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Feng Shui Your Handwriting And Signature

Feng Shui Your Handwriting and Signature

Feng Shui, which has its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy, is a thought class traditionally used to organize buildings and spaces for a more peaceful and mindful environment. Many thought class strains often use the five elements as focus or reference points. Feng Shui and the study of the art of handwriting and signature have collided to identify some personal traits.

In Europe and the USA, it has been used in modern times to arrange the home to create a peaceful living environment. School classrooms to ensure maximum learning capability and the office or study to increase work output and comfort in the workplace.

Some people fully subscribe to its uses, and others believe not. However, what you choose to take from it is entirely up to you, but it could have more of an impact than you might think.


Lucky Feng Shui for Handwriting and Signature

#1. Using The Techniques of Feng Shui

Some writers or office workers swear to use Feng Shui’s techniques in their offices. These principles include decluttering the area for a more open workspace that will stop distractions, ensuring sufficient light for maximum productivity, and placing the desk in front of the window.


The principles of the thought class extend far beyond where a writer works with their actual handwriting. The art of writing by hand is slowly being forgotten with the increase in computers and technology, but children are still being taught to write at school, and exams are still being completed by hand.


#2. Analyzing  Handwriting

Each person’s handwriting is different; some believe you can tell a lot about a person by analyzing their handwriting. Even professionals work as Graphologists who can complete a character profile based on a handwriting sample.


It is not a coincidence that Feng Shui and the study of the art of handwriting and signature have collided to identify some personal traits and provide hints and tips for self-improvement. Hopefully, the following will allow you to tailor your writing.

#3. Writing left to right

Some experts say that writing should be directed right, following our natural flow of writing left to right, as writing facing backward indicates an unwillingness to progress or move forward.

Luckily the majority of people’s writing slants are right. In contrast, others say that writing should stand tall and straight, indicating that the writer is living in the present and entirely focused on the task. Both are fair but opposing evaluations – choose which one you want to be, progressive or focused.

Always ensure your writing and signature and writing are legible. The last thing you want is to be misunderstood or for someone not to know.

Neat writing shows that you care about presentations and how others perceive you. An excellent tip for those who have to write notes and reminders in a professional environment. Never let someone second-guess you again!

Always complete your lettering; this includes ensuring you are dotting all of your I’s and crossing all’s. It also includes providing an entire loop on a ‘y’ and completing the circle of an ‘o’. The idea behind this is that incomplete writing indicates a person who does not finish a task.

If a person cannot write correctly, how does a reader or employer know they will complete tasks fully or remember to carry out all their duties?

Incomplete writing looks sloppy, forgetful, and rushed when it should be well presented and finished. If you want someone to believe you are the perfectionist you say you are, don’t forget to dot!

#4. Loops In your writing

Loops in your writing indicate an open gate for success. Utilizing the natural form of the following letters – y, f, g, j, and z, to create open-spaced loops shows that you are open to new opportunities and ideas.

When signing your signature, ensure consistency in every possible way. It is identical every time the letters are as balanced as possible (if your signature contains 2 g’s, they are identical, for example), which will bring you consistency in life.

It will let the person receiving the signature know that you are the same person you were the last time you signed. You have the same intentions and beliefs. It will inspire people to have confidence in you and even help you build professional relationships.

#5. Large letters In a Signature

Huge letters in a signature indicate that you are a person with a big personality, thoughts, and dreams, and if small letters follow, you have explosive ideas. If this is who you are, be calm. Please make sure you be yourself and embrace your ideas and creativity: harness them and become successful.

Spacing is critical in writing. If your words or letters are too close together, it means that you are a closed-off person, perhaps that you are hard to work with or not open to new ideas, but if the writing is too far apart, this can also be negative.

It can show that you cannot think fast and your productivity time is slow. Find a middle ground that works for you to make the best impact. Find a particular style of writing that fits it and looks attractive on the page.

#6. Prosperity Signature

Feng Shui offers an idea called the Prosperity Signature, intending to improve luck and income. It suggests signing your name with the first and last letter larger than the other letters and with a slant to the right. If your writing is naturally slanted, ensure the first and last letters are always larger than those in the middle of the signature.

The last idea is writing as a function and activity in itself. You will be aware that writing has long been thought of as a healing and peace-inducing activity.

Regular journals offer an outlet for thoughts and feelings. This allows you to cleanse yourself of all the negativity throughout the day. Some people keep dream diaries to record all of their innermost subconscious thoughts.

Taking part in handwriting allows a person to feel, reveal, and record peacefully. A better way to achieve a balance is to examine yourself silently using entirely and utterly unique handwriting.

#7. Handwriting Slants left

Even if your handwriting slants are left, and you leave huge gaps, remember that it is as unique as your fingertip and represents something special.

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