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Famous Events For March 4

Famous Events For March 4 – Today In History

March 4: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 4  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 4th March 1628: King Charles I of England on this day grants a royal charter to Massachusetts Bay Colony.
2. 4th March 1665: King Charles II of England declares war on the Netherlands today.
3. 4th March 1675: John Flamsteed was on this day appointed as Astronomer Royal of England.
4. 4th March 1681: English philosopher and founder of Pennsylvania William Penn on this day received a charter from King Charles II making him the sole proprietor of the Colonial American territory of Pennsylvania.


5. 4th March 1699: Germany on this day expelled Jews from Lübeck.

18th Century – What Happened on March 4 – The 1700s

6. 4th March 1793: George Washington was on this day unanimously elected for a second term by the Electoral College in the Senate Chamber of the Congress Hall in Philadelphia.
7. 4th March 1797: John Adams was on this day inaugurated as the second president of the United States.

19th Century – March 4 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 4th March 1801: The principal author of The Declaration of Independence in 1776, Thomas Jefferson became the third President of the United States today.
9. 4th March 1824: It was on this day that the “National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck” for formed in the UK. This later came to be known as The Royal National Life Boat Institute.
10. 4th March 1825: On this day John Quincy Adams was inaugurated as the 6th President of the United States.
11. 4th March 1829: Today Andrew Jackson was inaugurated as the 7th President of the United States.


12. 4th March 1829: During Jackson’s inaugural ball, the white house was mobbed by an unruly crowd.
13. 4th March 1837: Martin Van Buren became the eighth President of the United States today.
14. 4th March 1837: Chicago was inaugurated as a city on this day.
15. 4th March 1841: Today the 9th President of the United States, William Henry Harrison delivered the longest presidential inauguration speech.
16. 4th March 1853: Catholic hierarchy in the Netherlands was recovered by Pope Pious IX.
17. 4th March 1861: The “Stars and Bars” flag was on this day adopted by the Confederate States.
18. 4th March 1861: Abraham Lincoln was on this day adopted as the 16th US President.
19. 4th March 1861: The government printing office was on this day opened by President Abraham Lincoln.
20. 4th March 1876: The US Congress on this day decided to impeach Belknap, the Minister of War.
21. 4th March 1881: The plant quarantine resolution was passed by California. California was the first state to pass the resolution.
22. 4th March 1881: Today James A Garfield became the 20th President of the United States.
23. 4th March 1881: President Kruger of South Africa today accepted a cease-fire.
24. 4th March 1882: Britain gets its first electric trams today. Electric trams run in East London.
25. 4th March 1885: Today the first Democratic President since the Civil War, Grover Cleveland was inaugurated as US President.


26. 4th March 1889: United States gets its 23rd President today. Benjamin Harrison was inaugurated as President of the United States.
27. 4th March 1890: The “Forth Bridge”, which is the longest railway bridge in the United Kingdom, was on this day inaugurated by the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII.
28. 4th March 1893: Grover Cleveland gets his second term as President of the United States. Today he was inaugurated as President for the second time.
29. 4th March 1894: There was a great fire in Shanghai which destroyed over 1000 buildings.
30. 4th March 1899: Cyclone Mahina strikes north of Cooktown, Queensland. The cyclone generated waves of 12 meters in height which reached up to 5 KM inland. Over 300 people died in the cyclone.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 4th – The 1900s

31. 4th March 1908: There was a fire accident in a primary school in Collingwood, Ohio. It took a toll of 180 lives.
32. 4th March 1909: Prohibition on the interstate transport of game birds was imposed in the US today.
33. 4th March 1913: A law regulating the shooting of migratory birds was passed in the US. It was the first such law to be passed in the US.


