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Mayan Zodiac: Ben – Reed

Mayan Day Sign Ben or Aj

Mayan Zodiac: Ben – Reed is about life and death and the victory of life over death. It is about being in balance with others and finding your power from that balance.

Alternative Name: Reed

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are family, home, peace, balance, nature, harmony, wealth, and security.

Position In Mayan Astrology

Reed is the thirteenth sign of the Mayan zodiac. It is also known as Ben and Aj. Reed symbolizes renewal and abundance.


Mayan Zodiac: Ben – Reed

General Characteristics

People born under the Reed Maya sign are comfortable being the person in charge. They are authoritative by nature. This take-charge attitude makes them extremely confident.

Their leadership tendencies make them good at solving problems. Adhering to rules is important to them, but they also like peaceful and harmonious relationships. They make good supervisors and managers.


They may be judged as being too rigid, but to them, any job worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability. These peo0ple are good at careers in justice, law, or campaigning for human causes.

This Mayan Aj horoscope sign can easily take criticism. Most importantly they love to learn, and will willingly do so if that is what it takes. Reed people work hard to provide security for their families. This trait makes those close to them feel stable and protected.


Mayan Zodiac: Ben – Reed

Positive Traits

Mayan astrology Reed sign people are very ambitious and driven to accomplish high goals. Their goal-driven attitude makes the path they have to take to succeed very clear and straightforward.

Other people admire them because they have accomplished so much in life. They have integrity about the job they’re doing that is not common in general.


Reed persons are very disciplined and consistent. They don’t mind taking risks if that’s what it takes to be successful. They have so much personal confidence that even their enemies will stand up and take notice.

Negative Traits

The determination of the Mayan Reed sun sign can make them overly aggressive. They don’t intentionally seek to make others feel uncomfortable, but their ambition and stern demeanor can make others keep their distance.

They may find themselves involved in more conflict than others. These people love a good competition even if no one is willing to compete. They create situations where others will find themselves struggling to prove themselves because the Reed person wants everyone to know they’re the best. This will cause them problems in personal and business relationships.

The Ben Maya sign can be confrontational and difficult for others to get along with. They are too authoritative at times. They go to extremes to achieve their goals.

Ben people will often become obsessed with learning everything they need to know to the point of burning themselves out. This will lead them to self-destructive behaviors such as not eating healthy or lack of sleep.

Their family may depend too much on them causing the Reed person to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. This could cause their mental and physical health to suffer.People born under Reed Maya sign are comfortable being the person in charge

Mayan Zodiac: Ben – Reed

Ben/Reed Days

A Reed day is a good day for the energy of giving thanks. Give thanks for your protection and the protection of your family. It is also a good day to pray for the peace and safety of humanity in general.

Reed Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Ben sign is EAST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Maya Reed sign is RED.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Ben Mayan sign is ARMADILLO and BEE.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Mayan Aj Day sign is TURQUOISE.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Ben / Reed Maya Day Sign: Helen Hunt, Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Reed has energy that is coming from the direction of the East. They are compatible with other signs from the East such as Crocodile, Serpent, Knowledge, and Offering. They are also compatible with signs from the West such as Bird, Monkey, Rainstorm, Dawn, and Deer.

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