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Gemini Sexuality Personality Traits

Gemini Sexuality Personality Traits

If you’re looking for love with a Gemini, you better pack an overnight bag with a little bit of everything thrown in. The Twin will take you everywhere, except to a veg-out session on the couch. So how do you make sure you are keeping up with this hyperactive lover? You may need a twin of your own.

They say variety is the spice of life. If that is true, consider the Gemini a human spice cabinet. In their day-to-day life, they are always on the move, always busy.

The Gemini expects their love life to reach the same level of excitement. Today, she wants you to take her skydiving, and tomorrow it’s a trip to the local dance instructor to learn how to tango. All this change excites the Gemini, feeding his or her sexual energy and attraction.

When it comes to turning on your Gemini, creativity is key. A candlelight dinner is a great place to start, but you better have a few other tricks up your sleeves. The Twin is a sexual creature, and you will need to go beyond your limits to keep up.

Nervous about sending sexy pictures over the internet? Not comfortable getting intimate over the phone? These are the adventurous things that Geminis will enjoy once you’ve stated the sexual relationship.

The senses of the Gemini are very important in making moments more intimate. A light touch on the arm, a simple caress of the thigh are sure ways to begin. Tempting the taste buds with aphrodisiacs will also work wonders.

Actions are not the only way to infatuate the Gemini man. A good conversation works almost as well as a good adventure. Verbally jousting with someone gets the Gemini’s motor running, as long as there is substance behind the words.

The Twin is not interested in quick banter. He or she desires an exchange of ideas, a give and take. So you must be ready to listen closely, as well as keep up with your side of the conversation.

Flirting is second nature for the Gemini woman, and fantasizing is a third. This doesn’t mean that all Geminis will step out on their lovers.

But it does mean their creative minds are always restless. They dream up adventures that often involve more than one partner.

The Gemini will be surrounded by a close circle of friends that feeds his or her sexual energy. This can make any new sexual partner feel jealous.

That is why it is very important to remember that developing a committed relationship with a Gemini can take a long time.

Faithfulness is not something that comes easy to a Gemini, which can be a blessing and a curse. A curse because you will always wonder how far your Gemini’s flirting is going.

A blessing because if the Gemini is willing to cheat, he or she is more understanding when it comes to a partner who cheats.

The best bet to land a Gemini is start with an intellectual relationship. Trading ideas can be less fun than trading kisses, but the Twin prizes both the same.

The more you can flirt on a verbal level without breaking the physical barrier, the more sexual tension you can build. Once you get the Gemini hooked on that high level of excitement, you can break the last barrier, giving into the desire you have both built up.

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