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Mayan Astrology

Mayan Astrology

Have you ever heard of a Mayan Zodiac? There is such a thing. Do you know what your Mayan zodiac is? To find out what your Mayan zodiac sign is, fill in your date of birth into this Mayan zodiac calculator. You will receive an interpretation of your Mayan sign.

There is a Mayan calendar that has a symbol for every certain amount of days. This can be compared to the zodiac signs of western astrology, or even to the animal signs of Chinese astrology.

This Mayan calendar will also provide you with your Day Number which is known to be called a Galactic Number. Your personality traits will be analyzed and each Mayan zodiac has a lucky stone. There is an English name of the day of your sign for it to be more comprehensible.

You will gain more insight into the nature of your personality by finding out what your Mayan astrological sign is.  You will discover your strengths and weakness through the tradition of the Mayans.

Even in the ancient times when the Mayans were flourishing, there has been proof by scientist that they were very advanced in their agriculture and even in technology. They had systems for doing everything that were very complex.

One of these were their calendar  their way of understanding the movement of the stars was so accurate that even today, looking back at their calendars and art, they were able to predict the precision of lunar and solar eclipses this far into the future.

The civilization of the Mayan were very detailed in their approach to astronomy. Without the known vehicles of spaceships or telescopes sent to outer space, they still knew of the planets in the sky and the orbits of the planets too. Their concept of time was very intricately researched and understood.

How is it that they could predict a lunar eclipse over one thousand years in advance?  It was because they had a very uncommon knowledge of the universe. The Mayan calendar developed a system of astrology from their calendar that is called the Tzolk’in which has 20 different day signs and 13 different galactic numbers that adds up to a 260 day cycle for the calendar.

This is opposed to the 364 day calendar that most people are familiar with today. So unlike western astrology were you have only 12 zodiac signs, the Mayan astrology gives 20 signs.  It becomes more unique also for each of those 20 signs to also have one out of 13 numbers on top of that.

Mayan Zodiac Sign


Date of Birth:

The Mayans believed and knew for themselves that time was all about cycles that repeated. Time is not a straight and unending road, but more like a gigantic circle with no end and no beginning.

The Mayan horoscope signs are:

  • Imix / Crocodile
  • Ik / Wind
  • Akbal / Night
  • Kan / Seed
  • Chicchan / Serpent
  • Cimi / Transformer
  • Manik / Deer
  • Lamat / Star
  • Muluc / Offering
  • Oc / Dog
  • Chuen / Monkey
  • Eb / Road
  • Ben / Reed
  • Ix / Jaguar
  • Men / Eagle
  • Cib / Wisdom
  • Caban / Earth
  • Etznab / Flint
  • Cauac / Storm
  • Ahau / Sun


The zodiac of the Mayan will give you a deeper explanation about you and others. Use the calculator to discover and predict how you and others respond to life situations based on this report of your personality.

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