34. 4th March 1930: In Arizona, the Coolidge Dam was inaugurated today.
35. 4th March 1965: The final design of the “Official Flag” was on this day approved by the Confederate Congress.
36. 4th March 1965: Abraham Lincoln was on this day inaugurated as US president for his second term.
37. 4th March 1902: The American Automobile Association “AAA” was on this day established. AAA is one of the largest automobile organizations to be established.
38. 4th March 1925: About $150 million worth of surplus goods from the Navy was offered for sale to citizens of Charleston.
39. 4th March 1933: Franklin D Roosevelt who was on this day inaugurated as President of the United States pledged to lead the country out of the great depression.
40. 4th March 1936: The Hindenburg, built by the Zeppelin company, filled with highly inflammable hydrogen to give it a lift and carrying four 1,200 HP diesel engines to give it a maximum speed of 135 KM/H made its maiden flight in Germany today.
41. 4th March 1952: Ernest Hemmingway completed his work “Old Man and the Sea”, which won him the Pulitzer Prize on this day.
42. 4th March 1954: The US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles on this day warned that Communism was spreading to the western hemisphere. The main focus was the formation of a leftist government in Guatemala.
43. 4th March 1962: A DC-7C British Airliner crashed soon after takeoff in Mozambique. 111 people on board the aircraft lost their lives in the crash.

44. 4th March 1966: John Lennon in his interview with the London Evening Standard, while talking about the popularity of “The Beatles” said, “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I do not know what will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. We are more popular than Jesus now”. This led to protests across America with public burning of Beatles records and banning of Beatles music performances.
46. 4th March 1968: An Orbital Geophysical Observatory 5 was launched on this day.
47. 4th March 1970: In the Mediterranean, a submarine “Eurydice” belonging to France exploded off Cape Camarat. Fifty-seven crew members of the submarine died in the accident.
48. 4th March 1972: In the Abercorn Restaurant in Belfast, a bomb exploded. Two civilians were killed and 130 were wounded.
49. 4th March 1972: A cooperation treaty was on this day signed between the USSR and Libya.
50. 4th March 1974: Following the resignation of British Prime Minister Edward Heath, Herald Wilson today became the Prime Minister of Britain.
51. 4th March 1975: The 86-year-old actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin was on this day Knighted by Queen Elizabeth. He became Sir Charles Chaplin.
52. 4th March 1976: In England, an Irish-born mother Anne Maguire, 40, was on this day sentenced to 14 years in prison for possessing explosives in her home in London.
53. 4th March 1977: An earthquake struck Romania killing over 1500 people.
54. 4th March 1978: Chicago Daily News published its last issue on this day. It was founded in 1875.
55. 4th March 1979: Jupiter’s rings were revealed by US Voyager I photo.
56. 4th March 1980: In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe won the elections and became the first black Prime Minister of Zimbabwe today.
57. 4th March 1983: Guidelines for blood donors and AIDS was on this day published by the US Health Services.

58. 4th March 1985: The EPA orders virtual ban on leaded gas
59. 4th March 1987: President Ronald Regan in his address to the nation on the Iran-Contra affair, said that talks with Iran had turned into arms for a hostage negotiation.
60. 4th March 1989: Warner Communications Inc. and Times Inc. on this day announced their plans for a merger. The merger would make them the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate.
61. 4th March 1989: A train traveling from Littlehampton to London hit another train traveling from Horsham to London from behind at Purely in Surrey. The crash left 6 dead and 80 injured.
62. 4th March 1989: Eastern Airlines machinists went on strike today.
63. 4th March 1990: Today marks the return from space of the 65th manned space mission Atlantis 6.
64. 4th March 1991: The Bank of Credit and Commerce International in the US divests itself from the 1st American Bank.
65. 4th March 1991: Iraq today released six US, three British, and one Italian prisoners of war.
66. 4th March 1994: Space shuttle Columbia 16 was launched into orbit today.
67. 4th March 1994: Four Muslim extremists were on this day found guilty of bombing the World Trade Center and were convicted today.
68. 4th March 1995: A blind teenage boy today received a “Bionic Eye” at a hospital in Washington.
69. 4th March 1997: US President Bill Clinton today imposed a ban on federally funded human cloning research.
70. 4th March 1997: Today Russia launched Zeya Start-1 into orbit.

71. 4th March 1997: The Senate in Brazil allows women to wear slacks.
72. 4th March 1998: The Supreme Court in the US today ruled that federal laws banning on-job sexual harassment also apply when both parties are of the same sex.

