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Mayan Zodiac: Cib – Vulture

Mayan Day Sign Cib

Mayan Zodiac: Cib – Vulture are very wise and will take the lessons they learn in life and use them for spiritual guidance. They need to trust their inner voice to reap the benefits of their full spiritual power.

Alternative Name: Vulture, Wisdom, Warrior

Important Keywords:

Keywords you should meditate on are ancestors, forgiveness, wisdom, knowledge, harmony, and new.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The Vulture is the sixteenth Mayan day sign. It is also known by the name of Cib or Wisdom. The Vulture is symbolic of clearing away old Karma and re-birthing new ways of thinking. Vultures are regarded as teachers and the guardians of ancient knowledge. They are highly intuitive and can communicate directly with the spirit.


General Characteristics

The Mayan Astrology of vulture is symbolic of beginner’s luck. They are very aware of themselves and the status they have in the world. They place a lot of emphasis on how they measure up compared to other people.

These zodiac persons love to learn as much as they can from all of their life experiences and mistakes. They are great advice givers and are serious about life and being successful in it. They maintain a great sense of humor which attracts most people to them.


While other people may indulge in their daydreams, vultures are very realistic and practical. They are great at giving advice and will often make great counselors. They are good judges of others’ character and can easily sense when someone is not being themselves around them.

Positive Traits

The Mayan horoscope sign Cib doesn’t easily forget small details in life. They are patient and respect other’s points of view even if it doesn’t coincide with their own. They have a clear vision for what they want to do in life and will often use that vision to teach large audiences of people.


Negative Traits

When the Maya astrology sign Vulture are out of balance they can become very self-conscious, especially around those they feel have the upper hand. They often feel they are lacking and will become overly concerned with their status and social position in life.


When their self-esteem becomes low they make themselves vulnerable to being deceived by others. They loathe being judged because it causes negative thoughts about themselves to dominate.

When they take the time to forgive themselves for not being perfect they can overcome their self-esteem issues. To hide their insecurities they will sometimes form superficial relationships so they can avoid the deep feelings that come from a more genuine connection. This will make it hard for them to form lasting relationships as people will feel they are insincere.

The Mayan zodiac sign Cib can grow bored of others quickly and will cut them off with coldness and malice. They use their hard and cold demeanor as a defense mechanism against being judged when they are around others they feel they don’t measure up to.

Their health can suffer and they can become weak and needy if they allow their self-destructive, negative energy to take over.The Mayan day sign of vulture is symbolic of beginner's luck

Cib/Vulture Days

The Day of the Vulture is a good day to ask for forgiveness for things you might have done wrong. It is a good day to ask for healing for any illness or disease you may have.

Ask for solutions to any family problems. You may also ask for material increase and more understanding spiritually. Ask for blessings of health for your children.


Vulture Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Cib sign is SOUTH.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Vulture sign is YELLOW.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Cib Mayan sign is VULTURE or BEE.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Wisdom sign is SMOKEY QUARTZ.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Cib / Vulture Maya Day Sign: Katy Perry, Chris Rock, Owen Wilson

Mayan Zodiac Compatibility: The direction of the Mayan sign vulture is the South and they are compatible with other signs from the south such as Net, Seed, Sun, and Road. They are also compatible with signs from the North such as Death, Dog, Wind, Jaguar, and Flint.

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