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Leo Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Leo Man Taurus Woman

Can Leo men and Taurus women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Leo Man will have a hard time dealing with the Taurus Woman.


She is very stubborn and will criticize him before giving praise for his great ideas. The Taurus lady does not see the same values as the Leo and she will demand commitment and love compatibility from him that he cannot fulfill.


Leo Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility – Pros

If a Leo Man wants to have a steady relationship with the Taurus Woman, he must be willing to step out of the prime light and live a simpler life. The couple are good at making money. It takes a while for the walls of the Taurus Woman to be broken down before she is willing to trust anyone.


The best thing that will come from the relationship, if anything, will be the action in the bedroom.

Sex will be very passionate as the Taurus woman is very sensual and is indeed the ruler of making love.


These two sun signs will be very attracted to each other physically but will have a difficult time getting along with each other outside the bedroom.

Relationship – Cons

The Taurus Woman is a very slow-moving creature. She is not quick to act and will take time to ponder a situation before moving forward. She will see the danger in a situation before she can understand the benefits of taking the risk. This will be difficult for the Leo Male who likes to create new ideas and start right away on seeing them through to the end.

The Taurus female will most likely smother any excitement the Leo lover has and instead of praising him for his idea, she will just warn him about taking any risky actions.

The Leo man thrives off the attention of others because he likes to be in the prime light and surrounded by lots of people. He will become upset with his Taurean lover when she doesn’t pay him much attention. Her slow pace will often leave him feeling ignored.

The Taurus Woman would rather save the funds while the Leo Man wants to spend it on luxurious things. She will become very upset when she discovers his new purchases and won’t understand the form of ‘investing’ he likes to do.

Leo Men understand the importance of rewarding themselves for hard work while Taurus women are always preparing for what might happen next.

The worst part of this Leo Taurus relationship will come from the constant conflict between the Leo Man Taurus Woman. She can be very stubborn and won’t be able to drop an argument easily. On the other hand, the roar of the Leo Man is bound to make things a lot worse, especially when the Taurus Woman won’t scare easily.

There will be many things that will start a conflict between these two-star signs from the Taurus Woman’s way of rationalizing everything that the Lion thinks of, to the upset feelings the Leo Man will constantly have because she won’t pay too much attention to him.


Leo is a fire sign that is fixed and Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed by nature. The gets a TWO Hearts love rating.

The most important thing to understand is that a Leo and Taurus relationship isn’t going to work out that easily.  She might end up as a one-night stand or acquaintance if nothing else. She is more likely to cause a conflict than to endure a relationship with a Leo Man.

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