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Polarity Law Symbolism Meaning: Unique Talents

Symbolism Of The Law Of Polarity

Symbolism can be found all around you. All things have a literal meaning, what it is and appear to be, and a symbolic meaning, what it means beyond the surface of the object. Nearly everything has symbolism. Symbolism varies around the world because of different cultures, but symbolic meaning also changes as time passes. Animals and plants can be easily symbolized. But some things, like ideas, are harder to symbolize. This article will define and explain the symbolism behind the idea of the Law of Polarity.

The term “New Age” is ironic because the qualities of the term are ancient. New-age people tend to use natural remedies instead of medicine, follow their horoscopes and do other divine but ancient things. New age practices are coming back into the mainstream, and the Law of Polarity comes from the people who practice many New Age things. In New Age cultures, there are said to be seven universal laws; the Law of Polarity is the fourth of these.

Polarity Law Symbolism Spiritual Meaning

What does polarity law symbolism mean spiritually? First, you are a unique being with unique talents, gifts, and abilities. Thus, you need to identify your strengths and uniqueness and bring the best person out of you. Indeed, success lies in your hands, and you can use your inbuilt abilities to live a more fulfilling life.

The polarity law symbolism meaning shows that you need to stay more active spiritually to know that truth about yourself and discover your specific purpose on earth. Pray to God to instill more courage in you to tap into your innate strengths and abilities to better your life. Go for the things that you find yourself drawn to or the activities you feel passionate about.

The spiritual significance of polarity law symbolism shows that you are of value to humanity and your generation. Your life matters, and everything you engage in matters. So never look down upon yourself even as you dig to understand your special qualities and talents. Instead, make your life more relevant by focusing on the things you enjoy doing and leading by example.

Facts About Polarity Law

The meaning of polarity law symbolism indicates that it would be wise to hang closer to guys who share similar tastes, visions, and goals. Exchange ideas with professionals to fine-tune your skillsets. Moreover, try to have some values that align with your passion and purpose and apply them consistently.

Also, please encourage others to tap their unique abilities to make the world a better place.
The polarity law power meaning reminds you to seek feedback from others, especially those you spend most of the time. Let them share with you the unique abilities or special qualities that are your strength. Also, accept your weaknesses and find ways to improve on them to better your life.

The polarity law dream meaning signifies that it would be excellent to remain proactive to achieve more in life. Once you identify your special attributes, try to put them into action. Unveil one talent at a time and only move to the other when you have mastered the other. Avoid procrastinating but instead, aim for the best instead of perfectionism.

Polarity Law Symbolism

The Law Of Polarity Symbolic Meanings

The Law of Polarity states that everything has separate poles, like that of a magnet or the opposite poles of the Earth. This means that everything has opposite ends, that there are opposites within everything. For example, a bear has polarity within it. It is a vicious creature that can rip a man apart if he feels threatened, but the bear also makes a wonderful symbol for family and motherhood because of how the mother bear takes care of her cubs.

Still, now that we know what the Law of Polarity is, we can better understand its symbolism and how the law affects symbolism in general. The Law of Polarity has a huge effect on symbolism. Nearly everything in symbolism has polarity to it – opposites within itself. Like the bear symbolism described above, many other animals and plants have contradictions within their symbolic meanings.

Something is rarely symbolized without having polarity within it. Polarity is in everything, and yet, it can still be symbolized on its own.

Polarity can symbolize many things besides itself. For instance, it can symbolize a person’s perspective on life. Knowing that there is polarity in everything makes a person take a double-take on the world around them. Another thing that polarity symbolizes is connections as well as contradictions. Since there is polarity in everything, it is like we all are connected in a way. At the same time, polarity brings up contradictions within ourselves, representing our differences. Symbolism is everywhere, and so is polarity.

Contradictions In the Law Of Polarity

This law could easily be a law of contradiction. This law shows that there is light and dark in everything, good and evil, just opposites in general. This matches along quite well with the yin-yang sign. However, the Law of Polarity states that there is something that you can do about the opposites within you and in your own life; you’re not a slave to it – it’s not fate.

You are supposed to focus your thoughts on changing the polarity in your body and your life, but this is supposed to take a lot of practice and hard work.


In a word, Polarity Law Symbolism urges you not to hide your talents but unveil them wholly to better your life and the world at large. Indeed whatever you are, the world needs you. So share your uniqueness and your bright example will inspire others.

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