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House Lords

House Lords

Sidereal Astrology House Lords affect your life in specific ways depending upon where they are located in the natal chart. The Vedic astrologers use sidereal astrology as do some Western astrologers. The analysis of the sidereal astrology house Lord would be the basis of the sidereal zodiac.


The positions of the varied planets that are astrologically significant will make you aware of the houses of the sidereal zodiac in relation to your chart. Each of the planets is the Lord of a particular house of the zodiac or the ruler of that house. The compatibility between the House Lord and the house will change according to how it is positioned and how you are influenced.


In Vedic astrology each of the houses of the horoscope is considered to be the same as one of the 12 zodiac signs, so that you have one sign for each house.


However, in Western astrology there is more than one house system used. Most of them are not the same as the one used by Vedic astrologers. Equally they do not match perfectly with the houses of the chart, but rather the houses start at any point in the sign and may end within the sign or in the following sign.


So the sign is not aligned to the house, but they are two independent wheels and must be discussed separately.
The sun sign, house Lord and planet match up in the following fashion:

Astrology Decanates

Date of Birth:
Time of Birth
Time Zone
Degree MinuteNorthSouth

  • Aries Mesha Mars
  • Taurus Vrishaba,  Venus
  • Gemini Mithuna Mercury
  • Cancer Karkata Moon
  • Leo  simha Sun
  • Virgo Kanya Mercury
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  • Libra  Thula  Venus
  • Scorpio Vrishchika Mars
  • Sagittarius Dhanus  Jupiter
  • Capricorn Makr Saturn
  • Aquarius, Kumbh Saturn
  • Pisces  Meena Jupiter

As you can see in the Vedic system each Lord rules over one sign only. Not only do planets influence personality they also determine both luck and future circumstance. The sidereal house astrology House Lord analysis will explain the compatibility with the house as well as letting you know where the house Lord is located in your sidereal astrology chart. You will also get an idea of how you will be influenced by the combination of House Lord and planets.


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