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Dove Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Dove Animal Totem Symbolism

The elegant white dove animal totem has long been a symbol of purity, grace, and divinity. It is featured in the Hebrew religion as a beacon of hope and the Christian faith as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

In Ancient Assyrian beliefs, the dove was also symbolic of Ishtar, the great mother. Fittingly, the dove has continued to be a major presence in symbolism, representing maternal love, dedication, holiness, sacrifice and ascension. Aphrodite and Venus (the goddesses of love in greek and Roman mythology, respectively) are also typically paired with doves in artistic works.

Going along with the theme of love, doves are often released at marriage ceremonies as a sign of true love and well-wishing for the union. The dove also makes appearances in Slavic, Japanese, Celtic and Native American mythology, too, as a symbol of peace, war, and ascension of the soul. While most of these values may all appear to be entirely religious at first glance, the dove is also applicable and valuable to our everyday lives.

Veering away from the messages of God and symbols of divine intervention, the dove is, in actuality, quite a pernickety bird. It is true that they are beautiful and sing a lullaby-like coo, but they are anything but calm and composed in groups.

They tend to fuss and twitch nervously when surrounded by others. It is thought that this behavior denotes a highly developed sense of their environment. Doves are highly perceptive and incite us to be the same.

Dove Associated Traits

Love, Peace, Mother, Divinity, Sacrifice, Humble, Devoted, Caring, Perceptive, Tranquil, Harmonious


Symbolic Meaning Of Dove

If a dove spirit totem flies into your life, it may be reminding you that you must know when to move your wings if you want to fly. It is also equally crucial for you to know when to allow the wind to take you and let you soar. You must be active in your own ascension, though.

For example, a bird would never fly if it simply sat on a branch staring at the sky. Birds surrender themselves to the wind at just the right moment before flapping their wings and embracing the exhilaration. We can do the same and fly (figuratively, of course) to the same heights.

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The appearance of a dove symbol could also have an alternative meaning. Its presence could be signaling that you need to stop and take a few breaths. You have been “caught in the wind” and now don’t know when to stop and get a grip on your life.

In order to escape the wind’s grasp, says the dove spiritual totem, you must let go of the turmoil that is characterizing your life and find some inner peace. Everything in life passes, and whatever this difficulty is, it shall, too.

Like a dove in the wind, you must frequently change course to adapt to your surroundings. This doesn’t mean that you are being completely thrown off course. Often times, the most hectic chaos occurs just before your hopes and dreams are fulfilled.

Doves and the people that they attract are very gentle and giving. If this animal is your spiritual guide, you have an innocence to you that attracts others to you. This is not always for the best, as others may not have such pure intentions.

As a sweet and thus vulnerable individual, people may tend to take advantage of you and your calm, serene demeanor. Be aware of this possibility, but do not let it change you. You are a nurturer by nature.

The dove symbolism comes in your dreams to show things similar to their real-life meanings, such as tranquility, peace, harmony, caring, and innocence. Sentiments of love, loyalty, simplicity and friendship are specific to symbolic dove meanings in dreams. And if you see the dove you can rest assured that you are equipped with these in your life.

If doves are mating in your dreams, it means that you have a happy and healthy home filled with love, happiness, security and pleasure. Because you are graced with these gifts, you must try to never lose your grace and act on thoughts of hate or revenge.

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