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Pheasant Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: A Sign Of Forgetting The Past

Pheasant Spirit Animal Totem Symbolism

Although the female pheasant is rather plain looking, the males of this species have eye-popping color to their look and pizzazz to their attitudes. They are flashy creatures who love to flaunt themselves to the ladies – nature made them perfect for this. The body of a Pheasant spirit animal totem shows us that nature is endlessly creative and beautiful, as long as we take the time to look.

In addition to creativity and male flamboyance, pheasant spiritual guides represent passion, sexuality, and attraction. They have extremely active sexual libidos and know how to utilize their gifts to get what they want.


Pheasant symbolic meanings call upon us to do the same, although maybe not so provocatively. While doing this, the pheasant spirit totem begs us to stay true to ourselves, not pretending to be audacious just for the sake of it. Do not be a phony. We must be in touch with our talents and abilities and use them to be where we want to be in our lives. They are so effective in their allure to women that males often have three female partners at once.

Females hold the gift of life via reproduction and are open and accepting of the males’ efforts. This union (or rather, these unions) demonstrates the perfect balance necessary for life to continue. Both sides play their roles, their consolidation resulting in the magic number three.


Pheasant Associated Traits

Creative, Beautiful, Flirtatious, Flamboyance, Sexuality, Passionate, and Attractive.

Pheasant In Relationships

Pheasant totem will always bring happiness between you and the people around you. You have endured a lot of sad moments with your loved ones. It is now time to enjoy what you have built with your friends over time. This animal reveals to you that after too much suffering comes relief. You and your friends will never suffer for long because you are hard workers. Keep working toward your common goals.

The pheasant animal totem is a sign that indicates that for you to achieve more goals, you need to work with others. There are moments of weakness that require you to ask for help from those around you. Always be ready to face the hard days ahead of you. Never feel shy about asking for help when you feel weak. There is power in working as a team. This animal totem also encourages you to be a team player. Stop being a joyrider when working with others.


Importance Of Pheasant Spirit Animal

You can understand people’s minds by listening to their words. The pheasant symbol will always direct you to understanding people’s hearts by watching their actions. It is good to understand people when you are in charge of them. This is the time for you to exercise your leadership qualities. Do not oppress people. Create a conducive environment for everyone to give their best output. It would help if you never strived to be a dictator.

Pheasant Spirit Animal

The pheasant spirit animal signifies that you need to live like innocent children who do not regret their past to live a happy life. Stop being anxious about the future. What is not known should never worry you. Work with what you have at the moment. Pheasant represents the beauty in the present. You can still achieve happiness with what you have at the moment. What you do now will determine what you achieve in the future. Invest in your life now for rewards that you will achieve later in life.


Pheasant meaning will always remind you that you need to be the same person in public or private. Know who you are. Have character traits that also make you happy. When you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with anyone else. Do things and activities that please you. As much as you are interacting with others, have personal space where you can enjoy your peace. The universe is full of beautiful things that you can use to decorate your life.

Symbolic Meaning Of Pheasant Bird

The balance that pheasant animals totems practice is crucial to their survival. Although the men are undeniably flashy and blatant, they also know when to hide in the shrubbery, camouflaging like the chameleon his vibrant colors, when need be. For us, this means that we mustn’t be afraid to express our creativity and influence openly to the world. However, we must also not throw them away carelessly. Our egos can not get in the way of sound judgment, another of the pheasant’s attributes.

When the pheasant symbol comes flapping into your life, it may be a sign that your libido and clout are at an all-time high right now. Utilize this peaking energy and do something useful. Be productive and confident. Pheasant symbolism inspires us to strut our stuff just like they do. Although it may go against your character, sometimes it’s OK to attract attention to yourself. Don’t be a wallflower, always blend in with your surroundings. Use this time to shine.

Additionally, the colorful pheasant animal guide can remind you to tap into the creative passions burning deep inside you. Feed this excitement and know that you are enabling endless productivity and abundance by nurturing this side of yourself. Enjoy the pleasures of life while continuing on your path and completing the tasks at hand. Discovering new experiences and enjoying the beauty surrounding you are equally important incidents and practices to get involved in. To fully enjoy them, you must deem yourself worthy.

Pheasant Power Animal

The pheasant bird is an attractive animal totem for individuals who have a great ability to attract love and creativity in their lives. Like the pheasant animal symbol, you typically prefer open spaces to spread your wings and roam freely. Along with this, a pheasant person must be open to new experiences and new pew people. They typically have many friends in many circles. Variety is crucial to your happiness, and you find love in everything that surrounds you.

However, you can distinguish how to behave in different situations. You must take care not always to be overly flashy, as you love to flaunt your colors. Pheasants can be very bold in the wild and often lack common sense. This leads to them getting killed rather easily by not paying attention to their surroundings. You must know when to camouflage and lay low and mustn’t forget this skill.

What Is The Meaning Of A Pheasant Dream?

In your dreams, a pheasant spirit guide can symbolize maternal instinct and nurture. Maybe you will soon become a parent. Alternatively, seeing a pheasant in your slumber can signify that your dreams will come true if you continue to focus and work hard. They are a clear symbol of abundance and prosperity, both of which you have control over in your own life.

Never give up on what you dream about. Keep working, and one day your dreams will come true. Seeing a dead pheasant has nothing to do with not achieving your dreams.

Pheasant Spirit Animal: Conclusion

What does a Pheasant symbolize? This animal totem is a symbol of good networks in your life. It is good to have people who support you by your side. When your battles become too tough, seek spiritual help from your guardian angels. The pheasant will help you forget about your past mistakes. It would help if you moved on from the wrongs you did in the past. This animal has the spirit of new beginnings. Your life should never confuse you. Be straightforward in everything you do.

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