Animal Love Symbols and Their Meanings

Animal As Love Symbols

Symbols of love are all around us and come in many forms. This applies to animals both in our homes and in nature, as well. Throughout our lives, animals will enter into our consciousness with messages to hear and lessons to learn. Sometimes, these messages will speak of love. Certain animal symbols have been and continue to be specifically associated with love, passion, and tenderness. And we must be sure that we are capable of recognizing them if we want to comprehend their messages.

When an animal totem speaks as a love symbol, there are a few general messages that it might be conveying. Perhaps the creature is telling you that a new love interest will soon be approaching. Maybe it is prompting you to pay closer attention to the loved ones that you already have. Furthermore, an animal spirit can signal a new pregnancy or birth. From a non-romantic standpoint, animal symbols can also remind you to love yourself and do things that fill you with joy. Be compassionate and take care of both your body and mind. After all, you can neither love others nor be loved if you do not love yourself.

Any animal or bird symbol that you interpret as representing qualities of love is relevant and should be listened to. There is no concrete list that details which animals do and which don’t. In all of symbology, you are encouraged to be receptive to any and all symbols that stand out to you. With that being said, there are some animals that seem to pop up more than others in this realm. They are discussed below.

Dove Animal Totem

Possibly the most common animal connected to themes of love is the dove. In its whiteness and with its purity, the dove emulates all the traits of love that are good. Many cultures have recognized its properties and associations with different types of love, including the Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Jews, and Christians.

Swan Totem

The graceful swan is another bird commonly paired with love. Associated with the goddess Aphrodite, swans also symbolize sincerity and chastity.

Ladybug Animal Symbol

Although it is better known as a symbol of luck, the little ladybug has ties to love, too. For example, the number of spots on a ladybug’s back is thought to be indicative of the number of months that will pass before your wish for love comes true. In Asian traditions, this particular bug is believed to fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear, prompting him/her to hurry to seek you out.

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Horse Animal Totem

The Chinese also have especially strong beliefs in the horse zodiac as a sign of love, as it is one of the traits of this Zodiac. Horses were thought to embody love and fertility in both Celtic and ancient Mesopotamian cultures, as they were vital to these peoples’ existence. Thus, they were revered for their connection with a love of the land.

Starfish Animal Symbolism

There are a few sea creatures commonly affiliated with the emotion of love, as well. The starfish, for one, serves as a representative of the Virgin Mary in Christianity. Her selfless love is believed to grant safe passage to those traveling through troubled waters. Even the literal shape of the starfish speaks of this theme. The star symbolizes divine love. The starfish also emanates bright guidance and inspiration to those who seek it, prompting them to sharpen their intuition and vigilance.

Dolphin Animal Totem

Dolphins are also sea creatures of love. In fact, many believe them to be the water-dwelling messengers of it. These are playful, intelligent creatures who can deliver messages of love with great speed and integrity. Aphrodite was also believed to take the form of a dolphin sometimes.

As with all symbols, the above-mentioned animals are not mutually exclusive to matters of love. Sign and symbols are everywhere, and you are the one who must decided what works for you. Open your heart and you will receive the messages you need.

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