21st Century – March 4 This Day In History – The 2000s

73. 4th March 2001: The IRA exploded a bomb in front of the BBC Television Center in London. Eleven people were injured in the explosion.
74. 4th March 2002: In their attempt to infiltrate the Shahi Kot Valley in Afghanistan, on a low-flying helicopter reconnaissance mission seven American Special Operations Forces Soldiers were killed today.

75. 4th March 2005: The United Nations today released a report which warned that unless action is taken HIV will become an epidemic in Africa with about 90 million Africans affected.
76. 4th March 2006: President George Bush visited Pakistan today. He thanked Pakistan for its role in the War on Terror and reiterated his country’s broad and lasting strategic partnership with Pakistan.
77. 4th March 2007: Iran on this day arrested over 30 women who were protesting outside a courthouse in Tehran. They were protesting against the trial of five women for organizing a protest against laws that were discriminatory against women.
78. 4th March 2007: It was reported on State television that the government of Kuwait submitted its resignation to the country’s Emir. This came in the wake of accusations of mismanagement and incompetence against the health minister Sheik Abdul al-Sabah, who was a member of the Royal family,
79. 4th March 2008: YouTube is facing criticism and possible criminal charges in England for making it too easy for people to upload violent and sexual content. In its defense, YouTube said that it would be impossible for it to review every video posted. However if some content is considered inappropriate, it can be flagged and it will be reviewed by YouTube.
80. 4th March 2008: Senator John McCain today won the Republican Presidential nomination.
81. 4th March 2009: The Executive Director of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research on this day announced that Malaysia has a 50% chance of slipping into recession as the growth rate is expected to reach only 0.5%.
82. 4th March 2009: The increasing worsening effect of global slowdown prompts U.S. Steel to announce the closure of its Stelco Lake Erie Works in Nanticoke, Ontario.
83. 4th March 2009: Ted Kennedy, brother of John F Kennedy has on this day been offered honorary Knighthood for his services in the Northern Ireland peace process.
84. 4th March 2009: The International Criminal Court on this day issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. He was the first head of state to be indicted.
85. 4th March 2010: An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck Taiwan. About 12 people were injured. Communication and rail services were disrupted.

86. 4th March 2011: According to the United States Government Accountability Office, it could save $5.5 billion in 30 years if they replaced dollar bills with coins.
87. 4th March 2011: Thirteen Mexican soldiers today were charged with illegal trafficking of drugs to Tijuana a city on the border of the United States. They were caught in possession of a large quantity of banned drugs.
88. 4th March 2012: About 39 people lost their lives in Tornados which struck Midwestern and Southern United States.
89. 4th March 2012: Two express trains collided in Poland in the southern town of Szczekociny. The trains were on the wrong track when the collision occurred. Six people were killed and 68 injured in the crash.
90. 4th March 2012: To gain control over Puerto Maldonado, over 10,000 illegal gold miners clashed with the police on this day.
91. 4th March 2012: People’s Republic of China plans to increase its defense expenditure by 11.2%.
92. 4th March 2012: An ammunition dump exploded in the Republic of Congo, killing at least 250 people.
93. 4th March 2012: Vladimir Putin on this day declared that he had won the Presidential Election after polling about 60% of the votes. Opposition protested against the result calling the election a fraud.
94. 4th March 2013: The process of the selection of the successor to Pope Benedict XVI was set in motion on this day by the Papal Conclave.
95. 4th March 2013: In an ambush in Western Iraq, 40 Syrian soldiers were killed.
96. 4th March 2013: Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, with a personal fortune of $73 billion tops the list of Forbes list of Wealthiest people.
97. 4th March 2013: A bus collided with a truck in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India.
98. 4th March 2014: President Obama sends the budget for the year 2015 to Congress. He terms his budget as the roadmap for creating jobs with good wages and expanding opportunities for all Americans.

99. 4th March 2015: 4.5 million-year-old jaw bones of a primitive human, were uncovered by scientists today. It suggests that humans may have evolved from humanlike primates about 400,000 years earlier than thought before.
100. 4th March 2016: Today Ben Carson announced that he would be dropping out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

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