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March 4 Famous Birthdays

March 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 4 belong to the zodiac sign Pisces. The number 4 is actually one of their lucky numbers. It is likely that they are a very special individual but people really don’t know them. This is probably a shield they put up as they typically don’t put a lot of trust in others… at least, not at first.

The famous birthdays of March 4 are special. They have a small circle of associates or friends. It is suggested that they make their own drama sometimes, too. On the other hand, they can be an active and positive individual. To get away mentally, they pour themselves into work.


If you share your birthday with the famous people born on March 4, you have a real niche for investing. So people look to you for financial advice. When it comes to their health, famous people born on March 4th should eat more carrots and foods that boost their immune system. Especially so during the winter months when air borne diseases are more prevalent.


Famous people born on March 4th may be misunderstood as they tend to dream beyond most people’s creativity. A Pisces 4th March famous birthday personality will love unconditionally and prefer a long term relationship. Those born on this day are impulsive people who don’t like to clock-in.


March 4th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4th March Good Traits:

  • Extraordinary
  • Gentle
  • Kind
  • Intense
  • Energized
  • Instinctive

4th March Bad Traits:

  • Purposeless
  • Skeptic
  • Argumentative
  • Reckless
  • Rash

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March 4th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Mavity, 1993, TV Actress
Adam Deacon, 1983, Movie Actor
Adrian Lyne, 1941, Director
Adrian Zmed, 1954, Movie Actor
Aimee Sayah, 1987, TV Show Host
Aja Volkman, 1987, Rock Singer
Akis Petretzikis, 1984, Chef
Alex Holdridge, 1975, Screenwriter
Alex Reininga, 1997, YouTube Star
Alexander Tamanian, 1878, Architect
Amber Carrington, 1993, Country Singer
Ana Guevara, 1977, Runner
Anders Kjolholm, 1971, Bassist
Andrea Bendewald, 1970, TV Actress
Andrea Bowen, 1990, TV Actress
Andrea Montenegro, 1969, Soap Opera Actress

Andrew Collins, 1965, Screenwriter
Anne Haney, 1934, Movie Actress
Annie Yi, 1969, Pop Singer
Ant Banks, 1969, Rapper
Anthony Martin, 1966, Daredevil
Antonio Vivaldi, 1678, Composer
Ariel Ortega, 1974, Soccer Player
Ariza Makukula, 1981, Soccer Player
Atsuko Asano, 1961, TV Actress
Barbara McNair, 1934, Stage Actress
Barney Wilen, 1937, Saxophonist
Barry Scott, 1963, DJ
Beau MacMillan, 1971, Chef
Benjamin Kiplagat, 1989, Runner
Bent Larsen, 1935, Chess Player
Betty Monroe, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Bill Milner, 1995, Movie Actor
Bob Johnson, 1931, Hockey Coach
Bobbi Kristina Brown, 1993, Reality Star
Bobby Womack, 1944, Rock Singer
Brand Whitlock, 1869, Politician
Brenna Dowell, 1996, Gymnast
Bria Williams, 1998, Family Member
Brooklyn Beckham, 1999, Family Member
Buck 65, 1972, Rapper
Buck Baker, 1919, Race Car Driver
Callista Gingrich, 1966, Political Wife
Cash Luna, 1962, Religious Leader
Catherine O’Hara, 1954, TV Actress
Cathryn Fitzpatrick, 1968, Cricket Player
Charles Pelot Summerall, 1867, War Hero
Chaz Bono, 1969, Reality Star
Chloe Howl, 1995, Pop Singer
Chris Fuamato Maafala, 1977, Football Player
Chris Rea, 1951, Pop Singer
Chris Squire, 1948, Bassist
Christian Jessen, 1977, TV Show Host
Christine Baumgartner, 1974, Model
Cody Longo, 1988, TV Actor
Conor Townsend, 1993, Soccer Player
DailyAnnie, 1996, YouTube Star
Dallas Seavey, 1987, Dog Musher
Daniel Bamdad, 1990, Model
Daniel Roebuck, 1963, Movie Actor
Daniel Woodrell, 1953, Novelist
Dav Pilkey, 1966, Children’s Author
Dave Clarke, 1990, YouTube Star
David A Carter, 1957, Children’s Author
Davina Leone, 1993, Pop Singer
Dawn Zulueta, 1969, TV Actress
Dazzy Vance, 1891, Baseball Player
Derek Mooney, 1967, Game Show Host
Diandra Newlin, 1991, TV Actress
Dick Savitt, 1927, Tennis Player
Dionna Harris, 1968, Softball Player
Donielle Hansley, 2004, Dancer
Dorothy Mackaill, 1903, Movie Actress
Draymond Green, 1990, Basketball Player
Drew Houston, 1983, Entrepreneur
Drew Phillips, 1998, Vine Star
Dror Soref, 1965, Screenwriter
Eduard Vilde, 1865, Novelist
Egbert Van Alstyne, 1878, Songwriter

