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Mayan Zodiac: Akbal – House

Mayan Day Sign Akbal

Mayan Zodiac: Akbal – House was the guardian of the caves and known as the earth’s father. He was also known as the guardian of the dawn when the night became day. From the space of night, the Dawn comes forth making it easier to make dreams happen.

Alternative Name: House, Night, Dawn

Important Keywords:

Some keywords to meditate on are abundance, harmony, intuition, dreams, higher knowledge, dawn, and night.

Position In Mayan Astrology

Dawn is the third Mayan Day sign. It is also known by the name Akbal, Night, or House. It is believed that Dawn people are in charge of passing on traditions and making sure things stay in place.


Mayan Zodiac: Akbal – House

General Characteristics

Night Maya astrology sign people are very mindful of their actions and thoughts. They have an optimistic attitude and work hard at accomplishing their goals to provide security for themselves and their families.

They have original, groundbreaking ideas that require patience. Combined with their natural poise, strength, and open-minded attitude they can have optimal happiness in life.

People born during dawn rise early. Their optimistic energy makes others feel alive, enthusiastic, refreshed, and cheerful. They are natural leaders and problem solvers. They have a love for travel and as friends, they are loyal and patient.

You generally look young, seemingly blessed with eternal youth. Your youthful appearance may be the result of your positive attitude. In later years you will eventually age, but it will be a slow process.


Positive Traits

The positive outlook of this Mayan day sign keeps their health good. Because they are so open and kind they will need to look out for their health and others zapping their energy.

They might pursue careers as a psychologist, doctor, writer, or mathematics teacher. They are naturally domestic so they might have large families or be attracted to careers that are domestic such as nanny, housekeeper, or school counselor.

Because you have many interests it will be hard for you to settle on just one. You can see many paths in life and will spend a lot of time deciding which path to take.dawn mayan sign

House Mays signs people can achieve what others might consider impossible. Once they set their mind to something there is nothing that will stand in their way to reach your goals. Other people have a lot of respect for them and admire what they can accomplish because they are genuinely good people.

Mayan Zodiac: Akbal – House

Negative Traits

The Akbal Maya horoscope sign has a lot of self-doubt and can be rigid and inflexible. If they can be more open-minded then they can find true happiness and balance.

Their sensitivity can make their usual positive attitude negative. This can throw them into depression and feelings of inadequacy. This will isolate them from those they are close to who are used to their usual sunny disposition.

They love their privacy and it is hard for people to get close to them because they only let people know small pieces of them.

Akbal / Dawn Days

Dawn days are ideal for prayers for peace and support in business. The energy gives the formation of new ideas and the ability to understand the mysteries of the earth. It is a good time to ask forgiveness for any mistakes you’ve made.

House or Night Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The direction of Dawn is the WEST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the House Akbal Maya sign is BLUE or BLACK.

Animal Totems:  The Macaw and the Fawn are the animal totems for this Mayan Astrology.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for this Maya sun sign is SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Akbal / House Maya Day Sign: Fidel Castro, Uma Thurman, Jack Nicholson

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: The people of the House or Night Maya sign are compatible with other signs from the West such as Bird, Deer, Rainstorm, and Monkey. They are also compatible with signs from the east such as Dawn, Crocodile, Knowledge, Reed, and Offering.

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