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Mayan Zodiac: Chuen-Monkey

Mayan Day Sign Chuen

Mayan Zodiac: Chuen-Monkey gives us a connection to our subconscious awareness through common ground that we all share. It is the sign of creation and bringing forth creation to humanity.

Alternative Name: Monkey

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are beginning art, confidence, assurance, connection, birth, and creation.

Position In Mayan Astrology

Monkey is the eleventh-day sign of the Mayan zodiac. It is also known by the name Chuen. The monkey is a symbol of joining the past, present, and future.


Mayan Zodiac: Chuen-Monkey

General Characteristics

Maya Monkey sign is a dramatic sign. They love to immerse themselves in theater arts or acting. They love to put themselves in a position for any occasion to be on center stage and perform for others. Life is a stage for the Monkey. They love to be in social situations and they love entertaining people.


Surpassing their love of the limelight, they strive to be recognized for their great performances. A good career move for Chuen sign would be acting, acting coach, or seeking out careers in the arts so they can do what they love. They are good at careers such as actor, news anchor person, musician, or sales.

They have good health, but they have to watch out for their sometimes careless lifestyles as this could lead them to addictions and situations that could negatively affect their health.


Positive Traits

Mayan zodiac Monkey people are very creative and intelligent. They are generally self-motivated and have the gift to motivate others and spread their optimism. These people are natural leaders and generally prefer to either be the leader or be independent.

They will do things that constantly advertise their good qualities, which many people find attractive. Their confidence and assurance of themselves and their abilities lead them to many great career opportunities especially those in the spotlight

They take how others perceive them seriously and they are meticulous in the way they present themselves to others. They have a good sense of humor and love to be the laugh of the party.


Mayan Zodiac: Chuen-Monkey

Negative Traits

People born under Monkey Mayan energy can be unfocused. Their thoughts can be scattered and unorganized. They may have a difficult time solving their problems. They need to work at being more patient. Instead of spending so much time on the finer details, they should try looking at the larger picture to stop them from getting stuck and completing projects.

The Maya Chuen horoscope sign has strong personalities that can make other people feel inadequate or inferior. They don’t do this intentionally, but it comes across this way to other people who feel their personality is overbearing.

This will make them have a hard time forming personal relationships. They have to be aware of how they’re coming across to others if they want to have beneficial relationships. When they are out of balance they may be insecure and will make up for this by trying to make the world recognize how special they are.Maya Monkey sign is a dramatic sign

Chuen/Monkey Days

Monkey Day energy is good for getting inspiration and completing any art projects you may have. Ask for things that relate to the Monkey such as protection of your family, inspiration for an artist or even starting a new job. It is also a good day to throw parties or plan weddings or engagements.

Mayan Zodiac: Chuen-Monkey

Monkey Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Chuen sign is WEST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Monkey sign is BLUE.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Chuen Mayan sign is MONKEY.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Monkey Maya astrology sign is AVENTURINE.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Chuen / Monkey Maya Day Sign: Brendan Fraser, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: The Monkey Day sign direction is West. According to Maya horoscope compatibility, they are compatible with other signs from the West such as Deer, Dawn, and Bird. They are also compatible with signs from the East such as Crocodile, Serpent, Reed, Knowledge, and Offering.

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