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lamb spirit animal

Lamb Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: The Expression Of Purity

Lamb Spirit Animal: Symbolism and Meanings

Animal totems, such as Lamb Spirit Animal, are natural or mythic animals that are connected to you spiritually throughout your life or for a certain period of your life. You can learn important lessons by paying attention to the messages brought to you by your totem.


The lamb (or sheep) spirit animal symbolizes purity, patience, renewal, humility, and sacrifice. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and are still used for meat and wool on all continents on Earth. It is a symbol of simplicity and selfless acts. Doing good things for others and being good to ourselves.


Description of The Lamb Animal Totem

The Lamb spirit animal is a patient, gentle animal. It has only good intentions and is never evil, though it needs protection from others. A crowd of sheep is a symbol of wealth. It also signifies spiritual richness that we can gain if we bring together all sorts of positive emotions.


The origin of lambs is modern-day Iraq, but they have spread all across the globe. Of course, mostly, they have been spread by humans. This symbolizes our intentions to do good and have this purity and simplicity in life. You can encounter sheep almost everywhere you go, and that is a great thing because there can never be too much goodness and purity in our lives.  The ancient Egyptians worshiped lambs because they were providers of food and wool.


If lamb is your totem, you are likely to be a very peaceful person. You enjoy the simple things in life, and you don´t need many material things in your life- you will enjoy the gifts of experience and emotions. You are a loving person, and you will make great sacrifices for your family and friends.

Lamb Spirit Animal

The sheep is a teacher for embracing emotions and self-expression. It’s a symbol of the good and helping others. The sheep also teaches us to accept love and appreciation from others.

It is a symbol of purification. In many cultures, now and in ancient times, lambs were used for ritual sacrifices. These sacrifices reflect the selfless nature of the lamb, and they represent the purification of negative energy through forgiveness and humility.

Throughout time, lambs have been the representation of childish traits like purity, innocence, weakness, and gentleness. The vulnerability can be translated negatively and positively. Being vulnerable means being weak and dependent on the protection of someone else. This means you are never able to protect yourself; you are always dependent on someone else.

With your kind and gentle nature, this can cause many problems, even violence towards you. There will always be people who will want to use your goodwill. Since your character can have a bit childlike attitude, you are an easy target to use. The lamb totem can also symbolize feeling helpless when facing difficulties. Remember that it is a normal feeling, and you just have to keep your positive attitude and peaceful nature. With patience, you will get through all the difficulties.

Lamb Power Animal

In a more positive meaning, vulnerability can be a symbol of self-acceptance and respect towards yourself. Accepting who you are is not easy. First, you need to realize who you are, and what are your strengths and weaknesses. But if your totem is a lamb, you are capable of working through this problem and accepting yourself. This is what makes you the gentle and caring person you are. You know that people are not perfect; you realize that you have negative traits, and you have learned to accept them.

The sheep totem also symbolizes your willingness to accept social norms and values. You might even forget to question if the norms of society are right or wrong, but you will follow the crowd in accepting certain rules. On the one hand, this might be a positive thing because it works towards your nature of doing good for others, but on the other, you might lose sight of right and wrong.  It is a challenge to work through the conflicts between what you feel is good in your heart and what society tells you.

This totem can also mean that you are longing to have more childlike qualities. You take yourself very seriously, but it bothers you. Sometimes you want to be innocent, have the feeling that everything is still ahead of you, and have the luxury of having no obligations. You can call on the lamb to gain more of the innocent qualities and open yourself up for goodness and a bit of vulnerability.

Encounters With Lamb Or Sheep

When a lamb crosses your path, it might symbolize your desire to be a part of a group. Deep down, you want to be like everybody else and fit in a certain social group. It might also represent exactly the opposite- you are part of a group that has been led by someone, but you want to escape it. It might feel comfortable to belong to this crowd, and you are a bit afraid of leaving this comfort.

Nevertheless, being in the middle of the herd is limiting your capabilities, and you don´t enjoy the feeling of being herded.  Take a look at the possibilities in your life. Even if you feel the need to be a part of a group, maybe this group is not the one for you. Symbolically you might be the only lamb in a group of adult sheep. Therefore you might want to join a group of other lambs. Sharing similar ideas and interests in one´s social group is what makes it work.

When it comes to your emotional well-being, the lamb teaches you to accept who you are. You have to stop blaming yourself or others for negative feelings in your life. Take better care of yourself and do not bury yourself in self-pity. The lamb signifies the need to be more accepting towards yourself and others. There is a lot of healing power in forgiveness.

What Does It Mean To Dream of the Lamb or Sheep?

Seeing a lamb in your dreams means you have to take care of yourself. You have to attend to your needs. You might have to work for your physical body and take care of your spirituality’s development.

Dreaming of a lamb also means approaching things with innocence. It signifies the unification of bad and good within you. If you see a dog chasing a lamb, it signifies that a good friend is trying to lead you in one direction. If it is a black lamb you see, this might be a sign that you need someone to lead you. Seeing a dead lamb means sadness and misfortune.

Lamb Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Being vulnerable might also be a great lesson for you. This is a way to grow emotionally. Sometimes we build high walls around our hearts, and by doing so, we miss out on the joys of life. Even if your vulnerability might get you hurt, it is a great lesson for your emotions. You have to learn how to deal with negativity and turn it into a chance to look forward to positive things coming your way.

Try to forgive your wrongdoers. Carrying around feelings of hate and anger will not help you in moving forward. By forgiving, you will experience spiritual growth and feel more at ease in your life. The lesson of forgiveness can teach you how to be a better person and avoid similar situations in the future.

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