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4 Magical Herbs And How to Use Them?

4 Magical Herbs And How to Use Them?

Since time began, people have been using the plants and naturally-occurring saps they found for their benefit. Some of these herbs are beneficial medically, some are good for food. Some plants, however, have a close bond to the realm of magic, and they can help your craft to be stronger and more effective.


Dandelion is a common flower, and you most likely played with them as a child, scattering their floating seeds on the wind. In fact, Dandelion is a very spiritual flower.


The dandelion fluff riding on the wind and dispersing outward into the world is symbolic for the good that any magician is expected to do for the world. The seeds settle in the soil, and make more dandelions, who then spread more good, and the whole world becomes joyful and happy.

To use this herb in your craft, dry and crush the leaves of the flower and burn them on charcoal. The aromatic smoke from the burning leaves will naturally amplify any magical energy you expend, providing it is for good will toward others.

If you intend to help only yourself, or, heaven forbid, hurt another, the smoke will actively inhibit the energy.


A beautiful flower by itself, the goldenrod is also an agent of divination. It is said that the shape of the stalk of flowers that makes up the goldenrod is highly attractive to the faerie folk, who desire the flowers for festivals and celebrations. In exchange for the flowers, they will lend their hand to anyone attempting divination.


To use this flower, simply scatter several of the tiny flowers around your space. You can clean them up afterward, but you may find that the amount of flowers is different from when you started!

Lady’s Slipper

Lady’s Slipper is a type of purple or pink orchid, which, when in bloom, looks like a woman wearing a bonnet and a pink dress. It’s a rare flower in England, but is more available in America. The flower itself is beautiful, but the leaves and stem of the plant are what we’re after – they are a powerful protective agent when used in charms.

lady slipper

To use Lady’s Slipper, it is best to add as an ingredient in essential oils and tinctures but can be dried and bundled into talismans or other small charms. Make sure not to damage the plant when you take leaves from it, and only take the stem of a flower once it has finished blooming – Lady’s Slipper has a long memory and holds a grudge.


Used in candy-making as a popular flavouring agent, wintergreen is a holly-like plant with rounded leaves and red berries. It is dangerous to simply eat, as it may cause upset stomachs and poisoning, but a house with wintergreen planted around it is said to be highly resistant to hexes.

Wintergreen can be used in breaking curses and unwanted spells because it is a natural energy-sink – it will “suck up” the negative energy and consume it.


To use it for breaking enchantments, simply gather a few berries and leaves, tie them in a scrap of cotton, and wear the sachet around your neck until both a new and full moon pass.

This will ambivalently absorb the hexes that are places on you, and draw them out of your own energy stream. Be careful, though – while you might be removing one hex, it does not protect you against new ones.

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