Thursday, August 5, 2021

Retrograde Planets – An Introduction

Retrograde Effects of Planets


The study of astrology where Planetary Retrogradation is concerned, educates the annual and intermittent illusion from the apparent backward movements of bodies in the solar system (from Mercury to Pluto *only), having Earth as the observatory point. It induces the questioning of how from a particular time in space, a strategically well put hovering celestial body, an elusive planet’s movement could spread its influence as humans can or not rationally, or even empirically observe.

To judge the retrograde period it all depends on the planet, the sign, the aspects to transiting and natal planets, and the house it falls in a particular chart.

The confusion surrounds if we rather feel differently if planets indeed ‘make us’ act in such way, or we see/observe things and life differently and act accordingly when a planet turns retrograde or stationary. The planets trigger all the planes of existence altogether as energy in which corresponds to the dynamic at a place and all the elements affected by it. Yet they won’t come down physically saying at you ‘you must do this and that!‘, never the case.

As humans in the mental universe, people are likely to see from another perspective/light when the retrogradation happens. Connecting the obviousness of the word retrograde, the mind now finds it easier to step back minors or major scenarios in life to recognize attributed patterns, therefore adhering to a new approach to problems and situations that requires a review, a re-do, a drop back to the beginning for some. Some may even become more introspective, as the energies are turned inward now so as the flow and the correspondence in-between.

Astrologers believe that the fact a planet turns retrograde like Mercury, it doesn’t diminish the fact we are indeed moving forward. The individual recognizing such destructive or past errors, one can move forward the button once in the same situation.

It makes sense, if we take the retrograde movement as an illusion, whereas the truth is that the planet is always moving forward, it is an infinite dance that all the planets take part, except for the Sun and the Moon, which are never retrograde.

Karmically – when planets turn retrograde, we are about to take a journey with what is known to us, much like the South Node, but the purpose is completely different. Thus, humans are then taken to experience once again what once was supposed to be a turning-point in past or recent lives, when the first time you didn’t succeed, you can always try again in another life.


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