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7 Simple Psychic Development Exercises

7 Simple Psychic Development Exercises

Like any ability that a person has, psychic abilities can be developed through practice using simple psychic development exercises. It is a little known fact that psychic abilities are present within a majority of the population. Despite this, many people that have these abilities have not developed them, or do not even realize they exist. Even if someone does not seem to have any psychic abilities, it can be a very simple process to start developing them through various exercises.


Just as each physical exercise you do strengthens specific muscles, so too would you need to choose the psychic exercise based on which psychic ability you wish to increase. If you wish to increase your precognition ability, you would need to do exercises that are based on that specific area of the sixth sense. There are also some more well-rounded exercises that would increase more than one psychic ability at the time. Make sure to study and do more research on any psychic ability that you wish to enhance so that you can further find ways to exercise better and track your progress. Following are some exercises to help you get started:


#1. Meditation

Meditation is a great starting point for enhancing your psychic abilities. It not only helps clear your mind, but can also help you to focus. A bonus benefit is, of course, your mental and physical health. Meditation can be done in quite a few ways. The most well-known way is to close the eyes and repeat a mantra, sometimes while sitting in a particular style.

Another way of practicing meditation in a more active way is purposely involving awareness in your day to day life. Yet another interesting way is to purposefully bring up a specific emotion in order to get some understanding of it. This can also be approached by concentrating on specific audio or visual stimuli in order to calm the mind. Using meditation to declutter the mind is an excellent psychic development exercise.


#2. Actively Using Intuition

Another great psychic development exercise is listening to and acting on your intuition. I know this has personally saved me trouble more times than I can count. Intuition is fundamental to the development of the sixth sense. Actively listening for your intuition and then purposefully acting on it is a great way to help you tell it apart from wishful thinking or fears and doubts. Once you can accurately recognize which of your inner voices is your intuition, it will be easier to listen to your mind’s eye as well as utilizing it.


#3. Recognizing Spontaneous Telepathy

Have you ever thought of someone right before they called you? If so, you have experienced spontaneous telepathy. Spontaneous telepathy is when you sense an occurrence or aspect of something without attempting a reading. Taking note of when something like this occurs is a good way to help you measure the strength of your telepathic ability. This also helps you to recognize the voice of your sixth sense. Once you recognize that voice and note the state of your mind during these occurrences, it will be easier to get a correct reading while intentionally using telepathy.

#4. Hone Your Empathy

Empathy is when you are able to put yourself into someone else’s position and completely understand where they are coming from. When you concentrate on honing this ability, you will find that you are better able to form connections with people that you come into contact with.

The stronger your connection with others, the more you will be able to read them, communicate with them without words, and sense their aura. Think of how commonly you hear of twin telepathy in comparison with how much time they spend together and how well they know each other’s perspective. Understanding others is an important part of developing telepathy.

#5. Mental Repetition

Another critical aspect to have a strong ability to use clairaudience is being able to have a developed inner voice. To begin developing your voice, you first have to be able to discern your inner voice. One of the ways you can do this is to think of a word in your head. Spend some time each day, repeating this word over and over again in your mind to learn how to recognize your inner voice. This will open up your ability to receive spirit impressions via audio intake.

#6. Object Reading

One good way to enhance your psychic ability to read the energies and histories of objects is to get someone to give you an item that is important to someone that they know. Once you have been given the item, you should take a while to concentrate on it while you are in a quiet space. As you concentrate on it, use your physical senses to help you increase your concentration on the item. As you get any impressions of the item, you should write them down. When doing this it is better to trust your first impressions.

It also helps to make sure that while you don’t know the person to whom the item belongs, you do know someone who knows the person, as well as the history of the object well. Once you have finished your session concentrating on the item and recording all of your impressions, you can now test the factuality of what you were able to sense from the object. This will not only help increase your psychic abilities, but it will also help you test and track your progress easily.

#7. Object Hide and Seek

This psychic development exercise is as simple as a childhood game. If you were exceptionally good at the seeking part of playing hide and seek as a child, there is a good chance you are already gifted with the kind of clairvoyance that this exercise helps you improve and test. The first step is to choose an object. Have a person hide it in a different room. Be careful to make sure you are not in a position where you can hear the movement in the other room as this goes on, as any advantage you take will stunt the progress you could achieve while doing this exercise.


Once your friend has returned and let you know that the object is hidden it is time to try to find it. Visualize the object with your mind’s eye and begin to attempt to connect with it. Then proceed to find the object. The more consistently you discover that you can quickly and effortlessly find the object, the stronger your psychic abilities will become. This is an easy and fun exercise to use to increase your clairvoyance ability.

Whether you are an amateur or an expert, these psychic exercises are a great way to hone, sharpen, and maintain your psychic abilities. Many of them double as great ways to help with your mental health as an bonus. On top of this, several of them can be made into fun games that you can play with friends or family. Of course, there are many more exercises and much more information out there that can help you on your journey to maximize your psychic potential. I hope this list of simple psychic development exercises helps you get started or continue on your grand adventure in life.

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