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Candle Magick – Banishing Spell

Banishing Spell In Candle Magic

Candle magic is an especially useful skill when you need to utilize a magical effect quickly. Sometimes there isn’t time to put together a full ritual to deal with a particular need

At those times candle magic can provide a readily handy tool. In this article we’ll be covering a quick banishing spell in candle magick that can be done utilizing a few simple ingredients.


Spell Components

  • A black or white candle
  • A sharp instrument for marking the candle
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • A small mirror, such as a make-up mirror


When Should You Use A Banishing Spell?

A banishing spell can be particularly handy when dealing with people or entities who are causing you trouble. One must take caution when using a spell of this sort, as it comes perilously close to inflicting your will on another, which is one of the foundations of all black magic.


However, in the event that you have been threatened, and all mundane steps have been taken. If someone is threatening your life, the first step you want to take is to call the mundane authorities. If you’ve already done that, or are dealing with a spiritual problem, then the next step is to take the magical route.


The first step in preparing for this candle magick ritual is to carve the name of the offending individual into the candle. You will carve a banishing rune near the base of the candle, the Naudhiz rune from the Norse runes will serve nicely in this purpose.

After that you will carve the name of the person or entity you wish to banish on the candle above this rune, vertically, starting with the first letter just above the Nauthiz rune, going up the candle. This way their name will slowly be burned away as the candle burns.

After having done this, you will anoint the candle with a mixture of the peppermint and rosemary oil, starting at the center, and going out from there. Both of these oils are excellent for banishing negativity and unwanted influences, and will serve you well in this purpose. Then melt the base of the candle, and secure it to the mirror in this way. The reflective surface of the mirror should be facing up towards the candle.


Once you have secured it in this way, take the oil on a fingertip, and draw the Naudhiz rune, or the banishing rune you are using, onto the mirror with it.

You will then light the candle, calling on the deity or spirit of your choice, calling for the removal of this influence from your home and your life as you do so. It is best to attend the candle to prevent any possibility of fire, but you will allow it to burn down, to snuff out on it’s own.

When this is done, if possible, you will shatter the mirror you used, and dispose of it, finishing and reinforcing the absence of this person and influence from your life. If you must retain the mirror, you should cleanse the mirror before using it again, lest any residual energies from this working stay with it.

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