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Solar Herbs

Magickal Herbs In Your Garden

Imagine that you are living in a cozy, little cottage off somewhere surrounded by nature. You wake up bright and early with the sunrise, pour yourself a cup of inspiration from your coffee cauldron, and meander out onto your front porch to settle into the new day.


You are immediately greeted by a welcoming feeling, a sense of joy overcomes you, and, as you look down at the garden you have planted, you feel a sense of pride and fellowship with the plants growing there. They almost seem to be calling to you, beckoning you to come out and play.

Go ahead. Take a moment to make that visualization real for yourself.


This is life the way a hedge witch lives it, and it can be your life as well. By reading this series of articles, you are taking the first steps on your magickal journey beyond the hedge of everyday existence into a world of possibility.


Regardless of what changes you desire to manifest in your life, your herbal helpers will aid you in tapping into your power to accomplish that goal. Before going any further, let me first state that the power to make these changes comes from within you.


Solar Herbs

The magical herbs you choose to work with will help you channel that power to fit the specific situations you desire to influence, but you are the source of that power. You will be the one to generate the spark of change. The herbs just help you direct your energy towards your goal based on their energetic vibrations and/or chemical makeup.


For example, consider the standard astrological associations of the Sun. The Sun deals with issues of self, creativity, willpower, and other areas of our lives that relate to our individuality. A budding hedge witch who chooses to work with rosemary as his or her solar herb could make no better choice. It is readily available in nearly every grocery store. It is a hardy plant that thrives in a variety of climates, and it has a wide range of uses.

Magickal Properties Of Rosemary

On a magickal level alone, rosemary has so many uses that you could work with this plant for years and never uncover all of its value. When burned as incense, it will cleanse a space of any negativity. Rosemary is good for mental clarity on all levels from the subconscious to the intellectual.

Placed beneath a pillow, it brings a restful slumber. Hidden in a pocket and carried around with you during the day, it aids in memory. Taken internally as a tincture, it provides a clear-headed perspective that increases mental acuity.

However, rosemary is not just good for mental health. It has also been used in love spells since time immemorial. Most likely it works in love because it encourages you to feel more confident in yourself. You can add it to your bath to preserve youth and beauty.

(My suggestion would be to make that a weekly ritual every Friday during a Sun hour. To find a Sun hour on a Friday, simply look up planetary hours ). It can be added to healing poppets.

On a medicinal level, rosemary is said to soothe the nervous system, which can be useful against a headache or migraine. If you are suffering an upset stomach due to stress, rosemary can be of use to you.

However, rosemary is most often associated with its effects on the brain and mental functionality So consider using rosemary for anything dealing with the mind from memory to depression.

Rosemary – Culinary Herb

As a culinary herb, its value is undisputed. It is an excellent addition to dishes consisting of poultry and fish alike. Its evergreen beauty can be added to nearly any meal as a garnish if you want to top your meal up.

You can infuse an oil with it to increase the complexity of the meals you cook in the future. You can also make rosemary into a tea that will wake you up and keep you as alert as any cup of coffee without the jitters.

Though there are many Sun related herbs to choose from, if you are new to herbal study, one of the most useful magickally, medicinally, and mundanely is the humble rosemary plant in your front yard.

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