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Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The House Of Popularity

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Popularity

Gong Hee Fot Choy: Significance Of Cards And Suits In The House Of Popularity

Let us understand more about the different suits of playing cards in the House of Popularity of the Gong Hee Fot Choy Chinese Oracle.


Fot Choy: The Clubs Suit In The House Of Popularity

7 of Clubs: Someone will feel the need for the services you provide. You may also get lucrative offers over the telephone or through a letter. You will receive many calls and messages from your friends making you realize your popularity.

8 of Clubs: If you are into some project or in the midway through some task, do complete it at the earliest. In doing so, success, achievement, and popularity will come to you

9 of Clubs: Luck is in your favor. Find some active involvement in some public work or some social function. New acquaintances will not only earn you good luck but also make you popular.

10 of Clubs: If you are making a journey, do anything and everything your heart desires. Everybody will enjoy your company and hold you as the center of attraction.


Jack of Clubs: You will be with your relatives who are already popular. Being with them can also make you popular suddenly. If single, there is the possibility of you getting married, which may enhance your popularity.

Queen of Clubs: Popularity when least expected is going to knock at your door. Anything you have done recently or are in the process of doing will bring you success and fame.

King of Clubs:  You will gain popularity shortly, resulting in new opportunities for fame and fortune.

Ace of Clubs: You will get a gift from someone. You may also get a proposal to do something that will make you very popular.


Gong Hee Fot Choy Book Of Fortune: The Diamonds Suit In The House Of Popularity

7 of Diamonds: In the days ahead you are going to achieve remarkable success. It will be a milestone in your life. Success always makes men popular and you are no exception. You will be successful and immensely admired.

8 of Diamonds: You are coming in for some inheritance, something your family always wanted

9 of Diamonds: Money? Luck or woe? You may have to pay it to someone on short notice or, you may get a bumper by winning a lottery or by inheritance.


10 of Diamonds: Money will make you popular. Or, your popularity will fetch you money. If a heart or a diamond card is in the house of money, the chances of the latter are high.

Jack of Diamonds: Words and letters are very important to you. They can change your life for the better. Be careful while checking your emails, reading the newspapers, watching regular TV shows, and even seeing advertisements. Do not let the opportunity slip by.

Queen of Diamonds: With time you will be more and more popular. However, you are well-known as long as you keep helping others with money or other material assistance.

King of Diamonds: You are going to be very popular as a professional. Professions in law-related fields can bring you immense prosperity.

Ace of Diamonds: If you are a businessman, there are vibes of prosperity for you. You will be liked very much in your professional field, resulting in your being offered a responsible position, elevating your professional status.

Gong He Fot Choy: The Hearts Suit In The House Of Popularity

7 of Hearts: Are you happy? Make your face reflect it. The manifestation of your happiness can make others happy. Therefore, your cheer makes you very popular among your friends and relatives.

8 of Hearts: You have several admirers. And, most amazingly, most of them hold you in high esteem. Vibes of fame and love are slotted.

9 of Hearts: If you have had a weird wish and thought it would never materialize, this is the ripe time to wait for the unusual to happen. Your desires will come true, making you much wanted. Gaining popularity may inspire a nobler realm or a greater aspiration in you.

Book of Fortune Interpretation of Hearts Suit

10 of Hearts: If you are going to attend a marriage ceremony, you will become very popular among the invitees. Another connotation your marriage may make you popular. Either you marry a popular person or get married – you become well-known.

Jack of Hearts: The vibes are such that you can think of competing as a candidate in an election. The popularity card in the house of repute suggests a big chance of gaining fame. However, popularity is in your professional field. Find the ways to claim it.

Queen of Hearts: Either you are going to be a celebrity among your friends or one of your friends will become very popular.

King of Hearts: You have a very happy time ahead. You will enjoy it a lot and your knack for enjoyment will make you popular in your company.

Ace of Hearts: You are a homemaker at the core, no matter what profession in real life. Soon you will become famous among your friends and relatives. If you have thrown a party or if you are going to attend a party at your friend’s place, work on your looks and moves. You will hold the center stage.

Gong Hee: The Spades Suit In The House Of Popularity

7 of Spades: Take care of your health. You may get the news of your waning popularity. Do not lose your temper. You can regain it. Take care of your health, especially heart conditions.

8 of Spades: Your popularity may put you in trouble. You may have to fulfill the demands of your admirers, which you do not like very much. Keep away from anger and angry people.

9 of Spades: Do not lose heart to find your popularity fall to a certain extent. It is your fault that you are losing it. Be careful about your words and actions. Gaining popularity and support is nothing new to you.

10 of Spades: You will have a few true admirers even in the crowd of the false ones, who flatter you for their own sake. All professional and public interactions should be done during the day.

Jack of Spades: If someone praises you in front, do not think that you are reaching the heights of popularity. Watch out. You will find the same person spreading harmful rumors behind your back.

Queen of Spades: Do not expect gratitude or gratefulness from anyone. Even if someone shows gratitude, be careful about his or her intentions.

King of Spades: You may feel disturbed by a caller who tries to prove his or her popularity. Or, someone may call you and ask for a loan while you know that there is little chance of the loan being paid back.

Ace of Spades: There is a strong possibility of the death of a popular person whom you know or with whom you are closely associated. If you are already popular, take care of your words and actions as you may lose your position in public.

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