Elizabeth Gabler, 1956, Film Producer
Elspeth Gibson, 1963, Fashion Designer
Emilia Eberle, 1964, Gymnast
Emilio Estefan, 1953, Music Producer
Emily Weller, 1989, Reality Star
Erik Lamela, 1992, Soccer Player
Erin Heatherton, 1989, Model
Evan Dando, 1967, Rock Singer
Frank Nicotero, 1969, Game Show Host
Frank Wells, 1932, Entrepreneur
Frankie Zia, 1993, Vine Star
Gal Mekel, 1988, Basketball Player
Garrett Morgan, 1877, Scientist
Geno Segers, 1978, TV Actor
George Gamow, 1904, Scientist
Giorgos Mazonakis, 1972, Pop Singer
Greg Craig, 1945, Lawyer
Gunnar Hansen, 1947, Movie Actor
Haile Gerima, 1946, Director
Halim El-Dabh, 1921, Composer
Henry Mucci, 1911, War Hero
Henry The Navigator, 1394, Explorer
Herbert Biberman, 1900, Screenwriter
Holly Laing, 1999, YouTube Star
Hunter Hoffman, 1999, Reality Star
Isaac Lea, 1792, Scientist
It’s Black Friday, 1987, YouTube Star
Ivy Queen, 1972, World Music Singer
J.J. Woods, 1987, Freerunner
Jack Hannahan, 1980, Baseball Player
Jacob Hopkins, 2002, TV Actor
Jake Buxton, 1985, Soccer Player
James Ciannello, 2004, Instagram Star
James Ellroy, 1948, Novelist
James Lankford, 1968, Politician

