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May 7 Famous Birthdays

May 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 7 are Taurus who are likely to need things done in an orderly fashion and done right the first time. In school, they probably were on the Dean’s List a lot. One thing is for sure is that they are imaginative.

Famous May 7 celebrities tend to think outside the box and this is only accompanied by their instincts. When dealing with other people, they tend to show compassion and a sincere desire to help them. This caring and generous attitude makes them a desirable person to be around.


However, famous people born on May 7 do not do well in the face of opposition. Conflicts tend to put them off and they would just assume not to deal with them as they don’t adapt to imposing situations well. Sometimes, they show a side that is just downright ugly.

With this in mind, they can’t really have a working or lasting relationship with others. This kind of baggage could be generational if they are not cautious.


Famous people born on May 7, are likely down-to-earth and easy to talk to but usually, they don’t talk much. A patient Taurus has unlimited potential but they are people who could be rebellious. This famous birthday May 7 personality doesn’t deal with conflict or authority very well.


May 7th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 May Good Traits:

  • Realistic
  • Approachable
  • Refined
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • Motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Inquisitive

7 May Bad Traits:

  • Finicky
  • Indecisive
  • Moody
  • Rebellious
  • Outspoken
  • Insecure

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May 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Zaw, 1984, TV Actor
Aidy Bryant, 1987, Comedian
Alex Goode, 1988, Rugby Player
Alex Ikonn, 1987, Entrepreneur
Alex Marshall, 1959, Journalist
Alex Smith, 1984, Football Player
Alexander Ludwig, 1992, Movie Actor
Alfred Gerrard, 1899, Sculptor
Aliyah O’Brien, 1981, TV Actress
Amanda Abbott, 1986, YouTube Star
Amy Heckerling, 1954, Director
Amyra Dastur, 1993, Movie Actress
Anais Pouliot, 1991, Model
Andrew Chou, 1990, DJ
Andrew Cook, 1984, Drummer
Angela Carter, 1940, Novelist
Angelica Correa, 1975, Politician
Anne Baxter, 1923, Movie Actress
Anne Dudley, 1956, Composer
Anton Seidl, 1850, Composer
Archibald Macleish, 1892, Poet
Arda Ocal, 1981, Sportscaster
Ari Telch, 1962, TV Actor
Arlenis Sosa, 1989, Model
Arthur Blythe, 1940, Saxophonist
Asghar Farhadi, 1972, Director
Atharvaa, 1989, Movie Actor
Austin Pettis, 1988, Football Player
Azim Azimzade, 1880, cartoonsit
Bang Ye-dam, 2002, Pop Singer
Barbara d’Urso, 1957, TV Actress
Bernie Marsden, 1951, Guitarist

Big Noyd, 1975, Rapper
Bill Kreutzmann, 1946, Drummer
Blake Rivera, 1996, Family Member
Bob Weiss, 1942, Basketball Coach
Branden Oliver, 1991, Football Player
Brandon Jones, 1988, TV Actor
Breckin Meyer, 1974, Movie Actor
Brent Pope, 1961, Sportscaster
Brian Kilmeade, 1964, TV Show Host
Briana LaCuesta, 1992, Reality Star
Bruno Gerussi, 1928, TV Actor
Bruno Kalnins, 1899, Politician
Camacho, 1983, Wrestler
Candice Miller, 1954, Politician
Chase Brown, 1984, Rock Singer
Chiara Ferragni, 1987, Fashion Designer
Chris Morgan, 1979,
Chris Nurse, 1984, Soccer Player
Christy Moore, 1945, Folk Singer
Chumel Torres, 1982, YouTube Star
Coby Persin, 1994, YouTube Star
Connor Oakley, 1999, Family Member
Conor Jackson, 1982, Baseball Player
Corey Lynch, 1985, Football Player
Cornelius Bumpus, 1945, Saxophonist
Dale Atwood, 1985, YouTube Star
Dana Ward, 1993, YouTube Star
Danny Nutt, 1961, Football Coach
Danny O’Quinn Jr., 1985, Race Car Driver
Darren McGavin, 1922, TV Actor
Dave Steele, 1974, Race Car Driver
David Hume, 1711, Philosopher
David Tomlinson, 1917, TV Actor
Deborah Butterfield, 1949, Sculptor
Derek Taylor, 1932, Autobiographer
Devin Sola, 1990, Bassist
Devlin, 1989, Rapper
Dick Williams, 1929, Baseball Player
Doktor Allwissend, 1976, YouTube Star
Doug Benson, 1964, Comedian
Drew Stanton, 1984, Football Player
Dustin Fletcher, 1975, Australian Rules Footballer
Dylan Gelula, 1994, TV Actress
Earl Thomas, 1989, Football Player
Edward Kilenyi, 1910, Pianist
Edwin Corle, 1906, Non-Fiction Author
Edwin H. Land, 1909, Scientist
Effie Gray, 1828, Family Member
Ekta Kaul, 1990, TV Actress
Elijah Nelson, 1999, TV Actor

