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Mayan Zodiac: Muluc-Water

Mayan Day Sign Muluc

Mayan Zodiac: Muluc-Water is a sign of peace and freedom, but it also encompasses the challenges that we face to maintain those things.Alternative Name: Water, Offering

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are water, emotions, wisdom, creativity, and leadership.

Position In Mayan Astrology

Water is the ninth sign of the Mayan zodiac. It is also known as Muluc or Offering.

 It represents paying off your past due debts which can either be spiritual or physical.


Mayan Zodiac: Muluc-Water

General Characteristics

Mayan Water Day sign people are natural leaders who have excellent emotional wisdom. Water is known to be a symbol for emotions so it makes sense that this sign has emotions that run deep. They are wise and aware when it comes to their emotions.


Water people are imaginative and will be attracted to careers that can encompass their deep emotions such as an artist where they can use their deep emotions to create their vision.

They love to dream big and are very intuitive and even psychic. Their intuition coupled with their powerful emotions can lead to a career as a detective or a forensic psychologist.

In relationships, the Maya zodiac sign Offering can find that special someone and deeply commit. This commitment and drive will also help them achieve their ultimate goals.


They have a vision for their life and will try with everything they have to make it come to fruition. They go all the way trying to achieve whatever they desire. This will make them successful in any career they put their minds to.

They need to take special care of their health as their immune system can become weak if they let their emotions get the best of them.


Mayan Zodiac: Muluc-Water

Positive Traits

The Mayan horoscope sign Water is very giving and their compassion for others helps them create good relationships and achieve their highest goals. Their best qualities are their strong ideals and creativity.

If they learn how to follow their intuition and tap into their emotions, they can instinctively see and know what others don’t, giving them an advantage in their careers.

This Maya astrology sign is independent and capable of seeking out solutions to their problems. Working to gain balance in their lives and their emotions will make them more powerful and effective leaders.

Negative Traits

Maya Water Day sign put their all into the struggles of other people. They can do so at the detriment of their well-being. They can lose their power and focus on positivity and turn their focus more on negativity.

If they feel provoked they can let their emotions run wild and start to become obsessive and abusive of their power. They may also turn to addictive behaviors such as drug use, gambling, or drinking.

Their negative emotions can take over their usual compassionate, calm demeanor. They need to stay away from feeling like they have to get revenge or teach someone a lesson.

Muluc/Water Days

Water days are a good time to analyze your wishes and prayers and connect them to any rituals or practices you follow. Find the connection between your wishes and what you do to manifest them. It is also a good time to ask for protection for yourself and your loved ones.

Be thankful for everything you have and ask to be free of negative energy.

Mayan Zodiac: Muluc-Water

Water Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Muluc sign is EAST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Water sign is RED.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Muluc Mayan sun sign is PUMA & SHARK.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Offering sign is LAPIS LAZULI.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Muluc / Water Maya Day Sign: John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: According the to Maya calendar, the direction of water is East and they are compatible with other signs from the East such as Reed, Knowledge, Crocodile, and Serpent. They are also compatible with signs from the West such as Deer, Dawn, Bird, Rainstorm, and Monkey.

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