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Taurus Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Taurus Man Leo Woman

Can Taurus men and Leo women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? A match between the Taurus and Leo can be long-lasting albeit a bit difficult. Both the Taurus man and the Leo woman value loyalty and devotion so they give it to each other. They both look for security and comfort in a relationship.


Taurus Man And Leo Woman Compatibility – Pros

A Taurus man admires the beauty and grace of his Leo mate; it will just be difficult for him to play second fiddle all the time. At first, he is proud of the Leo woman but then he becomes jealous. He will have a tough time giving her all the attention she needs no one person can give Leo all the attention she needs! But the Taurus male does a good job.


The Taurus man is usually calm and collected however he may sometimes get enraged. His Leo woman might just be the one to push him to this point.

Hopefully, there can be some understanding so their relationship can last. The most efficient way for them to make up is sex!


The Leo female needs to be shown not told that she is loved. Also, both are passionate lovers so the sex would be great. The Taurus male may not always be able to communicate what he needs and wants but the smart and sexy Leo can figure it out, especially in the bedroom!

She dares to push their lovemaking to new heights, which pleases her Taurus man. And she likes to show off and get attention for doing so. Leo women love sexy lingerie, so this will be a nice gift from her Taurus man and she will love to model for him. Both the Taurus and Leo are very sexual and the only complaint in the bedroom may be a lack of imagination.



The Leo woman is very faithful and generous. She is looking for an equal partner not for someone to take care of her although the Taurus would like to, he does admire her strength. If Taurus is patient enough, which he likely will be, she might have the time to grow up.

The Leo female will be attracted to her Taurus mate’s resources but he saves his money while she will spend. However, if Leo has money, this may not be as much of a problem as it seems. And she is ambitious so this is a possibility if she finds the right career.

taurus man leo woman love compatibility An Obstinate And Conceited Pairing That Involves Two Opposites Who Are Too Proud To Bow Down
An Obstinate And Conceited Pairing That Involves Two Opposites Who Are Too Proud To Bow Down

Relationship – Cons

The Leo woman is a fire sign while the Taurus man is an earth sign; the Taurus is down to earth and level-headed while the Leo thrives on activity. Both are set in their ways because they are fixed signs so they can be unmoving from their positions.

Taurus is the bull and Leo is the lion symbol so there can be some conflict because both are strong, powerful, and natural leaders. The Taurus zodiac sign can be stubborn and the Leo sun sign can be overbearing.

Both the Taurus man and Leo woman will not want to be told what to do and it will be difficult for them to compromise. The tension at first can be a sexual ignition but it can grow into frustration. She will not like that he does not understand her tastes.

The Leo female loves being the center of attention and seeks adoration from a crowd so the Taurus man can find his Leo woman melodramatic and self-absorbed. She will probably be bored to death by the slow-moving and systematic Taurean yet at the same time she admires this.

The love compatibility may never be exciting enough for the Leo woman. He likes his old familiar habits and gets comfortable in his routine whereas she likes having fun and partying. She is an attention seeker and the Taurus is quiet and reserved.

Taurus men are concerned about the future and prepare diligently for it while Leo women do not and this will likely be a source of ongoing contention between the Taurus Leo match.


Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed and Leo is a fire sign that is fixed by nature. The Taurus man Leo woman compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating. A lot of patience and perseverance is needed if the relationship has to survive.

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