Celebrity Astrology – Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas


If Melanie Griffith can overcome her ongoing problems with addiction and her fear (perhaps as a result of her ultra-sensitive Air Moon in Aquarius) that another woman is going to lure Antonio Banderas away, this couple could potentially make it long term. They have a number of positive factors that connect them astrologically.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are both Leos, and that while there is a real basic emotional similarity between people of the same Sun Sign (though granted, it can be somewhat more difficult when we are talking about the Fixed Signs, particularly when there are significant additional Fixed planets). However, another positive connection is that they have Venus in the same Earth Sign of Virgo. Venus, the planet of love, is also the planet that is ever-present in terms of how we interpret and judge the feelings expressed to us.

Venus in the Venusian (feminine) Elements of Earth (or Water) is much more understanding and forgiving of another’s communication being less than perfect than Venus is when found in the Martian Elements of Fire or Air. Communication and feelings of love seem to flow much more smoothly between two people in any kind of relationship when they both have Venusian Venuses.

Melanie also has two more significant planets in the Sign of Virgo, Mercury, and Mars. In some respects, she is going to think (Mercury) and act (Mars) almost more like a Virgo than a Leo. This could sometimes make her a little too nitpicky for Antonio’s liking. But what he will like about her Mars conjunct her Venus is that it makes her unusually compelled to express her love (Venus) by finding things to do (Mars) for others.

And what they both will like about her Mars being conjunct his Venus is that this is probably the single greatest chart factor that will manifest in a way that makes people very physically attracted to one another. Perhaps this is why, if memory serves me, that when Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas first met we were seeing so many pictures of them hanging all over each other.

Now let’s look at another possible problem area. Melanie’s Sun and Moon are both Fixed. Her Moon is in the Fixed Sign of Aquarius. Moon in a Fixed Sign causes a person to be mainly set in stone with a feeling once they embrace it. She also has both Pluto and Uranus in Leo. These planets contacting her Sun in Leo cause both obsessiveness (Pluto) and erratic behavior (Uranus).

But, hopefully, with her having the three functional planets (Mercury/Mars/Venus) in Mutable (flexible) Virgo, it will help a great deal to offset her Fixed Sun and Moon. And certainly, it is positive that Antonio has so much adaptable Mutable (a Grand fixed Cross – Venus in Virgo, Moon in Pisces, Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter in Sagittarius). This much mutability will help him to be flexible when dealing with Melanie’s more difficult chart energies.

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