5 Tips For Making A Zen Garden

5 Tips For Making A Zen Garden

A Zen garden, also called Japanese garden and/or dry landscape garden, aside from the use by monks, is widely popular for homes for its simplicity and beauty. The biggest factor, however, that makes zen gardens sought after by garden enthusiasts, is that they are so easily started and easier to maintain than your other typical gardens.

If you are thinking about starting your own zen garden, may it be a full outdoor garden or a desktop garden, here are 5 tips you should know:

  • Contain your Garden:

    Whether you’re starting a desktop zen garden or an outdoor one, it is important to contain the area for your garden and place fences to separate it from its surroundings. Take note that it is best to use a wooden fence for your garden, any kind of wood you prefer. Bounding your garden would make it seem neater, and it would be easier to maintain it.

  • Use Sand or Gravel

    Fill your garden, which is to be contained in itself, by sand or gravel. Since in making a zen garden you aim to give the impression of a coastal scene seen from the sky with islands and the surrounding water, most zen gardens use these elements, especially sand, to represent the water.

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  • Put Rocks of Different Sizes

    Zen gardens have numerous rocks that come in various sizes. These rocks would represent the islands that are surrounded by the water, in this case the sand. It is important to test your creativity – decide where in your garden you would want to place each rock, and you could even group a couple of rocks together if you wish. Most zen gardens usually have one rock which is much larger than the rest, and this represents a mountain or a cliff in the coastal area impression that you are aiming for.

  • Rake the Sand

    As previously said, the sand represents the water. To fully create this effect, the sand needs to be raked to create the rippling effect of the sea. This is where it gets fun and creative as well. You can rake the sand in the way that you like and you can use various strokes. People with zen gardens regularly change and update the manner in which they rake their garden.

    Monks do this because it is said to be an act of meditation, although it is not an easy work to do. If you have a small or desktop zen garden this should be easy for you, but if you have a big, outdoor garden it would take a lot of time and effort but it could be a fun family activity and it could refresh your mind and body.

  • Take Time to Maintain It

    What people like about zen gardens is that they are refreshingly simple and clean in appearance. Remember that this garden has meditative aims. You could add more into your garden than what is essential, but it is recommended to avoid overdoing it and keep it very simple. Some zen gardens contain a bridge, but it is important that if you do include a bridge or any added infrastructure in your garden that it is made out of wood. Moss may grow surrounding the rocks but other than that, plants should be kept at a minimum in zen gardens.

Zen gardens are made for us to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature. They are nice and refreshing additions to homes or any living areas. Finally, the last and most important tip is to make your garden in accordance to the main goal of zen gardens which is to feel the essence of nature.

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