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Angel Numbers Repeating Sequence – Mixed (4, 3)

Repeating Angel Numbers – Mixed Number Sequence (4, 3, 43, 34, 443, 434, 433, 344, 343, 334, 4443, 4433, 4344, 4343, 4434, 4334, 4333, 3444, 3443, 3434, 3344, 3343, 3334)

A repeating number sequence reading is one simple way that allows you to interpret angel messages. Because numbers are all over the place, from the numbers on a clock to a page number in a book, it’s the easiest way to get your attention. Once you have the recurring number sequence, you must know what each angel number signifies.

These particular mixed numbers point to life lessons and give you guidance for future projects that help you grow. Each time you go through a patch of difficult times, you earn wisdom. When you have completed a phase, the number symbolism will change, but not before you truly connect with the guardian angels themselves. With their help, doors will open for you that bring love, peace and happiness to you and those around you.

The repeating 4s and 3s sequence (4, 3, 43, 34, 443, 434, 433, 344, 343, 334, 4443, 4433, 4344, 4343, 4434, 4334, 4333, 3444, 3443, 3434, 3344, 3343, 3334) is a sign for you to renovate and redecorate your home to attract more positive energy. Building a zen garden is a great idea too!


Number Four

The number 4 possess the vibration of a tireless worker. There are so many tasks to accomplish and you believe you must do them all in a day’s time. Just remember that some things are not under your control. You can’t change everything. Only the strong survive and you are equally joined with the best of them.

However, the personality attached to the number 4 repeating angel sequence (4, 44, 444, 4444) can be confrontational when pushed into a corner. Although this person is overly patient and kind, surprisingly the energy of the number 4 can be that of an aggressive individual.

Normally, the message of the angel number meaning 4 is that success is near so don’t do anything on an impulse… well, try anyway.

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Number Three

The repeating angel number 3 (3, 33, 333 and 3333) is the epitome of the mind, body and spirit. It places emphasis on the foundations of maturation, a flourishing imagination and creating adventures through a synthesis process. In addition, it represents movement and the emotional energy including an abundance of financial prosperity based on your own spiritual principles.

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