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Top 5 Exercises For Mental Fitness

How To Keep Our Mind Fit?

All the time we are told how to keep fit physically. How we should do exercise every day or join the gym. But what about our grey matter, our brains?

Many centuries ago when the philosophers had more importance in society the mind was considered far more important. Today it appears we are more focused on the body beautiful, in looking good rather than thinking good.

What many people and fitness fanatics included do not realize is the body needs a balance between the physical and mental activity. The two need to be developed to the same levels too for optimal body conditions and thinking.

mindAlso it is your brain that enables some of your body parts to move so it is very important that it be kept in prime condition, a bit like an engine house, driving some of the pistons!

Scientific studies are increasingly indicating that an active brain is equally important, in fact the two go together. Also that we need to keep stimulating our brain cells throughout our life to keep diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and other brain degenerative conditions like dementia.

Popular Mental Exercises For The Brain

#1. Crossword Puzzles

Scientific studies have actually demonstrated these to be one of the best ways to keep your brain fit and agile. When you test your brain you are actually encouraging more brain cells to grow. Hence the more you use that Einstein brain of yours the brighter and quicker thinking you will be!

Crossword Puzzle

#2. Memory Games

These are simple match the pairs types of games. They are great for recognition of similarities and differences and of course of memory capacity. The more you do these fun games the more your memory will expand.

memory game

#3. Study

Continually develop and evolve your mind by study. It does not have to be at university or formal education. You can do online courses and there are many companies that offer a great range of stimulating courses.

Two examples include Open University and The latter organization is more recent and is excellent for gaining new work-related and high tech, highly sought after skills so it doubles as increasing your employment prospects.

#4. Mental Arithmetic

Many of us over the age of forty will remember mental arithmetic tests. These were brilliant at keeping you quick at adding up sums in your head. Of course they have long gone by the wayside. However you can still get them online and a really solid test of them can be found in USA SAT trial tests for university.

mental maths

#5. Online Brain Quiz

The online brain tests and quizzes are very scientific and relate to certain aspects of brain activity and usage including perception, memory, rate of response. It has become popular in recent years as a way of keeping your brain active with tests.  Whilst all of these activities are great for maintaining mental fitness, it needs to go with having a healthy brain diet.

Foods Good For The Brain

Foods that are great for the brain include fish, blueberries (also great for keeping Alzheimers at bay!), nuts, seeds, whole grains, avocados, tomatoes and blackcurrants. Also water with its regenerative properties of all cells is also good for optimal brain activity and effectiveness.

avocados tomatoes

Finally getting the right amount of rest, relaxation and sleep are also very important in ensuring your brain works to the best of its ability. So keep on doing those crosswords, they could be saving your mind even though you may temporarily go out of your mind trying to solve them sometimes:-)

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