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Mayan Symbolic Meanings: Inner Wisdom

What Do Mayan Symbolic Meanings Signify?

Mayan Symbolic meanings show the lifestyle of people in the past. It will help you to understand great things in life that will apprehend you on solid grounds and make some changes. Hence, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eliminate negative powers that will not contribute anything to your life. Look for something you are sure will help boost your morale in life. Go for what you are sure will be laying the ground for great achievements in your line. But, you have to live a good lifestyle that will show the right Mayan symbolic meaning.


Additionally, everything you make in your choices will help cement or destroy your purpose in life. Be sensitive in everything that you do. The spiritual life will help you to know the important links in life and success on your side. Be happy with every choice that you make forward and achieve your success. Nothing will come when you don’t put effort into achieving the right work. You have to lean forward to receive the right rewards for your life. The right mindset can be the source of your inspiration and solid future dreams.


What do The Mayan Symbolic Meanings Represent?

It shows the inner strength and force that will be abiding by your leadership qualities. The Mayan symbol in war reflects on key areas of life that will help you make the right choices in your life. Never think of giving up on your strategies and focusing on something you are sure will help you achieve the right goals for your life. Instead, look for opportunities that will open the future for you and your loved one. Establishing your life will be the key here, and you have to relent on what does give you the right feelings.


Strength and power are the major factors that can help you in making strides towards the right path. Thus, contentment measures are things that can be important in making life smooth. You have to think of great ideas you are sure will have the energy to change your future. Abide by your rules and make sure you have the ground for achieving your success. Life challenges should be the motivating factor to work hard and aim at the end goal.


Mayan Symbolic Meanings

Mayan symbolism is one of the most studied of all the ancient cultures. Their culture was filled with both wonder and intellect, making their symbols diverse in nature and meaning. As one of the few ancient civilizations with a logistical writing system, the Mayan symbolic meaning, called hieroglyphs, was difficult to interpret for many years.

However, since 1973, we have had a pretty good grasp of their meanings and can even decipher words. Mayan symbolism, though, goes far beyond an “alphabet.” They used a variety of pictures to convey their beliefs and ideas, as well. Additionally, Mayan-symbolic-meaning developed their own comprehensive calendar and complex Maya Zodiac system (not confused with the Aztecs to the north).

Mayan Symbolic Meaning

Mayan Earth Symbols

Symbols representing the Earth and its cycles and elements were ubiquitous across all ancient cultures.

The Maya, in particular, had strong ideas about the natural forces that governed our world. Perhaps one of the strongest is the symbol for Earth.

As a representative of the movement and slowly shifting, the symbol for Earth served to remind the Mayan people of the natural and spiritual forces at work in their lives. They believed that if they focused on this symbol enough, they would be given the gift of patience to work through difficult transitions in their lives.

Maya Sun Symbols

The Mayans also believed in the paralleled significance of day and night, light and dark. For them, the sun was a symbol of ascension and clarity in mind and was thus very highly regarded. By calling upon this symbol, they believed that their awareness would be increased and that enlightenment would be facilitated.

The sun was seen as bringing both physical and mental productivity to people. In a sense, it was viewed as a teacher or mentor, guiding people with its illuminating qualities. More literally, the sun is the ultimate facilitator of the growth of crops and warmth from the cold.

With light comes dark, and with day comes night. Like us, the Mayan tradition viewed the night as a time to put things to rest. It was also thought to be representative of balancing any issues you may have. There is a time and a place for everything, and, oftentimes, we should sit on our problems before taking a course of action.

While we sleep, our subconscious can go to work without the physical distractions of the day. So the Mayans were certainly on to something long before us.

Mayan Animal Symbolism

Eagle Animal Symbol

In addition to the Earth’s cycles, the Mayans also took great interest in its inhabitants. They placed a large degree of symbolism on animal totems after carefully observing them in the wild. The eagle is one of the most iconic symbols in Mayan lore, as it is thought to represent contemplative and meaningful thought.

This symbol assisted people with focusing and channeling the inner wisdom that nature gives us access to. We need only clear our heads and focus on absorbing and understanding it. Mayans also thought of the bald eagle as a symbol of protecting one’s community and exercising cooperation among the group.

Bat Animal Symbol

Rulers of darkness and the night, bats were seen as the guardians of the underworld. The Mayans did have a concept of good versus evil, although it was seen differently from other cultures. Mayans revered these beasts for dual, both good and evil, dark and light qualities.

Jaguar Animal Symbol

Jaguars, which were native to the area occupied by Mayans, were another highly revered animal. Elegant, silent, confident, and deadly, the jaguar symbolized strength, control, and even divinity. All of these attributes were important signs of power in the eyes of the Mayans.

The jaguar also represented a duality similar to that of the bat. These big cats ruled the underworld by night, but they perused the brightly lit sky by day. This creature was seen as a natural leader who controlled all cosmic forces acting during the day and the night.

More than 3,000 years later, we are still trying to piece together the information that we now know about this ancient culture. Although we now understand the meanings of many of the Maya symbols.

There is still much about their systems and culture in general that remains unknown. However, that is all part of the mystery and allure of this fascinating group of people.


Mayan symbolic meaning represents the right analogy, an idea of good leaders who can help people achieve the right rewards. Furthermore, it ejects those thoughts that try to limit what is in your mind. You have to keep going forward no matter the situation in your hand. So, keep forging ahead and be hopeful of achieving everything that you want in your life. The heavens will boost your attitude, and you have to test your abilities and talent. Nothing will come if you don’t put effort into your line.

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