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Leo Sexuality Personality Traits

Leo Sexuality Personality Traits

Leo’s sexuality is all about being the King of the Bedroom. The Lion won’t accept half-measures, and won’t give any either. The Leo’s sexuality is based largely on ego, and that can be a double edged sword.

Vanity, thy name is Leo. When it comes to sex, the Lion expects the best and will take nothing less. If you don’t arouse the Leo, you won’t spend much time in bed. On the other hand, if you bring pleasure to the Lion, you will see a transformation you won’t soon forget.

Leos revel in stimulation in a way that few other signs do. The harder the effort to pleasure the Leo, the more he or she will shine. Bringing that level of pleasure to a Leo is not a one way street, because what the Lion receives, the Lion returns.

Ego plays a big role into how a Leo returns the affections of a lover. The Lion expects to be the best, and will do everything he or she can to prove it. Leos pour their whole being into the task of satisfying their lovers’ needs.

With every kiss, touch and thrust, the Leo expects some sign of approval. A moan or a sigh sounds exactly like hands clapping to a Leo. That means the Leo will either keep going until hearing it, or decide the lover is frigid, and look for some other conquest.

A Leo’s appetite is rarely satisfied. He or she is always hungry for new sexual fare. This desire for more does not translate to experimenting in bed, though. The Lion knows what brings him or her pleasure, so why mess with it.

On the other hand, Leos will try new things, as long as the center of attention belongs to them. The Lion is also not very good at monogamous relationships. Their wandering eye is much too powerful. But the Leo’s ego won’t forgive a sexual partner who strays into another person’s bed.

Leo sexuality is tied completely to their self-image. Anything that damages the self-image, will endanger the sexual relationship. If you laugh at the Lion’s attempts to bring you pleasure, it won’t happen again.

If you lie to the Leo about anything, it will make him or her question your loyalty. Above all else, Leos pride themselves upon their appearance.

They want to be perceived as looking good, and that extends to their lovers. The Lion will expect a partner to do what it takes to stay attractive.

To keep a Leo man from losing interest, you must play to his or her vanity. Tell him how much his love means to you, how it keeps you warm and feeling safe. Flattery will get you everywhere with a Leo woman. Shower her with descriptions of her beauty, groan every time you caress a curve, even salivate whenever she enters a room. Be careful, though.

You don’t want the Leo to feel that the chase is over and there is nothing to win in the relationship. Keep up the thrill of the hunt with small teases and quick faints. Find the spot your Leo loves to have kissed, and lick near it. Discover the erogenous zone that drives your Lion wild, and pinch an inch above it. That will keep the Leo panting for more.

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