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How To Make And Use A Pendulum?

What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is probably one of the simplest magickal instruments you will come across. It is a simple bauble, suspended on some form of string or chain. Like most divinatory tools, its use is simple, its mastery can be a bit more tricky, and we each need to learn our methods for using this tool.


How To Make A Pendulum?

We will begin with how to make a pendulum, which is the simplest part of this article. The simplest of all pendulums is a simple piece of string attached to a weighted object. The swing of the pendulum will provide you with answers, the exact way of divining its meaning is based on the question asked.


Pendulums have been made from all sorts of things, based on the needs, desires, and abilities of it’s owner. One common practice is to divine the sex of a baby while still in utero, this heralded back to the days before things like ultrasounds.

The mother would take her wedding ring and suspend it from a simple string of white ribbon. Holding it over her belly she would ask the question “Is it going to be a boy or a girl.” She would then interpret the spin of the pendulum to divine her answer.


Pendulums can be used for a great many things, from finding lost objects, determining the best candle, incense, or another accouterment to use in a ritual, or finding the location of an illness within the body by passing the pendulum over the body until it responds.



In constructing or picking one’s pendulum, there are several options available, especially in today’s metaphysical market. Decisions can be made at every step to help personalize it. Choosing your favorite metal for a chain, or a color of fabric for the string can help it bond to you, increasing its accuracy.


Often a favorite type of crystal is selected, whether rose quartz, peridot, or some other stone that suits your personality and intent. It’s important to pay attention and make sure that you only use components that call out to you, creating a special bond between you and the tool.

The final step when constructing or purchasing a tool, especially important in the tool portion, is the consecration and purification of the tool. A visualization of a cleansing white light, the application of blessed water, and then your energies filling the tool will help remove any unwanted influences, and create that all-important bond between practitioner and tool.

How To Use A Pendulum?

The method of utilizing a pendulum depends on your intended application. When asking simple questions, you first need to divine the personality and language of your pendulum. The best way to start is to put yourself into a meditative trance, a simple moment of clearing your mind and focusing on your intent. Then you ask the tool a couple of questions you already know the answer to, both yes and no, and observe the spin of the device.

The pendulum will either rotate in a circle, swing left and right, diagonally, or towards you and away. Note the direction it moves to determine how it will signify yes or no, and pencil it down in some form of journal if you like. Thorough records will help you improve your accuracy as you track the progress of your use of it.

Source of an Ailment

If you use it to pass over the body, looking for the source of an ailment, you will note the direction the pendulum swings. In some cases for particularly skilled practitioners, the pendulum will swing out and hold in a direction like a magnet pointing north. You will follow its guide until it begins to swing in a circle. This is evidence of one source of the illness in the body, it is best to scan the entire body to ensure you get all possible information from it.

This same method can be used to find missing persons or items using a map of the area you wish to search. Simply follow the swing of the pendulum until it begins to circle the map, and this will tell you the location of the item. This can also be done with a map of your home, or merely holding the pendulum and walking carefully around your home.

Further research reveals a great many different uses for the pendulum, from communicating with the dead to divining the path of Ley Lines and places of power. Remember, good record-keeping and constant practice are the best keys to becoming an effective practitioner of pendulum-based divining!

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