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Aquarius Sexuality Personality Traits

Aquarius Sexuality Personality Traits

Aquarius sexuality comes from their free-spirit nature. They do not like being tied down by emotions, and they don’t let the material world hold them down. What you look like and how much money you have in the bank is less important to an Aquarius than what you think and how open you are to the ideas of others.

Aquarians love to debate theories much more than examine their feelings. They prefer to live their lives ruled by rational thought, leaving emotional entanglements for others. This may make Aquarians seem aloof, unavailable for a loving relationship.

There are people who believe being in love is hard work, that relationships can be a struggle. You will not find an Aquarius anywhere near that group of people. Aquarius zodiac people believe in having fun, living in the moment and embracing new ideas. This makes them passionate lovers, but also hard to pin down.

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Individuality plays a large part in Aquarius sexuality. This is not a person who will follow the latest trend or listen to the favorite music of the day. Aquarians go out of their way to show just how different they are when compared to everyone else. If forced to wear any kind of uniform, Aquarians will find a way to set themselves a part from the crowd.

An Aquarius will champion the strangest of causes just because no one else will. This powerful push to be different also manifests on how Aquarians interact with loved ones.

Your phone will never be filled with text messages from an Aquarius. Instead, Aquarians express their love in more unique manners. A gift from an Aquarian is well thought out and meant to spark conversation.

Tapping into the Aquarius sexuality is all about conversation. You want to engage the intellect of the Aquarian first, and the body second. Pleasures of the flesh are less important to Aquarians than pleasures of the mind.

Once you’ve successfully intrigued your Aquarius, move slowly into the physical realm with a light caress and soft kisses.

Keep in mind that Aquarians are excited by the unconventional, even when it comes to making love. This is not the time to slip back into the mundane, so planning ahead for this encounter is always a good idea.

For instance, have a bowl of fruit and whipped cream available, so you can sensually feed or eat off each other. If your Aquarius lover has an artistic nature, body paints can come in handy.

As the bond between you and the Aquarius increases, so will the temptation to ask for a commitment. This is understandable, but you will meet some resistance.

Aquarius man loathes to settle down, preferring to experience life as an individual. If you hope to create a lasting relationship with an Aquarius, be sure you share the same goals.

While an Aquarius woman doesn’t care what you look like or how you dress, she will want someone who shares the same ideals and goals. A think skin and self-confidence is also needed if you get involved with an Aquarian. They love socializing with other people, often of the other sex. This can sometimes be seen as flirting, but to an Aquarian, it is harmless fun. So be sure to lock up any green-eyed  monsters you may have roaming around.

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