphia, the American Medical Association was formed.
21. 7th May 1856: Argentina and Brazil signed a navigational pact today.
22. 7th May 1866: In an assassination attempt, German Premier Otto von Bismarck was seriously.
23. 7th May 1873: The US Marines launched an attack on Panama today.
24. 7th May 1875: 312 people were killed when the German SS Schiller sank off the coast of Scilly Islands.


25. 7th May 1888: The Kodak box camera was patented by George Eastman.
26. 7th May 1891: Muslim rebellion was stopped by Capt F Lugard in the Battle of Bunyoro. 300 people were killed.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day May 7th – The 1900s

27. 7th May 1912: The award of the Pulitzer Prize in several categories was today approved by Columbia University. Joseph Pulitzer established the award.
28. 7th May 1913: Women’s right to vote was rejected by the House of Commons in Britain.
29. 7th May 1914: Eleanor Wilson, daughter of President Woodrow Wilson married in the White House today.
30. 7th May 1914: Mother’s Day was established today by the US Congress.
31. 7th May 1915: RMS Lusitania, which was on a voyage from New York to Liverpool was today struck by a torpedo fired from a German U-boat and sank off the coast of Ireland. 1198 people died.
32. 7th May 1919: Germans were shown the draft of the Versailles treaty today.
33. 7th May 1920: The Independence of Georgia was today recognized by the USSR.
34. 7th May 1923: There was a mine strike at the Belgian Borinage railroad.
35. 7th May 1924: “Alianza Popular Revolutionary Americana”, APRA, was formed by Peruvian Torre today.


36. 7th May 1927: Mills Field, the San Francisco Municipal Airport was dedicated today.
37. 7th May 1928: This year’s Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Thornton Wilder for “Bridge of San Luis Ray”.
38. 7th May 1928: The age of women voters was reduced from 30 to 21 in the United Kingdom.
39. 7th May 1934: At Palawan in the Philippines, the world’s largest pearl, weighing 6.4 KG, was found today.
40. 7th May 1934: This year’s Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Sydney Kingsley for “Men in White”.
41. 7th May 1934: Juliana Canal between Maastricht and Maasbracht was opened today by Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.
42. 7th May 1938: Fugitives from Nazi Germany were today described as “undesired strangers” by Dutch Minister of Justice Gosling.
43. 7th May 1939: An alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis was today announced by Italy and Germany.
44. 7th May 1940: British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigned today and Winston Churchill formed a new government as a conservative head of a coalition government.
45. 7th May 1941: The British Lower House today voted 477-3 in favor of Churchill.

46. 7th May 1941: Jazz composer Glen Miller today recorded “Chattanooga Choo Choo” for RCA.
47. 7th May 1942: A Nazi decree ordered the execution of all pregnant Jewish women of Kovno Ghetto.
48. 7th May 1942: The Coral Sea battle in which the Japanese and American navies attacked each other with carrier planes ends today stopping the Japanese expansion.
49. 7th May 1943: The last of German strongholds in North Africa, Tunis fell to the Allied forces today.
50. 7th May 1943: Dutch men between 18 and 35 were obliged to report to labor camps.
51. 7th May 1944: The Germans launched an attack on Tito’s hideout in Drvar in Bosnia.
52. 7th May 1945: John Hersey was today awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “Bell of Adano”.
53. 7th May 1945: Branch Rickey today announced the formation of the US Negro Baseball League.
54. 7th May 1945: During World War II, British troops enter Utrecht in the Netherlands.
55. 7th May 1945: 22 people were killed today when the SS opened fire on a crowd in Amsterdam.
56. 7th May 1945: The unconditional German surrender to the Allied forces during World War II was signed by General Alfred Jodl at Rheims.
57. 7th May 1946: The “Tokyo Telecommunications Company”, which is now known as “Sony” was founded on this day with 20 employees.
58. 7th May 1952: Geoffrey Dummer was the first to publish the concept of integrated circuits which is the basis of all modern computers.
59. 7th May 1954: Russia’s membership to NATO was rejected by Great Britain, US and France.

60. 7th May 1955: USSR, today signed a peace treaty with Great Britain and France.
61. 7th May 1956: 300 people were killed in the battle of Oran in Algeria.
62. 7th May 1960: Leonid Brezhnev today became the president of the USSR, replacing Kliment Voroshilov.
63. 7th May 1962: The US today performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island.
64. 7th May 1975: The 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford today declared the end of the “Vietnam era”.
65. 7th May 1982: PC-DOS 1.1 was today released by IBM.
66. 7th May 1982: The United States today conducted a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
67. 7th May 1988: The USSR today performed a nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya in the USSR.
68. 7th May 1989: A bid for presidency by General and dictator Manuel Noriega of Panama was today rejected by the voters of Panama.
69. 7th May 1991: France today performed a nuclear test at Muruora Island.
70. 7th May 1992: US space shuttle STS-49 was today launched on its maiden voyage.
71. 7th May 1993: South Africa today agreed to a multi-racial election.
72. 7th May 1995: The French Presidential election was won by Jacques Chirac today.
73. 7th May 1996: To resolve the civil war, which so far had claimed more than 10,000 lives since 1991, peace talks for Sierra Leone opened in Ivory Coastal.

