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Understanding The Libra Woman

Understanding The Libra Woman

Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and a Libra woman will weigh both sides of a situation accordingly. Honest, candid, and fair, she will seek out other points of view before making a decision. She is ruled by logic, and is never led astray.

The Libra woman is gifted at creating harmony and restoring balance to her life. She is constantly working to bring elements together in such a way that all groups involved will be satisfied. She has a pleasing personality, and her knack for small talk allows her to begin a conversation with anyone.

Because she is impartial, she is often brought into an argument for resolution and she takes that position very seriously. She is a great listener for this purpose, and her desire for the truth extends into every aspect of her life. Because she is so skilled in compromise, a Libra woman is best suited for a job that requires mediation. She is the perfect middle person to bring arguing factions together to find the right solution.

understanding libra woman

The Libra lady is never swayed by melodramatic displays or emotional pleas, as reason always wins out in the end. Although this may take some time, as she never accepts shortcuts, her final judgment will be respected all the more for her attention to detail.

She thrives in the legal system, politics, social affairs, and human resources, and is the ultimate team player. She is an asset in any office environment, as she has the ability to work with every level of employee.

With her sociable personality, Libra women make friends easily and take into account all their opinions. She is always asking, “What do YOU want to do?” when coming up with the evening’s plans. This may make the Libra zodiac sign people seem indecisive, and at times she is. Although this can be frustrating, rest assured she only has your best interests at heart.

The Libran female wants everyone to have a good time, and will find the perfect venue for it. She enjoys good company and will always work to maintain her friendships. She does this by remembering all of her friends’ interests, hobbies, and quirks so she can better choose gifts for special occasions and events for them to attend. Keeping people happy is her number one priority and she does it well.

This is also true in her relationships. Since the Libra woman is ruled by her head, she knows exactly what she wants in a romantic partner. It’s important that he enjoy a good argument, because she will give him one whether he wants it or not. Since she is always weighing her options, it may take some time for her to accept you into her heart. And you may not always play the same role in the relationship, as she is constantly changing to fit the mood.

Sometimes she is dominant and other times submissive, depending on what she sees as the necessary course of action. All she needs from her lover is patience and support for whatever she finally chooses. And when she does make her choice, she will stick with it for the long haul. She will expect her love and devotion to be returned with honesty, fidelity, and unwavering morality. And while she may take her time in the bedroom, the final result will be worth the wait.

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