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5 Health Tips For Strong Bones

5 Health Tips For Strong Bones

Today we will be talking about what it takes to keep your bones healthy. Your bones are an important part of your body as they have to be able to hold not only your body weight but be able to move your limbs.

Bones are the founding structure of our bodies and it is important that we take care of this support structure so it can be healthy and protect us. Let’s take a look at a few foods and  natural home remedies that need to be included in our diet and life for healthy bones.

#1. Protein

The first thing to remember is protein, but it needs to be lean protein and do not go for an overkill. Just because it is good for you and your bones doesn’t mean you should eat nothing but lean protein. In fact you need a proper amount of daily protein to be healthy.

It is recommended that you eat about five ounces of lean meat which could be chicken or fish, beans or low fat dairy products. Try to avoid over consuming red meat or poultry skin. Go light on the butter and creams.


#2. Vegetables & Fruits

Intake a lot of fruits and vegetables. Several studies have found that high intake of fruits and veggies are better for your bone health. It is suggested that the fruit and vegetables help create an environment where less calcium is lost through the bones.

It is recommended that you eat around one and half cups of fruits and two cups of vegetables a day. Choose a variety of types of fruits like banana and apple and vegetables so you don’t get bored as all different items have different vitamins and minerals in them to help support good bone health.

fruits and vegetables

#3. Calcium

Eat calcium rich foods. When your diet doesn’t include enough calcium, your body takes this calcium from your bones to make up for it. Which can lead to poor bone health and bone breaks. Eat low or nonfat dairy products such as milk and yogurt, canned salmon and broccoli, dried figs and nuts. This is a natural home remedy that will provide a great source of calcium and taste great.

According to the national osteoporosis foundation if you are under the age of 50 you should be getting a total of 1,000 mg of calcium from your food a day. If you are over 50 you should be getting a total of 1,200 mg of calcium a day. This includes supplements and your whole daily value calculations.


#4. Exercise

Other important natural remedy for strong bones is exercise. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. It has been proven that some daily exercise will help to keep your bones healthy and moving. It has also proven those who partake in regular exercise are less likely to have falls, have joint pain and break bones.

Make sure you’re getting your daily vitamins and minerals. Be it following the food pyramid that we all grew up with in school or taking a supplement, make sure that you are getting all the nutrition that your body needs.


#5. Reduce Salt Intake

And finally try to kick the salt habit, the less salt you add into your foods the better it is for your body. You should only require around 2,300 mg or less of salt and about 70 percent are over that a day. So keep the salt down and you will be in good form.

Try these simple home remedies and get healthy bones in no time!

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