Elton Flatley, 1977, Rugby Player
Ethan Happ, 1996, Basketball Player
Eva Peron, 1919, Political Wife
Fernando Villalona, 1955, World Music Singer
Florian Jacoby, 1996, DJ
FoxDrop, 1993, YouTube Star
Frank J. Selke, 1893, Hockey Coach
Frank Trigg, 1972, MMA Fighter
Frenchie Davis, 1979, Pop Singer
Gabby Hayes, 1885, Movie Actor
Gary Cooper, 1901, Movie Actor
Gary Herbert, 1947, Politician
Gary Olsen, 1945, TV Actor
Gene Wolfe, 1931, Novelist
George Griffiths, 1880, Politician
Gregorio Pernia, 1970, TV Actor
Guy Willatt, 1918, Cricket Player
Haley Klinkhammer, 1993, Pop Singer
Hernan Jiménez, 1983, Reggae Singer

Ishiro Honda, 1911, Director
Ivan Rassimov, 1938, Movie Actor
Ivan Sergei, 1971, TV Actor
J Balvin, 1985, Rock Singer
Jack Thriller, 1982, Comedian
Jackie Perdue, 1991, YouTube Star
Jake Barker, 1985, Pop Singer
Jake Coco, 1984, YouTube Star
Jamal Abdillah, 1959, Pop Singer
James Eubanks, 1992, YouTube Star
James Loney, 1984, Baseball Player
James Neese, 1999, YouNow Star
Jane Kelly, 1956, Painter
Janina Fialkowska, 1951, Pianist
Jeetan Patel, 1980, Cricket Player
Jeff Johnson, 1973, Radio Host
Jenny Joseph, 1932, Poet
Jeremy Menez, 1987, Soccer Player
Jerry Nolan, 1946, Drummer
Jim Connors, 1940, DJ
Jim Titus, 1981, TV Actor
Jimmy Ruffin, 1939, Soul Singer
Johannes Brahms, 1833, Composer
John Ingle, 1928, TV Actor
Johnny Maestro, 1939, R&B Singer
Johnny Unitas, 1933, Football Player
Jon Lormer, 1906, TV Actor
Jonathan Miller, 1987, YouTube Star
Jonathan Thulin, 1988, Rock Singer
Josip Tito, 1892, Politician
Justin Melvey, 1969, Soap Opera Actor
Kassidy King, 2001, Pop Singer
Kate Lawler, 1980, Reality Star
Katie Douglas, 1979, Basketball Player
Kay Cola, 1985, R&B Singer
Keenan Lewis, 1986, Football Player
Kei Mizutani, 1974, TV Actress
Kevin Steen, 1984, Wrestler
Kinda Sarah, 1997, Vine Star
Kubozuka Yōsuke, 1979, TV Actor
Kurt Pellegrino, 1979, MMA Fighter
Kylie Watson, 1978, TV Actress
Lamar Neagle, 1987, Soccer Player
Lauri Vaska, 1925, Scientist
Lee Sang-hyeok, 1996, eSports Player
Lela Loren, 1980, TV Actress
Levi Lusko, 1982, Religious Leader
Logan Mize, 1985, Country Singer
Malcolm Freberg, 1986, Reality Star
Marc Burch, 1984, Soccer Player
Marco Casagrande, 1971, Architect
Marcus Loew, 1870, Film Producer
Margaret MacArthur, 1928, Folk Singer
Mariann Aalda, 1948, TV Actress
Martin Bryant, 1967, Criminal
Martina Topley-Bird, 1975, Rapper
Marvin Mitchelson, 1928, Lawyer
Mary Eliza Mahoney, 1845, Doctor
Matt Helders, 1986, Drummer
Max Rafferty, 1917, Politician