Jan Garbarek, 1947, Saxophonist
Jared Sullinger, 1992, Basketball Player
Jason Newsted, 1963, Bassist
Jason Sellers, 1971, Country Singer
Jay Gruden, 1967, Football Coach
Jean Kelley, 1985, Pop Singer
Jenna Boyd, 1993, TV Actress
Jeremiah Green, 1977, Drummer
Jeremy Loops, 1984, Folk Singer
Jessica Delp, 1992, Family Member
Jessica Heap, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Jesus Castanon, 1973, Horse Jockey
Ji-tu Cumbuka, 1942, Movie Actor
Jim Clark, 1936, Race Car Driver
John Aprea, 1941, Movie Actor
John Garfield, 1913, Movie Actor
John Mugabi, 1960, Boxer
John Scarne, 1903, Magician
Jon Fratelli, 1979, Rock Singer
Jos Verstappen, 1972, Race Car Driver
Josh Bowman, 1988, TV Actor
Julia Cameron, 1948, Novelist
K Michelle, 1982, R&B Singer
Kamalinee Mukherjee, 1980, Movie Actress
Kamdyn McIntosh, 1994, Australian Rules Footballer
Katherine Cimorelli, 1992, Pop Singer
Kay Lenz, 1953, TV Actress
Kenneth H. Cooper, 1931, Non-Fiction Author
Kenny Dalglish, 1951, Soccer Player
Kermit Driscoll, 1956, Bassist
Kevin Frankish, 1964, TV Show Host
Kevin Johnson, 1966, Basketball Player
Khaled Hosseini, 1965, Novelist
Kim Jung-eun, 1976, TV Actress
Klinton Spilsbury, 1951, Movie Actor
Knute Rockne, 1888, Football Coach
Kristi Harrower, 1975, Basketball Player
Landon Donovan, 1982, Soccer Player
Laura Michelle Kelly, 1981, Stage Actress
Len Wiseman, 1973, Director
Lesley Ann Machado, 1974, TV Actress
Leslie H Gelb, 1937, Teacher
Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, 1948,
Lisa Osbourne, 1987, Family Member
London Andrews, 1984, Instagram Star
Lucio Dalla, 1943, Jazz Singer
Luis Morales, 1964, Runner
Lynn Sherr, 1942, News Anchor
Madeline Phillips, 1998, YouNow Star
Maliibu Miitch, 1991, Rapper
Manu Vatuvei, 1986, Rugby Player
Manuel Munoz, 1972, Novelist
Marcus LoVett Jr., 1996, Basketball Player
Margo Harshman, 1986, TV Actress
Mario Davidovsky, 1934, Composer
Matthew Watts, 1991, YouTube Star
Maverick López, 1996, Pop Singer
Merrill Garbus, 1979, Pop Singer
Michael McClain, 1973, Music Producer
Michael Osullivan, 1934, Stage Actor
Mike Krieger, 1986, Entrepreneur
Mike Moran, 1948, Music Producer
Mikko Nissinen, 1962, Dancer
Miriam Makeba, 1932, World Music Singer
Molly McIsaac, 1989, Reality Star
Moniece Slaughter, 1987, Reality Star
Mykelti Williamson, 1957, Movie Actor
Napoleon Collins, 1814, War Hero
Nat Zang, 1996, TV Actor
Nick Castellanos, 1992, Baseball Player
Nick Ward, 1998, YouNow Star
Nicole Guerriero, 1986, YouTube Star
Nikolas Omilana, 1998, YouTube Star
Noah Matthews, 1996, TV Actor
Omar Bravo, 1980, Soccer Player
Paddy Madden, 1990, Soccer Player
Park Min-young, 1986, TV Actress
Patricia Heaton, 1958, TV Actress
Patrick Roach, 1969, TV Actor
Patsy Kensit, 1968, Movie Actress
Paul Canoville, 1962, Soccer Player
Paul L. Bates, 1908, War Hero
Paul Mauriat, 1925, Composer
Paul W.S. Anderson, 1965, Director
Paul W.S. Anderson, 1965, Director
Paula Prentiss, 1938, Movie Actress
Pearl White, 1889, Movie Actress
Pedro Quinonez, 1986, Soccer Player
Pete Haycock, 1951, Guitarist
Peter Hollens, 1982, YouTube Star
Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, 1988, World Music Singer
Ray Mancini, 1961, Boxer
Richard Benjamin Harrison, 1941, Reality Star
Richard Devos, 1926, Entrepreneur
Richard E. Cunha, 1922, Director
Rick Mast, 1957, Race Car Driver
Rick Perry, 1950, Politician
Ricki Hall, 1987, Model
Robert Emmet, 1778, Activist
Ronn Moss, 1952, TV Actor
Sabrina Sabrok, 1967, Punk Singer
Sam Hazewinkel, 1983, Wrestler
Sam Marin, 1984, Voice Actor
Sam Nickel, 1984, YouTube Star
Sam Taylor-Johnson, 1967, Director
Sam Taylor-Wood, 1967, Photographer
Samuel Adler, 1928, Composer
Sarah Oliver, 1985, Reality Star
Sarah Stock, 1979, Wrestler
Scott Hicks, 1953, Director
Scott Michael Foster, 1985, TV Actor
Sean Covel, 1976, Film Producer
Sergio Romo, 1983, Baseball Player
Shakin’ Stevens, 1948, Rock Singer
Shraddha Das, 1987, Movie Actress
Simon Bisley, 1962, Comic Book Artist
Stacy Edwards, 1965, TV Actress
Steven Weber, 1961, TV Actor
Stza Crack, 1976, Rock Singer
Suzanna Choffel, 1980, Reggae Singer
T.R.M. Howard, 1908, Civil Rights Leader
Tamzin Merchant, 1987, Movie Actress
Theodore Hardeen, 1876, Magician
Theodosii Spassov, 1961, Flute Player
Thomas Sigismund Stribling, 1881, Novelist
Tim Vine, 1967, Comedian
Traver Rains, 1977, Fashion Designer
Tyler Turner, 1996, Soccer Player
Umberto Tozzi, 1952, Pop Singer
Victor Ulloa, 1992, Soccer Player
Virginijus Praskevicius, 1974, Basketball Player
Wally Bruner, 1931, TV Show Host
Ward Kimball, 1914, Cartoonist
Wayne Goss, 1978, YouTube Star
Whitney Bjerken, 2005, YouTube Star
Whitney Port, 1985, Fashion Designer
William Henry Keeler, 1931, Religious Leader
William J Bruce III, 1980, Memoirist
William Payne, 1760, Painter
Willie Johnson, 1923, Guitarist
Yuliya Gushchina, 1983, Runner
Zabryna Guevara, 1978, TV Actress
Zoran Baldovaliev, 1983, Soccer Player


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