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Mayan Zodiac: Imix – Crocodile

Mayan Day Sign Imix

Mayan Zodiac: Imix – Crocodile people believed that an ancient Crocodile lived in the underworld of the ocean. The world was carried on his back and the crocodile gave humanity a connection to the earth.

Alternative Name: Crocodile, Alligator

Important Keywords:

Imix/Crocodile people should meditate on water, creator, beginning, original, ancient, and knowledge.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The crocodile is the first-day sign of the Mayan day signs. It is also known by the name Imix and symbolizes a new beginning and new potential.


Mayan Zodiac: Imix – Crocodile

General Characteristics

Crocodiles in Mayan astrology symbolize new beginnings. Water is a key element for the Crocodile sign and also symbolizes the birth process and motherhood. It is the first sign and every other sign will follow it. It is the beginning catalyst of creation.

The crocodile goes hand in hand with psychic abilities, other worlds, and dimensions. Imix represents communication with the other world or the other side of reality. It also symbolizes insanity, doubt, and mental disorders.

Imix also represents collaboration, with one side working together with the other in cooperation. On the opposing side of the imix you have resentment, envy, and malice. Like the water of the ocean, this Mayan Day sign has emotions that run deep.


Positive Traits

The crocodile held the sacred knowledge of the underworld and helped to connect that knowledge to our physical reality. Many people born under the Mayan crocodile zodiac sign do the same thing in our modern world. They are the connectors of knowledge and the key to bridging ancient wisdom with modern teachings.crocodile imix

People born under the sign of the crocodile may do great in creative endeavors such as philosophers, creative directors, producers, and artists.

They can also use their leadership abilities to become managers or CEO’s. Their protective instincts can lead them to pursue social work or caretaking. Volunteering for different charities would help balance out their more aggressive traits.

Mayan Zodiac: Imix – Crocodile

Negative Traits

People born under the crocodile are combative and aggressive but are also protective of their loved ones. They are full of energy. They usually take the lead in life and are natural creators which is second nature since they are the first sign of creation. If they don’t use their creative abilities they tend to become too dominating.

Because they are closely associated with water they have extreme mood swings that may become violent. If they have the support of family or friends to help calm their unpredictable moods they can avoid these extreme mood changes. Their health will vary depending on whether they find balance and peace.

Crocodile zodiac people like to begin or create new projects but have a hard time following projects through to the end. Many of their projects may be left unfinished because of this.

Imix/Crocodile Days

On the days that Imix is honored the Maya would give appreciation for the water and offer prayers for their dreams to bring wisdom instead of deception. They would often pray for their and their families’ mental health.

The sign of the crocodile has two opposites and can be wise and beautiful or unstable and mentally insane. The best way to spend an Imix day was in meditation near the water.

Crocodile Symbolism

Lucky Direction: In the Maya tradition, the crocodile is associated with the cardinal direction EAST.

Lucky Color:  The Mayan day sign Imix is associated with the color RED.

Animal Totems: Animal totems of the Imix include many aquatic creatures such as the Dolphin, Fish, and Whales.

Lucky Gemstone: The gem that brings good luck to the Alligator people is the RED JASPER.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Imix / Crocodile Maya Day Sign: Walt Disney, Tom Hanks, Mao Tse Tung

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Crocodile people are compatible with those that are from the East direction like them such as the Reed, Knowledge, Serpent, and Offering signs. They are also compatible with people from the West like Bird, Monkey, Rainstorm, and Dawn.

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