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Crystal Magic – A Garden Shrine

A Garden Crystal Shrine

  • Moss Agate to promote plant growth
  • Angelite to prevent fungal infections
  • Alum to keep the water pure
  • Amethyst protection from external negativity
  • Dendritic Quartz to purify energy and tie to plants

Gardens have long been a part of many cultures and traditions, even unto this very day. Within the garden we find, at it’s most fundamental, sustenance to help sustain our lives, grown by our hands and efforts. Additionally they are often places of respite and regeneration. Great estates had them, not to be confounded with the fields where wheat was grown, but large areas dedicated to the growth of fragrant herbs and sweet delights.

protective magickal shrine for your garden

Within these same areas, the fairy of the British isles were thought to reside. Gardens were specifically put together to attract fairies and appease them, their influences seen as largely beneficial to any home owner. Then again, their ire was seen as a most serious plight to have brought upon one’s home.


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This article will give you some basic guidelines on how to produce a protective magickal shrine for your garden, drawing on the fundamental powers of the earth and the crystalline gifts that come from it. The first step is to find a central location within your garden, and if not central than a place where it feels fitting.

Wandering your garden with intent to locate such a place will doubtless have it call out to you. Gather the five stones listed above, and charge the crystals. A focused crystal charging is your best method in this case, focusing on bringing out the powers of the crystals listed above in such a way as to benefit the garden.

The five crystals listed above should be arranged in a circle around some central feature, best of all is a bowl that is filled with naturally collected rainwater. Offerings of fresh cuttings from your garden, sprigs of rosemary, fruits and vegetables laid about them. Sprinklings of petals upon the water from roses that have fallen, or are clipped from their bushes are best.

home garden

You may occasionally find stones that seem to call to you as you dig the soil, and they can be placed here as well for this crystal magic ritual. Floating candles can be placed upon the water in the evening, to bring the flickering light of it’s flame to your garden, to create a special place there. The final addition to a garden shrine is a statuette of a deity that will bless your garden, and these offerings can be made to her.

Once a month, you will bring yourself to this shrine to give thanks to the shrine, to the deity or spirit that protects it. A sprinkling of blessed water to reconsecrate it will not be remiss, and special offerings at the Witches Sabbats or other holidays will round out it’s effectiveness.

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