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9 Things Men Want From Women

It was your good looks that caught his eye and enticed him to ask you out. But as he gets to know you better, he’ll be looking for more than your gorgeous exterior. Here are a few things men really want from their girlfriends from the first date.


What A Man Wants?

#1. Take Care of Yourself

Men love to see women who feel good, who are healthy and happy. They don’t need you to be model thin. They just want you to avoid being overweight. You don’t have to run marathons, but they love to see you in your workout gear.


And they think it’s hot to see you sweaty with your face flushed from a workout. They want you to take care of yourself mentally and spiritually as well.

Hanging out with you is no fun if you’re constantly stressed, worried or depressed, so go ahead and do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself. Your man love you for it.

man admiring woman

#2. Play Hard To Get

Hard to get is a fun way to flirt and everyone loves the chase, but a man wants to catch you eventually. If you are interested in him, it’s OK to let him know and to move beyond the “hard to get” phase.


#3. Get There

Men want sex – all kinds and at all times of the day. They also want you to get to the big “O.” If your current sexual techniques aren’t doing it for you, tell your man what you want.

He’ll fall over himself to please you. For many women, it’s not obvious how to reliably get to orgasm during sex, but try different things. He’ll help with enthusiasm.

#4. Be Feminine


Men love women who can amp up the girly every now and then. They love a flirty dress, a spaghetti strap top, or a cute hairdo. They do not need to see you in full smoky eye makeup. Your natural look reminds them of how great you look in bed.

dress like a girl

#5. Surprise Him

Guys love spontaneity from you. Especially when sex is involved. But it doesn’t have to be sex. Just suggesting that you forget all the chores for the day and head out to the park for some Frisbee is great fun.

He also loves your injecting a little fun into every day. If he’s been with you for a while, you can bet he loves your sense of humor and he loves being with a woman who can make him laugh.

woman surprising man

#6. Have a Brain

Men really don’t want to be with the stereotypical dippy blond. He loves an intelligent woman who can hold her own in a debate. He doesn’t want someone who argues about everything, and you don’t have to join Mensa.

He wants a lady with a quick understanding, who’s well read and up-to-date on current affairs and who has her own well-reasoned opinion.

smart woman

#7. Try New Things

Men will have certain hobbies that they love and they’ll want to share them with you. Men also enjoy heading out for new adventures. They want a woman who’ll be there charging ahead with them.

You don’t have to adore everything he introduces you to, but whatever he wants to do, give it an honest try. You never know; you may be a natural race car driver.

man hobbies

#8. Be his Cheerleader

A male doesn’t mind your letting him know if he screws up or if he could use some improvement. But he doesn’t want to be your project and he’s looking for someone who’ll not only love him the way he is, but actively support him. He’s looking for you to be unequivocally on his side.

#9. Just Hang Around

Your boyfriend is looking for a partner in his adventures, but he’s also looking for someone to share his downtime. He’ll love a woman who can watch the big game and drink a beer and just hang around.

Men tend to be straightforward, so he’ll let you know what he likes and what he wants. Just be sure to listen and be open to his ideas. You both will enjoy the relationship and a couple deep in love.

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