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7 Effective Habits Of Successful Online Daters

Successful Online Dating Tips

How do they do it? You know those people who sign up for online dating and seem to meet the best dates, have the most fun and even get long-term love. But despite your best efforts, online dating has been one long parade of troglodytes. Is there something wrong with you?


No! There’s nothing wrong with you. You just haven’t developed the habits that successful daters use to find the great matches. Once you incorporate these strategies into your regular routine, you’ll find out how much fun and romantic online dating can be. (For some reason, good habits always come in groups of 7 – thanks, Steven Covey!)


Habit #1. Update Dating Profile

Update your online dating profile and photos regularly, at least every couple of months. Have you looked at a picture of yourself from a year ago? Even in just 12 months, you’ve changed a lot. And a new picture doesn’t mean you look worse.


You might have lost weight or toned up. You might have just gone on vacation, and you’re looking relaxed and happy. A very recent photo gives potential dates the comfort level that your profile is truthful. Also, if your photo reflects the current season, your entire profile looks fresh and new, which attracts more interest.

Habit #2. Ignore Unsuitable Dates

Cut out time wasters. There are some potential dates who will never work for you because they violate your most sacred priorities. Don’t waste any time learning more about these folks or “trying to make it work.”


For example, if love your cats, don’t spend any time emailing with an avowed animal hater. If she smokes and you can’t stand that, cut of communication early. Don’t be nasty; just explain that it will never work. Use your time to get to know more compatible prospects.

Habit #3. Be Flexible

In contrast to Habit #2, you don’t want to nix a date because they don’t meet your every requirement for perfection. You know which personality traits will kill the deal (for example, smoking).


But keep an open mind about other characteristics, especially if you feel a bit of chemistry. Maybe he’s a health food nut and you love cheeseburgers.

Go on dates that don’t revolve around food and see if you two develop other connections. People who approach life differently from you can excite your interest and expose you to new experiences – even if it doesn’t end up as a love match.


Habit #4. Be Patient

If you’ve been communicating with a date and you decide to go out, don’t make snap judgments based on one meeting. Everyone is nervous on a first date. And we all blunder into conversational gaffes, have awkward pauses or make unfortunate wardrobe choices on a regular basis.

If the date isn’t great, who cares? Focus on the person, relax and see if you can manage to have a little fun. If so, who knows? That awful first date might make a great story for your grandchildren.

Habit #5. Secret

This habit is one of the most powerful secrets of successful daters. If you can do this, you’ll make your dates more fun for you both. You’ll get to know your date faster. And you’ll improve other relationships in your life as well.

The secret? Listen! When you’re out with your date, listen to them. Actually listen. Focus on your date; show a sincere interest in them, and you’ll make them feel great.

Don’t worry about what you’re going to say next. If you’re thinking about your next clever line or trying to shove in your favorite story about how you got that scar on your chin, you’ll miss out on what your date is telling you. If you listen carefully, your natural curiosity to learn more will keep the conversation going.


Habit #6: Keep Dating

Practice makes perfect. Building skills like listening takes some practice. It also takes practice to relax with a new person, learn how to eat lobster like a lady or tell a good joke.

The more you go out, the more comfortable you’ll become with the whole thing. Your comfort will put your date at ease, and you’ll both have a better time. So give yourself the opportunities to learn.

Habit #7: Enjoy Yourself

Even on the worst dates, you can probably find something fun. Good music, decent food. If you ask him where he got that tie, you can get one just like it for the holiday joke gift exchange at your office.

If you’re having a good time, your date will also, and even if you don’t end up getting hitched, you’ll both have fun, which is success by any definition!

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