74. 7th May 1998: In one of the largest Industrial mergers in history, Mercedes-Benz bought Chrysler for USD 40 million to form DaimlerChrysler.
75. 7th May 1999: A NATO aircraft bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War killing three Chinese citizens and wounding 20 others.

21st Century – May 7 This Day In History – The 2000s

76. 7th May 2000: In Thailand the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank was today besieged by thousands of protesters. The thirteen nations agreed to fend off the economic crisis by rescuing each other’s currencies.
77. 7th May 2001: The international rescue committee reported today that the 33-month war in Congo has left a death toll of 2.5 million. Most of the death has occurred due to disease and malnutrition.

78. 7th May 2002: It is reported that a strain of antibiotic-resistant Gonorrhea, after migrating from Hawaii and Asia, has reached the mainland USA.
79. 7th May 2003: In northeastern India, 10 villagers were killed while they were sleeping and six others were injured in a second attack in two days by suspected separatist guerrillas.
80. 7th May 2004: 14 worshippers were killed and 200 more were injured when a bomb exploded in a Shiite Mosque in Karachi in Pakistan. The explosion is suspected to have been caused by suicide bombers.
81. 7th May 2005: In the central Baghdad square, two suicide bomber cars exploded killing 22 people including a couple of American contract workers, 3 US Marines, and one sailor.
82. 7th May 2006: To try and save the peace process in Sri Lanka, a senior Japanese envoy today began talks with the government officials. Tamil rebels claimed that 8 men in the Island’s north were abducted by the government troops.
83. 7th May 2007: Israeli scientists today claimed that they have discovered the tomb of King Herod near Jerusalem.
84. 7th May 2007: Venezuela today accused the US Drug Enforcement Administration as another cartel that aids drug traffickers, and refused to allow US agents to carry out counter-drug operations in the country.
85. 7th May 2007: The Supreme Court of Pakistan today suspended a judicial inquiry into the charges against the country’s top judge. This triggered country-wide protests.
86. 7th May 2008: In an attempt to ward off the food crisis, the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria announced the suspension of import duties and other taxes on raw rice.

87. 7th May 2008: In Russia, Dmitri Medvedev was today sworn in as the 3rd President of the Russian Federation.
88. 7th May 2009: It was reported today by the Russian mission control that the unmanned Progress M-02M has lifted off from Kazakhstan on schedule and is expected to dock with the international space station on 12th May.
89. 7th May 2009: An explosion in a gambling hall in Dnipropetrovsk, in eastern Ukraine killed nine people.
90. 7th May 2010: In a long-running family deal between the Ambani brothers, Anil Ambani and Mukhesh Ambani for sharing the nation’s largest gas find, the Supreme Court of India ruled in favor of Mukhesh Ambani, the country’s richest man.
91. 7th May 2010: Gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in the northwestern Mansehra district in Pakistan, killing four officers.
92. 7th May 2010: The Russian Parliament today defeated a motion that would otherwise have prevented Americans from adopting Russian children.
93. 7th May 2010: After an attack inside Turkey left two of its soldiers dead, the Turkish Air Force struck Kurdish rebel hideouts in northern Iraq.
94. 7th May 2011: In the eastern province of West Papua an Indonesian passenger plane carrying 25 passengers plunged into the sea while landing in bad weather killing all the 25 passengers.
95. 7th May 2011: After an American raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and embarrassed the nation, some prominent Pakistani lawmakers demanded the resignation of President Zardari and other serious government officials.
96. 7th May 2012: Vladimir Putin was today inaugurated as President of Russia. A decree calling for the sale of all, state holdings in firms other than defense and energy sector by 2016 was signed by him today.
97. 7th May 2012: Three soldiers serving with international coalition forces were today killed in a bomb attack in Afghanistan.
98. 7th May 2012: Sudan, in violation of international calls for cessation of violence between the two countries resumed its aerial bombardment of South Sudan today.

99. 7th May 2013: A new museum was today opened in Stockholm Sweden, which was dedicated to the ABBA superstar pop group of the 1970s.
100. 7th May 2013: Cricketer turned politician of Pakistan, Imran Khan today fell off a forklift while he was being raised to the stage, fracturing 3 vertebrae and a rib.

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