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10 Relationship Myths

What are the most common relationship myths you have ever come across? Take a look at a few of them.

10 Relationship Myths

#1. A good relationship is easy

The strongest relationships take a lot of work. Most people seem to think that if two people are meant to be together that it will come naturally. This is not the case. It takes time and communication for two people to learn to work together even with a lot of love between them.


But too much work is a bad thing too. If the work isn’t making your relationship better or you are not happy than it may not be a good fit.

#2. The best thing about a relationship is you can let yourself go

Would you like to see your boyfriend or girlfriend let him or herself go? How would you feel if he or she did this? You might feel like they don’t care. Taking care of yourself and even dressing up or doing something nice for yourself and your partner shows you care and keeps the passion alive.


#3. You can’t change a first impression

‘There is always a second chance to make a first impression.’ You can always change things. Even if you have a bad first date you can have a good second date. Nerves will get better and you will get more comfortable with each other.

You can’t change a first impression

#4. You can say whatever you feel when you love some one

You can’t be rude or mean to your partner just because you think they will always be there. Sure sometimes we get angry and say things we don’t mean but this can’t happen all the time.


You can be comfortable enough to tell the truth with some one but this has its limits. You have to use common sense and tact. Don’t tell your partner they are fat or stupid (even if you sometimes think they are.)


#5. Jealousy is a sign that your partner cares

Jealousy can be a sign of insecurity or fear in a marriage or relationship. No matter what you do you can’t make another person feel more comfortable or secure. That is usually something that have to change for themselves.

#6. Fighting means your relationship is in trouble

Not resolving an argument might mean your relationship is in trouble. But as long as you communicate and try to come to an agreement, some times arguing can be a healthy way to resolve problems.

Fighting means your relationship is in trouble
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#7. The romance will never fade if you are really in love

As said previously, relationships take work especially as time goes on. In the beginning, things are new and exciting. But when things get more comfortable it is nice to try to reconnect with one another or rekindle the romance or try new things. “Marriage is falling in love with the same person over and over again.”

#8. If he or she would just change then we could be happy

Forcing some one to change is never a good thing. A person has to want to change before they will even try to work on self-improvement. Also, you should never be dependent upon some one or some thing else for your own happiness.

If he or she would just change then we could be happy
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#9. If he or she really loved me they would know what I want

Just because you are in a relationship for a while or you are in love doesn’t mean that your partner can read your mind. Communication is very important between couples!

#10. What they don’t know won’t hurt them

It may come out eventually so better to tell the truth now! It may hurt more later and it could hurt the relationship. Again, communication is so important. And if you are doing something that might hurt your partner if you tell them and you cannot share it with them then you probably shouldn’t do it!

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