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Capricorn Aquarius Love Compatibility

Capricorn Aquarius Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Capricorn and an Aquarius emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

Do you remember Milo and Otis? Felix and Oscar? Dharma and Greg? These are good examples of Capricorn Aquarius dynamic love compatibility in a relationship. From the outset, these two star signs are very different but they can temper each other’s personality flaws.


While the Aquarius is innovative and love fun, they can be messy and impulsive. While Capricorn is goal-oriented, task-driven, organized, and practical; he or she doesn’t necessarily know how to have fun. If they can work out their difficult patches, the Aquarian can teach the goat how to have a little bit of fun. Likewise, Capricorn can teach the Water Bearer that, to continue dreaming and innovating, he or she needs to take care of things on earth once in a while.


Capricorn And Aquarius Love Compatibility – Positive

The Capricorn and Aquarius soul mates are an odd couple. Ultra-responsible Capricorn and head-in-the-clouds Aquarius seem an unlikely romantic link. However, the Capricorn Aquarius love compatibility does have qualities that complement each other and that the other lacks. These complementary qualities can be the key to the success of the Capricorn Aquarius relationship and happiness if both can recognize it.


One has got to remember to pay the bills, make dinner, and send your mom’s birthday card. Let’s face it Aquarius, you are not that person. You’re too busy implementing your great ideas and not bothered about these niceties. Until the electricity gets shut off, you find yourself hungry and your mother won’t speak to you, because you forgot her birthday. This is why you need your Capricorn lover. They will take care of all your mundane tasks and keep a meal ready for you.

On top of that, the Capricorn personality will have your Ma’s birthday flowers programmed in the computer to be delivered automatically and on time. Why? It’s because these cardinal earth signs thrive on responsibility and power. And if you crave the spotlight, that’s fine by Capricorn. They don’t need that kind of attention; they just need to be the ones holding the reins from behind the scenes.



As important as it is to be responsible, the Capricorn man in love or Capricorn woman in love needs to relax and let their hair down. This is why you need your Aquarius lover. They will find quirky and lovable ways to help you loosen up. And trust me, you need it!

One of the ways Aquarius gets Capricorn in love to loosen up is in the bedroom. Here’s where these two really complement each other! Aquarians tend to have very creative ideas about lovemaking, but they’re very disconnected from their bodies. Capricorn’s style tends to be conventional, but they’re quite the power horses when it comes to physical affection.

So, when Aquarius dreams up an idea, and the goat has the sexual stamina to follow through with it, expect to see the “do not disturb” sign on the door for a good long time when the Capricorn Aquarius is in bed! Read about Aquarius Sexual Traits.

So Aquarius, if you recognize that someone needs to pay the bills and essentially be the power behind the throne, choose a Capricorn partner! And Capricorn, if you realize that you need to let loose, but you don’t know where to start? Choose an Aquarius partner!


Capricorn Aquarius Compatibility – Negative

Here is the larger scale of Capricorn and Aquarius’s negative compatibility issues. Zodiac sign compatibility between signs that are “next-door neighbors” is bad most times. This is because each sign has a lesson, and it’s difficult for one to move immediately backward and forward with their partners; it’s like being on a relationship seesaw. And, like a seesaw, if it’s not managed properly, someone could get hurt.

This is the case with Capricorn Aquarius compatibility unless each sign is very evolved. Aquarius is a brilliant thinker who innovates new ideas and concepts but is not very rooted in the real world. They might get into trouble when it comes to gifts for his or her Capricorn lover.

Capricorn is practical, and factual and does things purposefully or as a means to an end. They are not looking for bling-bling gifts. They are looking for value – something simple, well-made, functional, classy, and subdued. And are willing to pay for that quality and they think you should, too.

However thoughtful, those flowers you picked up from the garden are not going to cut it with your goat lover, Aquarius. If you haven’t paid big bucks for it or it isn’t going to be worth something in time, Capricorn doesn’t want it. And because you’re an air sign and have little use for material possessions, you just don’t understand why this is so important.


Likewise, if the Capricorn adores you, he or she will lavish you with high-quality gifts that you have no use for. Sure a cashmere scarf is nice, but Aquarius could buy one at a thrift store for fifty cents and be just as happy. This never ceases to boggle the minds of their Capricorn lovers.

Our cardinal sign tends to be a wet blanket for Aquarius’s fun. The Capricorn male or Capricorn female gets so focused on responsibilities that he or she doesn’t relax or won’t let her Aquarian partner relax either. This is bad news for Aquarius, whose first instinct is to fly when he or she feels pinned down that tightly.

And there is also the troubling issue of faithfulness when the Capricorn is dating the Aquarius. The Aquarian’s concept of being faithful to their partner is very different than Capricorn’s concept of faithfulness. They believe that it’s okay to have flings as long as they return to their partner in a Capricorn Aquarius marriage. Because the water bearers are so disconnected from their body, they truly believe that flings or affairs mean nothing. They’re simply distracted for the time being with no idea of commitment.


Have you ever gotten a goat angry? It’s not a pretty sight, and I pity the object of his or her anger! Don’t let Capricorn’s cool exterior fool you, they are jealous beings with a hidden vengeful streak that can end in a Capricorn Aquarius breakup! And this is just the thing to set Capricorn off into a seething rage while he or she calculates his or her revenge. This does not bode well for our Aquarius male or Aquarius female, who is probably clueless about his or her wrongdoing.

So, Aquarius be mindful of all that Capricorn does for you and remember to reward him or her for it. Something valuable, tasteful, and classy never hurts, either! Capricorn, remember that responsibility can wait sometimes; let your Aquarian have some fun. However, make sure that your fun is not too serious. Otherwise, watch out for their vengeful streak – you might find yourself tied to a railroad track.

Capricorn And Aquarius Compatibility – Conclusion

The Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility is an odd one indeed, but if managed correctly they can complement one another. But if Aquarius can recognize and appreciate what Capricorn does and why it’s necessary, your sea goat will be a faithful, industrious, and loyal partner. And Capricorn, if you can recognize that you must let the Water Bearer pull you out of your, sometimes necessary, drudgery to have a little fun, you two will be an unstoppable pair!

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