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The Truth About Love Spells

The Truth About Love Spells

Popular media dictates that in order to make someone fall in love with you, all you have to do is wave a wand or say some words or make them drink a potion. Here’s the real skinny on “love spells.”

It’s one of the media’s most popular cliches, used even so far back in literature as le Morte D’Artur and other medieval and older works. It shows up in pieces ranging from children’s shows to everything in between. It’s been the subject of literally every kind of storytelling device. That’s right, I’m talking about love spells.

Love spells take the form of everything under the sun, from simple incantations to complex rituals, from handmade chocolates to bubbling potions, from harmless trinkets to mind-controlling tattoos. Everyone has thought about this some way or another at least once in their lives. What about if I had some kind of magic thing that made people fall in love with me?

The real issues behind love spells are rarely addressed in the media wherein they appear, but they are nonetheless very grave. A love spell is a form of controlling the will of another person with magic.

Love spells take the form of everything under the sun, from simple incantations to complex rituals

Notwithstanding that controlling another person is very difficult magic, it’s also forbidden. The Wiccan rede is the best example of this rule put in words. And it harms none, do what thou wilt. While you might not think that it is harming anyone, it is directly interfering with the free will of another human being for your own benefit. You are harming that person, and not only are you harming them, you are gaining from the situation. That is very strongly against the rules.

“Love spells” are put into the same category as curses and hexes. They are spells that create a state of being that is actively not one desired by the part involved, and therefore incur the Rule of Three. It is best to simply leave those silly ideas alone.

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If you want someone to fall in love with you, and you want to use magic, then use it on yourself. Weave a spell that helps you to be successful, or a spell that gives you energy to go to the gym, or a spell that somehow makes you better.

You cannot and should not try to make others fit into your very specific missing piece to the puzzle. Rather, become the skeleton key that unlocks the hearts of others, and you will never be lacking in love.

The main point to be made here is that love spells aren’t. They are selfishness spells, they are malice spells, and they are petty, contrived victory spells. Improve yourself, and others will come to you. You do not need any of these love spells!

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