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Interference vs Psychic Intuition – Know the Difference

Psychic Intuition vs. Interference

A connection to the supernatural world is not very different from the logical assessment of the human senses. It helps maintain a balance between man, his subconscious as well as the immediate environment. The human mind is essentially a complex structure, and its consciousness makes humans different from other animals. Let us see what is the difference between psychic intuition and interference.

In our daily lives, we find that a set of rules and factors governs our decisions. The rules are sometimes a function of personal experience or what we have discovered in society. You could call it a mind of truth. For example, when somebody presents us with a fact, our mind is given the duty of processing it against our mind’s ‘database.’


If it matches the set of rules in our minds, we naturally accept it. If it negates, we are prompted to argue. Sometimes we can hear our mind saying, ‘he’s lying.’ The psychic intuition speaks to us, even though we were not there when the incident happened. What our intuition says can sometimes meet doubts. In this case, even if the facts are wrong, the proofs seem too infallible – the power of interference.



While  Interference has been connected to the human memory as a link between the past and present events following an individual’s learning habits, the human psychic intuition is ‘a voice’, ‘conviction,’ ‘something’ and amongst other names – the light guiding his soul through Life’s journey.

Whether or not we like to agree, we all, at some point, have had an instinct at its peak, drawing our attention to the flaws and beauties of the many relationships we ventured into and, more importantly, the several people we encounter daily. For example, a man going through the list of women on a dating site is armed with psychic intuition. He goes through the pictures, expecting to find the woman to send a message or start a relationship eventually.


The bottom line is the wish for a relationship, and it may be virtually impossible to determine a person’s character by merely looking at the face. He has the opportunity to choose just one – one that he may eventually spend his life with. He checks the smile, name, and face shape until he comes across one and decides to say hello. His brain tells him, ‘That’s the person.

One big cue to relating with this topic is that interference is more like a war between man and himself: a piece of stored information becomes harder to retrieve because of the never-ending competition created by newly acquired information.


The Psychic Intuition

The psychic intuition oftentimes is a push, a gut instinct that cannot be explained. It comes in a flash, and within a second, it is gone. However, for the lucky ones, it lingers a while longer. It provides insight, clarity, and access to information that cannot be deciphered through the physical senses of perception.

However, this ability to fine-tune events and situations requires an uninterrupted sense of focusing on the extrasensory and the sensory parts of the individual in question. Some of the mediums used are images, words, feelings, objects, sounds, etc. Because it cannot be controlled, we think of it as our thoughts, a backup system, and our real connection with the rest of the world.

When properly channeled, a sure feeling of reassurance and confidence seeps into the bloodstream. This now serves as an antenna ready to pick up at whatever frequency it might demand. Intuition should be reserved as a personal resource and allowed to grow in patience. With time, the intuition is trained into mastery and makes its wielder seem like a god – a magician.

Intuition and Clairvoyance

t goes beyond the realm of physical analysis and deep down into the ability to read people – clairvoyance. Your intuition has been honed to be right most of the time. You could easily walk up to someone, and by merely looking, you would be able to tell if you can trust them. For a successful venture, you must also trust in yourself and decide never to give up!

Proactive and Retroactive Interference

Two main aspects of interference, proactive and retroactive interference, have been subjected to study and have been implicated in a situation when the memories are similar. For example, memorizing two phone numbers with only the last digits different can result in a habitual misplacement of one for the other.

Another is when an idea has been ingrained into our memory.  Growing up in a house with the number 78, you may discover yourself writing the old address after moving to a different address. Interference can also happen when you are typing a class note and someone calls you to remind you of basketball training. Without meaning to, the thought interferes with the ongoing process, and you find yourself writing ‘basketball’ in your note.

“I am confident that I can remember this later. It is just a paragraph…” This and many more have been our assumptions, all of which, in the end, have been a lost battle. The man surely prides himself in the strength of memory for speeches, examinations, conversations, competitions, and the list could go on.

One major problem that ensues from this is controlling the events that occur between learning and recall. Because we have faith in our memories, we try hard and even harder to retrieve information when needed. But not only do we fail, it sometimes seems like the information was not there beforehand. This situation, as embarrassing as it is, calls for concern and repair. This idea suggests that information in a long-term memory palace may become confused or combined with other information during retention, distorting or disrupting memories.

Retention of Information

It is the length of time the information has to be retained that is important. The longer the time, the more the memory trace decays. This claim, however, cannot hold for the reason why people tend to remember events that have happened previously (years back) without difficulty. When our brains can intentionally block out some memories, they seem too gruesome to be kept.

A child who has just witnessed her parent’s death may suffer from such memory loss. The brain marks the event as traumatic and damaging, and more pleasant memories are made to interfere with it.

Understanding the difference between interference and psychic intuition, their prompts will help a man make a proper dissection of his mind and organize his thoughts into a productive medium.

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