Rooster Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Rooster Animal Totem Symbolism

The masculine rooster, a solar symbol, emulates sexuality, observance, and resurrection. Also referred to as a cock or cockerel, these birds are very diverse when it comes to physical appearance, which also gives them a wide range of symbol meanings.

Additionally, these cuers of the morning light symbolize the admirable qualities of pride, bravery, honesty, alertness, strength and prudence. While these attributes revolve around honor, bravery, and carefulness, the rooster animal totem is also thought to symbolize a few negative traits that do not make others very fond of the beholder, such as arrogance and excessive flamboyance.

However, the rooster symbol meanings for humans all seem to fall in theme with demonstrating your uniqueness to the world. Show your brilliance and ingenuity to others, just as roosters demonstrate theirs by fanning out their colorful feathers.

Other historical cultures have also recognized the rooster as a symbol of the sun, citing it as a sign of illumination and light. However, the Celtic and Nordic cultures have charged the rooster with a different connection: that of the underworld.

In these mythologies, the rooster spirit guide is described as a messenger of the dead, screeching out warnings of danger. It also crowed out loud equally loud and unpleasant noises for the souls of the those soldiers who had fallen in battle.

Rooster Associated Traits

Sexual, Observant, Brave, Strong, Careful, Vigilant, Flamboyant, Honorable, Arrogant


Symbolic Meaning Of Rooster Bird

Alternatively, the ancient Greeks believed that the rooster spirit totem saluted the sun each morning with its screeching cry as a symbol of victory over the darkness of the previous night. Because of this, it was appropriately associated with not only the sun, but also the Greek gods Apollo, Zeus, Persephone, and Attis.

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During Christian times, the rooster spiritual totem was rumored to have crowed three times after Peter betrayed Christ. As such, it became an important symbol of repentance and resurrection in Christianity. Even today, weathervanes atop churches feature the cock as an emblem of their vigilant watch against evil.

In Asia, the rooster is looked at in a differing light. The Chinese zodiac signifies honesty and fortitude, both physically and morally. Here, it is categorized as a yang attribute, symbolizing luck, good fortune, fidelity, and protection.

The rooster animal totem is also thought to be a very bossy creature, but not necessarily in a bad way. In the Japanese zodiac also this bird is revered. It is allowed to run freely through their sacred temples. Part of the reason for this is also purely logistical, as the cock crows to call people to prayer at dawn.

Those who can relate most to the rooster as a spirit totem bring enthusiasm and humor to any situation. They are highly optimistic people with ties to the ancient past. Rooster folk have the ability to tie their knowledge of the past with the future, calling upon their great individual powers.

When the confident rooster symbolism appears in our dreams, it is considered a sign of the time that we are allowing to pass us by in our lives. The cock is a time-keeper in nature, serving as a wake-up call to all around him. When we hear his voice during our slumber, it can be a signal to not only physically awaken ourselves, but also to wake-up our sleeping minds.

The rooster meaning tells us to pay attention to circumstances in our life and not allow anyone to pull a fast one on us. We must be just as vigilant as he is. Rest and repose is necessary in order to give ourselves a break and regenerate our senses. Just do not allow this break to characterize the majority of your hours.

Alternatively, a rooster animal totem may strut into your dreams to indicate that you need to be a bit flashier with yourself. A beautiful and vibrantly plumed rooster in particular speaks to us of the times when it is necessary to make ourselves known and strut our stuff. Allow those around you to know the true you and do not always try to blend in with others.

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