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The Hedge Witch Philosophy

Ritual timing

Ritual timing is an art that many magickal practitioners revel in. Many magickal astrology people delight in planning out all the minute details and calculating every possible contingency.

If a prosperity spell calls for a ritual to be done on a Blue Moon in Ares at sunrise on a Thursday morning, they will hold off on casting that spell until the listed astrological events appear before them on their witchy day planners.


Oftentimes, these people fail to do the desired ritual when the correct time presents itself because they simply forget since too much time has elapsed between the desire and the execution.

These same people will preoccupy themselves with securing the perfect ingredients for their ideal ritual.

If the spell’s directions ask for moly herb, they will scour the internet, looking for where they can buy that all-important herb.


Never mind that moly is a mythical plant that has never been identified with any actual herb. None of the myths surrounding this plant can even agree on what its properties are.

Still, this type of magickal practitioner will move mountains searching for it, insisting that a real connection can be made, and many of them will delight in the search, forgetting why they even wanted the herb in the first place.


Who Is The Hedge Witch?

The hedge witch takes a decidedly different approach by acknowledging that, yes, timing is important, but necessity is more important.

If you get fired from your job, and you absolutely cannot go two weeks without a paycheck, you need to begin working (on both a magickal and a mundane level) right away.


You may not be able to wait for the ideal Thursday in the right Moon phase. You might have to work now! The hedge witch acknowledges this.


I am not arguing that a hedgewitch ignores magickal timing altogether.

Paying attention to the ideal conditions will necessarily give your spell some extra power, and, in many circumstances, that extra power may be the difference between success and failure.

You should endeavor to strive to meet the ideal conditions of any spell whenever possible. However, the ideal conditions are just that: ideal. They are not essential! The hedge witch acknowledges that the magick comes from within and that if you put enough will and intent into your work, you can overcome most of the obstacles set before you.

Unfortunately, because the hedge witch path is so free-form and individualistic, it is often difficult for many people to set out on the spiritual journey of embracing the hedge witch philosophy into their magickal practices.

Have you ever noticed how many people need the structure … even though they rail against it? It is often harder for people to begin something that has no rules or no boundaries at all than it is to accomplish something where the rules are so dauntingly restrictive.

The hedge witch philosophy asks you to

let go of your fear of doing it “wrong”
 and to carve out your path, using what works and letting go of what doesn’t

If you are open to those two conditions, you are ready to journey beyond the hedge and begin crafting your unique magickal practice filled with personal meaning and real power!

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