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Angel Numbers – Repeating Number Sequences

Angel Numbers – Repeating Number Sequences

You must have come across repeating number sequences in some form or the other in your day-to-day life. But have you ever realized the importance of this number symbolism in your lives?

It might be a number that keeps recurring in your daily activities. You look at the clock and time is 2:22 pm. You have a dinner date and the bill comes to an amount of $222.22. Doesn’t it seem weird that you are seeing such numbers out of the blue?


These number sequences are called angel numbers. They are divine messages communicated to you by your guardian angels in the form of numbers. You can also say that the holy spirits are making you spiritually aware of your surroundings and the symbolism that they carry which you might otherwise ignore.

These repetitive number sequences should not be taken lightly. The angels are trying to protect you by making you see the same numbers again and again. They want you to try and understand the importance of numerology readings and how they can warn you of obstacles to come. The spirit guides want you to be prepared and go ahead in life with your head held high and not give up midway.

Repeating number sequences are an important aspect of angel numbers.  When you notice a particular number frequently, then it is time to ask your angel what it means. Each number has its own energies and vibrations. This can have a positive or negative impact on you. They can be your Karmic lessons or Karmic debts. Or they can even be intuitive in nature.

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Now is your chance to improve your connection with your angel by learning to appreciate the number sequences that you see. They have all the answers to your questions. You just have to be aware of their presence in your lives. You might see them in telephone numbers, house numbers, billboards, car numbers. But never ignore them.

Angel numbers have a divine connection with your birth guardians. Be prepared to be rewarded with happiness and blessings. You never know where you will come across them. So keep your eyes open always.

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