Maxwell Cotton, 2000, TV Actor
Micah J. Cooper, 1996, Rapper
Michael Brooks, 1970, Novelist
Michael Hopkins, 1935, Architect
Michael Knight, 1959, TV Actor
Michael P. Murphy, 1976, War Hero
Michael Rosen, 1946, Children’s Author
Michael Waddell, 1973, TV Show Host
Mike Ferri, 1987, Bassist
Natalia King, 1992, Pop Singer
Natalie Ganzhorn, 1998, TV Actress
Natalie Mejia, 1988, Pop Singer
Nicholas Bennett, 1949, Politician
Nila Grier, 1976, Family Member
Otto Wilhelm Von Struve, 1819, Scientist
Owen Hart, 1965, Wrestler
P-Lo, 1991, Music Producer
Pandora Vanderpump, 1986, Reality Star
Pete Domenici, 1932, Politician
Peter Carey, 1943, Novelist
Peter Reckell, 1955, TV Actor
Peter Russell, 1946, Religious Author
Phil Campbell, 1961, Guitarist
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 1840, Composer
Rabindranath Tagore, 1861, Poet
Raina, 1989, Pop Singer
Randy Winter, 1982, Guitarist
Rebecca-Louise Smith, 1988, YouTube Star
Ricardo Legorreta, 1931, Architect
Richard O’Sullivan, 1944, TV Actor
Robbie Jarvis, 1986, Movie Actor
Robbie Knievel, 1962, Daredevil
Robert Browning, 1812, Poet
Robert H. Adleman, 1919, Novelist
Robert Hegyes, 1951, TV Actor
Robin Strasser, 1945, Soap Opera Actress
Roger Perry, 1933, TV Actor
Romero Osby, 1990, Basketball Player
Rueben Randle, 1991, Football Player
Ruggero Deodato, 1939, Director
Russell Dickerson, 1987, Country Singer
Ryan Harrison, 1992, Tennis Player
S Scott Bullock, 1956, Voice Actor
Scheana Marie, 1985, Model
Scooter Ward, 1970, Rock Singer
Scott Freer, 1988, Rugby Player
Sharon Belle, 1993, TV Actress
Shawn Marion, 1978, Basketball Player
Siddharth Mallya, 1987, TV Show Host
Sidney Altman, 1939, Scientist
Sissy Nobby, 1983, Rapper
Stefan Elmgren, 1974, Guitarist
Steve Diggle, 1955, Guitarist
Steve Hansen, 1959, Rugby Coach
Susan Atkins, 1948, Criminal
Sydney Leroux, 1990, Soccer Player
Tahani Anderson, 2003, Dancer
Tawfiq Ziad, 1929, Politician
Taylor Abrahamse, 1991, TV Actor
Taylor Wilson, 1994, Scientist
Ted Deutch, 1966, Politician
Teresa Brewer, 1931, Pop Singer
Terry Allen, 1943, Country Singer
Terry Miles, 1937, Soccer Player
Thelma Houston, 1946, Pop Singer
Thom Hartmann, 1951, Radio Host
Tim Gordon, 1965, Football Player
Tim Russert, 1950, News Anchor
Tissa Abeysekara, 1939, Director
Tom Martell, 1982,
Traci Lords, 1968, TV Actress
Vladimir Lisin, 1956, Entrepreneur
Volker Braun, 1939, Poet
Wendy Whelan, 1967, Dancer
Xiaoshenyang, 1981, Movie Actor
Zoe Wenham, 1994, Race Car Driver


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