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Trump IX or 9: The Hermit The Yogi Dharma

The Hermit The Yogi Dharma The Moon as Mental Sphere: Trump IX or 9

9 is the holy number of the Moon. As Trump 8 related to Trumps 1 and 2, so does also Trump IX or 9. It is the binary Earth-Moon system “reflected above.” The Moon, as seen from the magical square, is the most complex system in the solar system. It is, to the superstitious, ignorant “normal” human, also the most obscure sphere. We have cleared away this obscurity. It consisted mainly of ignorance towards the psychic-astral sphere, associated with the dead, the spirits of earthbound individuals, ghosts, and incomprehensible psychic phenomena.

As opposed to Spiritualism, Spiritism consisted mainly in an evocation of the Moon-Sphere, or truer to the point: the Earth-Moon-Belt-Zone. Thus, largely unprepared and ignorant of the true holistic situation, all kinds of phenomena were conjured. They appeared, yet mostly at the high cost of loss of vitality on the side of the participants of “seances” and mainly of the “medium” involved. Mediums rarely live long. Also, “Channelers” must be aware of an intrinsic loss of their vitality, associated with their “psychic-astral body.”

It has been described how entities, Beings of other dimensions or spheres, can “come to life” through the efforts of Man. It is Man then who provides them with vitality. This is not appropriate. Other-dimensional entities should not rely on Man to accrue their vitality. It is Akasha, all-pervading Prana, and the transmuted energies of minerals and animals and the “elements” that give them life.


The Law of Mutual Self-Preservation

This is better described by the addenda concerning the “Law of Three” and the “Law of Seven” and Appendix 4: The Law of Mutual Self-Preservation.

The symbol of the Ennead, as shown within Trump 21, consists of nine points or stations. It is a synonym of “Divine Emanation” and thus of universal Dynamism. This is also the symbolism of Trump 9, especially when one considers that all numbers may be compressed to numbers 1 to 9. The final principle governing Creation, as issued from primal Polarity, is “Dynamic Flux.” For an insight into the symbolism of the Ennead, see Appendix 5.

The diligent student of the Book of Wisdom has passed through the first 8 stages by now. Man has developed to be a double-luminous Being. This was placed before him to master right at the outset, concerning Trump 1 and 2

We will maintain the denomination of The Hermit with more conviction than Strength. The person depicted on the card is an adept, a keeper of hidden knowledge. He has reached the utmost complexity within the Earth-Moon Sphere. Here they understand the influence of the mental-noetic as the transforming power acting on the psychic-astral. Hence the traditional lamp The Hermit holds. Serving humanity, he lights the way, as the full moon also.

Reflecting upon inner wisdom, he retreats and is absorbed by the unfolding yogic powers. Yoga, the dynamic system of balanced inner fusion, reaching enlightenment, is the traditional self-perfection. Yoga, practiced in Hindu fashion or according to Mahayana Buddhism, from which Zen (together with impulses from Central Asia) takes its root, is meant to deliver the individual from the recurring wheel of Dharma, from the cycle of life to death to life. In a modern idiom, it may be said with Jimmy Hendrix in his song “All Along the Watchtower.”


Raja Yoga

A practice of Raja Yoga, as well as a conscientious following of the precepts of Mahayana Buddhism, is certainly a valuable adjunct to the study of Kabbalah and Tarot. In the words of the Buddha, recorded in the Dhammapada, chapter nine is called: “Good and Evil.” He says: “Make haste and do what is good; keep your mind away from evil. If a man is slow in doing good, his mind finds pleasure in evil.”

Yet Trump IX or 9 only takes this as a well-meant warning. It has a more profound bearing when Trump 9 and 11 are seen interrelated, for then “Evil” or rather ignorance must be considered. Still “Evil” in the Tarot, ” Evil ” is considered inexistent, at least within the high spheres to which the Tarot refers. This aberration is only an “agent of change,” a dynamic force enhancing, and furthering evolution.

Watching the confusion of terrestrial interactions is often a good remedy for the solution of inner confusion. The planetary change from Pisces to Aquarius is also a change of dimensions: the way now leads “backward” towards ever-expanding light and improved knowledge. This necessarily leads to confusion and perhaps even devastation among those unwilling to let go of the old rigid structures. Flexibility is most indicated. Outer flexibility is prepared within. As always, the mind, imagination, and intuition precede the outer manifestation. Yoga and meditation are time-proven methods to achieve the inner balance needed to attain maximum flexibility and tolerance.


The “key-number” of the Moon: 41

The “key” is astral and mental, not physical. It corresponds to the “key number” of the Moon: 41, a prime number of high complexity. It is directly linked to the second Khafre Pyramid at Gizeh and obviously to the great pyramid at Teotihuacan, the “Pyramid of the Moon,” opposite the “Pyramid of the Sun.” The complexity of the Moon reflects the enormously rich and infinitely variable terrestrial Creation. 18, 108, 1008, 1080, etc., are the “secret” numbers used in connection with the Moon Sphere.

The cross-lines in its magic squares are reflective of Polarity, taken to the extreme. 37 (10) to 45 (9) is the “Moon-code” of 1 to 10. From 5 to 77, the other cross-line jumps by nines, implying a great dynamic “changing force” in action. In the number 77, we find the 14, Alchemy in the Tarot (Trump 14). Thereby, through understanding the “Sun and Moon,” as the ancients implied through their vast structures, Man can understand the Universe. He accedes to the Macrocosm.


As stated in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos, 9th paragraph: “Thus the little World is created according to the prototype of the great world.”